Tuesday, May 26, 2015

MassResistance Helps Another Country Recognize Marriage Equality

So ever since Marriage Equality was recognized in Massachusetts back in 2013, MassResistance has been sending out "pro-family" information to anti-equality groups and in almost every case the marriage equality side wins.  It's actually quite amusing to read about MassResistance's involvement in difference campaigns because they always claim: "We tell them things they obviously never heard before and really opened their eyes!"  Take a gander at their latest attempt:
Help from MassResistance 
Over the past few months MassResistance has been working with a number of Irish pro-marriage activists. Most recently, we have been corresponding with pastor Derry O’Sullivan in Dublin who has been working with several church groups. Late last night he sent us some descriptions of what’s been happening on the ground over in Ireland.  We asked him for a report, which we quote from below.
 One of the primary tools from MassResistance for Irish voters has been our video, “What gay marriage did to Massachusetts” – which has been used by pro-marriage activists from Australia and Hong Kong to Finland and Africa.
Among other things, nearly 55,000 postcards urging people to watch the MassResistance video have been distributed across the country. (It’s making an impression -- we’ve gotten angry emails from homosexual activists!)

We're so glad when we hear that MassResistance is getting involved in some equality movement somewhere because we know that once people hear the kooky crazy ramblings from them it's all over and we win.