Monday, October 31, 2005

Love Won Out Because I'm Gay AND Happy

Ms. Massresistance attended the "Love Won Out Conference" in Boston this past weekend and was upset. She wasn't upset that this conference tries to change people from their normal orientation or that they have to worship Jesus to do it, no (What do Jewish gays and lesbians do, convert to Christianity?) She was upset because some queer youth were protesting the conference. She says:
They were trying to silence the message of the conference (run by Focus on the Family and ex-gay ministries) that there is a way out of their unhappy state.
Now...are you unhappy? I'm not unhappy? The only thing that makes ME unhappy is when people try to force their religion AND their twisted psyche on me. I've read a lot about the "Ex-gay" groups. Sites like Ex-Gay Watch reveal the truth behind the lies of Exodus International and PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays).

Ex-Gay Watch points out that these Ex-gay groups love to rave about the tens of thousands of homosexuals they've converted yet no one can find them. The only "converts" they seem to have are the people that work for them.

Ms. Massresistance also wants a "buffer zone" for queer activist's demonstrations or to remove the buffer zones around abortion clinics. Gee, when was the last time you heard of queer activists shooting some ex-gays or bombing anti-gay groups? Violence is almost always directed at us. Yeah, a cream pie might have hit Anita Bryant in the face but what group can claim John Salvi as a member (Here's a hint, they claim to be Christians)? It's funny that the same anti-choice protestors who want to take always women's rights are the same ones signing petitions and protesting to stop same sex couples from marrying. Why are THEY so unhappy with their pathetic little lives that they feel the need to change ours?

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Well, the "premiere" airing of "Massresistance the Radio Show" was this morning and what a premiere it was (We were listening to it in our homosexual car with our homosexual friends living our homosexual lifestyle.) Brian Camenker and Amy (no last name given) of Article 8 spoke, or should I say droned, on and on. One of the continuing themes throughout the show was Brian Camenker saying "on and on". He would say something like "Oh the homosexuals are taking over the schools and that's not all, it goes on and on" with no further facts given. By the way he spoke, gays and lesbians should make up more than 50% of the population. We're recruiting more youth than the military!

The other half the ensemble, "Amy of Article 8" barely spoke at all except to recite the telephone number of a legislator or explain what the acronym GLSEN means.

As Camenker ranted I kept waiting for Paul Harvey to interrupt and say "And now for the rest of the story" since Brian left out so many interesting facts. For example, he delightfully raves about how he and a woman were thrown out of his child's school for viewing a "homosexual assembly". He neglects to say how he and the woman were videotaping the speakers and the children and causing a disruption. And that's not all, it goes on and on.

It replays again tomorrow at 7:00pm on WTTT. You know that station, it's the one that plays Bill Bennett. He's the guy who said:

If you wanted to reduce crime, you could -- if that were your sole purpose --you could abort every black baby in this country and your crime rate would go down.
Wow, great radio station with a wonderful lineup, I wonder when the KKKlan gets their own show?

Friday, October 28, 2005

To Boldly Go Where No Bigot Has Gone Before

Mr. Sulu, aka George Takei, has come out of the closet in a biweekly Los Angeles magazine that covers the gay and lesbian community.

"The world has changed from when I was a young teen feeling ashamed for being gay," he said. "The issue of gay marriage is now a political issue. That would have been unthinkable when I was young."

The 68-year-old actor said he and his partner, Brad Altman, have been together for 18 years.

Takei, a Japanese-American who lived in a U.S. internment camp from age 4 to 8, said he grew up feeling ashamed of his ethnicity and sexuality. He likened prejudice against gays to racial segregation.

"It's against basic decency and what American values stand for," he said.

Does it get any clearer than that? The TV series Star Trek has a HUGE gay following. I'm sure there are a lot of Trekkies waking up with big smiles on their faces thinking "I always knew" and "I wish he would have come out sooner!" Well, better late than never! Congrats George, live long and prosper!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Can You Feel The Love?

Here is one of the coherent posts I received from Article 8 & Ms. Massresistance's supporters. Do you think she has a few issues?
In a message dated 10/26/2005 10:14:53 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Dear Feces,

I sorry you were born from the wrong orfice of your Mamma. But what did you expect when she took it up the ass from a poodle? Speaking of your Momma, are you done F#@&ing her mouth, pussy and ass? Did you give her AIDS yet? Did you pi#s and sh#t in her mouth yet? That would be yumyum for your type of abnormal toilet creature. Do you need me to pull the handle and flush both you and your Momma's mouths? By the way, tell your Momma she owes me 25 cents for using her a toilet the other night. I see your favorit "gadget" is a dirty donkey di#k in your mouth and a bag of broke glass in your ass.You're sick! You need serious repairative therapy, and a flush would probably help would send you to the septic tank where you and your buddies love to party and go sailing!

Homosexuality is a scat disease where people play with crap. I bet you go hunting in the woods for bear shit to eat. You probably swim in "pit" toilets and drink the contents of a porta-potty.

Please visit:

P.S. Please tell your Momma to quit screwing the neighbors dogs, and quit sleeping in the dumpster. Also tell you Daddy to quit putting drinking straws in the public sewer pipes and quit smoking doggy doodoo from the local park. By the way, how does it feel to be a shameful bastard? How does it feel to be a disgusting part of society? How does it feel to be a human reject? How does it feel to be compared to animal sex? How does it feel to be the "butt" of many jokes? How does it feel to be a failure? How does it feel to be compared to a urinalor a toilet full of crap?How does it feel to be laughed at by women and men because you're ugly and a complete sexual failure? Please make a video of you doing animals....women needa good laugh. (Women....something you know nothing about). Please jump off a bridge, but please pay the fine for pollution before you jump.

Please visit:

I will be thinking of you when I take a "dump" tonight.

Wow! I guess English is a second language for this person. Just another example of the typical "people" that support Article 8. With friends like these who needs enemies?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Oh the Depraved Things Gays Do!

Ms. Massresistance posted a rant about the Improper Bostonian and how they were supporting "depraved" activities because they listed "Gay Happenings" in their magazine. Well, I just had to go out and grab one of those Improper Bostonians (relax Ms. Massresistance, remember I'm married, I grabbed a magazine!) Here's a few I found which she failed to mention:

This is Boston's gay, all-male, contemporary a cappella group.

This is a dance studio that teaches swing, latin and ballroom classes in a gay friendly atmosphere.

This is gay and lesbian square dancing club

The nation's oldest and largest gay and lesbian squash league (for almost 15 years). Membership now stands at approximately 115 and consist of self-identified Gays, Lesbians and our Friends

So you can see for yourself how depraved the listings are. There are quite a few more with a heavy emphasis on sports, i.e., football, kayaking, etc... Check it out if you have any time in between indoctrinating the youth, taking down the religious right and destroying democracy.

As Auntie Mame said:

"Life is a banquet, darling, and most poor bastards are starving to death!"

Change?! Isn't It Enough I Change My Underwear Everyday?

You know it's a good sign when the anti-gay folk start quoting from "NARTH". NARTH stands for National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality. Ex-Gay Watch has been covering these wackos for a long time. In addition, a group in Minnesota has posted a fact sheet about these kinds of people who "claim" to convert gay people. You can read a little bit more about how loony NARTH is here.
Groups like NARTH (the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) say they are putting science to work in studying homosexuality and evaluating "treatments" for it. In fact, NARTH releases few detailed study results, none for peer review, and its public statements are frequently tainted by political and religious biases. For these reasons, NARTH has little credibility among mainstream therapists.
People like Article 8 and Massresistance are hell bent on getting the public to believe that gay and lesbian people are disordered. The fact that gays and lesbians live productive and happy lives, get elected to positions of power, raise children and can get married must really drive them crazy. So much so that it has come to my attention that Massresistance is taking to the airwaves! Sad, but true, well at least true by Article 8 standards. Here's the announcement from Article 8's email:

=== 2. GET THIS: MassResistance Weekly Radio Show debuts this weekend!! (Show will air twice each weekend.) ===
You say you want more in-depth coverage of what's going on? What you can do? Who's doing what? The resistance movement in Massachusetts?
Well, starting this weekend you'll get it -- and more! You can tune in to WTTT AM 1150 twice each weekend for an hour of information you definitely won't get from the rest of the media.

As you know, during the week WTTT broadcasts a full line of national talk, including Bill Bennett, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager, Michael Reagan, and others. This will represent their coverage of local issues!

The show will be taped on Friday, and broadcast Saturday morning and again Sunday evening. The exact times will be announced later this week (so watch the emails and website) but it will probably be 9:00 am on Saturday and probably at 7:00 pm on Sunday.

This should be exciting!

Of course, they are going to tape the show. Lord knows they wouldn't be able to handle people calling in and refuting their lies. I guess the radio show will be just like the blog. As much as they are crying out about being "silenced" they have no desire to have a real discussion of what they profess.

I have another link to a man Ms. Massresistance has written in the past about. This ex-gay man and his "wife" are hosting a radio show (wow! it must be contagious!) called "Straight Talk Radio" and it starts on Halloween, talk about scary! It's described as:
She's the woman that stole his heart. He's the former homosexual man. Now married and on a mission...they're out to set the record straight.
You've GOT to see their website and her hair! It's Christian Radio with an edge! Hat tip to Ex-Gay Watch for their continued coverage of these freaks.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Horrified, Shocked and Embarrassed...Not

Well, Ms. Massresistance got me. She outted me. She posted a profile which apparently, I have on AOL. Again, I have to thank her for telling me something I didn't know about or didn't think I still had:

Name: Chip, 34
Location: Boston, South End
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Very Single, looking for fun
Hobbies & Interests: safety boy here, no attitude
Favorite Gadgets: 6' 195, br/br 46 c 34w, goatee
Occupation: it pays the bills

As you can see from the profile that she lists, it gives my age at 34! How I wish! I haven't been 34 is quite a few years (let's say more than 5 but less than 10). Honestly, I could care less about her personal attack (AOL chattrooms were SO early 90's!) and more embarrassed at her pathetic research skills. Anyone with an AOL account could have obtained that information in May when I started this blog. I have nothing to hide and when I wrote it I WAS a SINGLE red blooded American male. Does she think I'm the 60 something virgin nominated for the US Supreme Court? Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself, let me step back. She starts off the post with:
What does this tell you about where the anonymous author is coming from? While he professes to be happily "married" to his "husband" Patrick, and to lead a homebody existence, his AOL profile seems to conflict with this.
As you readers can attest, the day I started this Blog I have always allowed comments AND I have provided an email address (more than I can say for her). I am happily married and I do have a husband, no quotes. However, my real name is SpongeBob Square Pants and my husband IS Patrick the starfish (he's not just my friend). I'm also the one the American Family Association warned you about.

Seriously, a few days ago Ms. Massresistance posted a rant about how she and her ilk are being "silenced in their communities". Its quite ironic that this same woman accused the "Left" of taking the following tactic:
If you can't prove the speaker's points are wrong or invalid, attack him personally. Also, accuse him of doing exactly what you are doing....
I rest my case. Oh and it case I've never been clear enough, sorry guys, I'm taken.

The King's a She & the Queen's a He!

Refreshing news from Illinois:
The homecoming king and queen of Buffalo Grove [Ill.] High School in suburban Chicago are a jock and a cheerleader, but they're far from typical. The boy is the cheerleader, the girl is the jock, and they're both openly gay.
And more:
So, how is it that a gay student and a lesbian win the biggest high school popularity contest?
"I think it shows that is our school, and maybe the generation as a whole, is just a little more progressive," Wohlner said.
Bravo! Although not everyone is happy with the choice that the student body made. Illinois Family Institute (Illinois' answer to the Mass. Family Institute) had this to say:

"For us, it's a sad thing," said Illinois Family Institute's spokesman Pete LaBarbera said. He claims that schools are too politically correct nowadays.

"Something that was once sort of universally regarded as a sin, is now becoming sort of cool in high school," he said.

First off Mr. LaBarbera, no one can tell anyone that they are gay, we realize that for ourselves.
Secondly, if you read your Bible, homosexuality was punished by stoning to death and eating shrimp and lobster was a sin too. What's amazing is that people like you think that this will "turn" more people gay which is very funny.

Everyone I know who is gay was raised by heteroseuxal parents and surrounded by heterosexuality. The positive aspect of this whole story is that these teens are proud of who they are. They can be a role model for other teens who may hear the nasty remarks by people like the Illinois Family Institute and think they are alone.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Who's Lying Now?

When the whole "David Parker Incident" happened one of the lingering questions was "How is David Parker connected to Article 8?" Article 8 was there at the school when Mad Dad was arrested, followed him to the police station (even took pictures of him) and then was at the court that morning. Brian Camenker appeared on FoxNews with Mad Dad and even organized the rallies at the court house and the Lexington Green. So how was Parker associated with Article 8?
I wrote this is June:
Amazingly, David Parker is still saying that he isn't in cahoots with Article 8 even though Article 8 sponsored the rally, he appeared on Fox News with Brian Camenker, called Article 8 when he was ready to be arrested by the Lexington Police and Article 8 has all the emails and correspondence that David Parker exchanged with the Lexington School System. (Is it me or does it seem like David Parker doesn't do anything without Brian Camenker/Article 8?)
BTW, the spin from the anti-gay side is that the state considers Parker innocent because they are not proceeding with the case. (I'm sure Parker's lawyer's defense was to keep putting it off running up costs to the DA's office) However, if Parker acts up just one more time in a year...well...we'll see.... Anyhow, just days after all of this occurs look what the Agape Press
Brian Camenker of the pro-family activist group Article 8 Alliance, a supporter and spokesman for Parker, says although the Lexington parent agreed to pre-trial probation, this outcome represents a caving in on the part of the District Attorney.
Hmm...who was it on David Parker's side (including himself) who said they weren't being represented by Article 8?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

On the Radio...

While driving yesterday I heard an ad on WBZ. It started "I'm Rep. Emile Goguen..." The gist of the ad was that MA Rep. Emile Goguen wanted people to call the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and ask them to resign so "They can keep their retirement benefits". The Mass Citizens for Marriage are the sponsors of the ads. This is the group headed by Sally Pawlick, wife of Atty. J. Edward Pawlick (from the infamous MassNews). The same group that "collected" the thousands of signatures in 2000 to stop same sex marriage.

J. Edward Pawlick was counting down the days until "The judges were fired" but apparently he was concerned about the judges losing their millions of dollars worth of benefits. So he kept writing that the judges should resign, to save their benefits of course. He flew banners suggesting the judges resign. They never did.

Their tact now, it appears from the ad I heard and the one written on the MassNews website, is to get people to tie up the MA SJC phonelines with requests for the judges to resign. The ridiculousness of the whole thing is the question of how getting these 4 judges will actually stop same sex couples from marrying. It won't. (For some reason they even attribute Tom Finneran's leaving the legislature on same sex marriage which is a complete mystery since Finneran was against both same sex marriage AND civil unions)

I'm not an attorney, but I don't believe the departure of four judges would automatically void same sex marriage. Rather, another lawsuit, commenced by someone with standing, would need to wind its way through the court system giving this new SJC the opportunity to overrule its prior decision. The problem for the anti-gay folks would be to find someone who was harmed by the decision. They tried doing this before May 17, 2004 and it didn't work then. No one has been harmed since the decision either.

The Article 8 people would want people to believe the "David Parker Incident" was a result of same sex marriage in Massachusetts, except that David Parker was the reason for the "Incident" not same sex marriage. You didn't see lesbian couples holding up in the elementary schools in Lexington did you?

For a throw back to the 60's or even the Civil War era read Massnews' posts about Judge Ireland:
The bitter irony is that Margaret Marshall is from South Africa, one of the nastiest countries toward blacks. Many of them pointed that out when she was first appointed in 1996, saying that she was only using them to promote her own self. But Rick Ireland appears to enjoy being at her beck-and-call like a servant, although it hardly appears appropriate for the first black ever appointed to the SJC.
And this:
The people at Eliot Church also do not know that Atty. Pawlick has "black" grandchildren in that one of his daughters married a wonderful black man. Atty. Pawlick has always told his children that the color of a person's skin is unimportant in God's eyes and should also be unimportant in ours.
Yeah, some of my best friends are "straight" too.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

What Would Jesus Do?

Well, well, well, the Boston Catholic archdiocese has allowed 13 foster children to be adopted by same sex parents because they HAD to, or so the president of the Catholic Charities says:
"If we could design the system ourselves, we would not participate in adoptions to gay couples, but we can't," the Rev. J. Bryan Hehir, the agency's president, told The Boston Globe in Saturday's editions. "We have to balance various goods."
Yet the next paragraph says:
The 13 adoptions -- a small fraction of the 720 placed by Catholic Charities in that period -- took place as part of a contract with the state Department of Social Services. The children placed with gay couples are among the most difficult to place, either because they are older or have physical or emotional problems. between the lines. The Catholic Church would love to place all the children in pure heterosexual homes, however, apparently these pure heterosexual homes don't want children who are not perfect. So... the Catholic Church would rather have these "imperfect children" stay in foster homes rather than be placed in loving same sex family households, I mean they are only doing it because they have to. Jesus would be so proud!

The one bright spot in the article:

Hehir's viewpoint is not shared by all at Catholic Charities, however. Peter Meade, who is chairman of the board, told the Globe that the agency should be accepting same-sex couples who are willing to take in needy children.

"What we do is facilitate adoptions to loving couples," Meade said. "I see no evidence
that any child is being harmed."

So the laypeople get it, it's just the men in the Red Robes, you know, the ones who shuttled the pedophiles from church to church to new batches of children and then hid all the documentation who don't. They continue to hurt children.

MWF seeks Gay Happenings.

Ms. Massresistance is back to the future now. Apparently she is done (for the time being) ranting about happenings that took place a while ago. I addressed this sometime ago when she was reliving the 70's so I will try not to relive the past!

Well, she's back and she's badder than ever AND she's reading the Improper Bostonian, only the gay "happenings section" though as it appears from her post. Once again I find out something from Massresistance I didn't know anywhere else, that the Improper Bostonian has a large gay listing service. Thank you Improper Bostonian! Could it be that the Improper Bostonian will be next on Article 8 and Massresistance's Banned Newspaper list (well, they tried to do it to BayWindows AND the Boston Phoenix)

I just hope they don't attack the newest cable station to be added to the Comcast lineup, LOGO.

For the first time ever, Gay America has a home on television where we can go to see ourselves. On Logo you will see more than 200 lesbian and gay films, an ongoing documentary series, newscasts tailored for a gay and lesbian audience and quality original shows and specials. Programming that reflects our lives. Programming that tells our stories.
And it's FABULOUS! If you're in Boston its on channel 281. While I do hate commercials, I do like to see who advertises on LOGO since they are supporting our community. Do check them out.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mad Dad Admits Nothing

Well, it seems like the State will not pursue the case against David Parker. His lawyer said in the Globe today that the State "does not want to go forward with this". Of course, when you know you're guilty blame it on the other side. Mass Marrier has covered how Parker, supposedly doing a "proud thing" by standing up to the school now refuses to take any responsibility for his actions.
Mad Dad Clucks Again
Itty-Boo, Mr. Parker
and more

You'd think he'd want to be heard in court however he has supposedly reached some kind of deal with the State. We shall see.

Also, if you didn't catch it, Parker was on ABCnews last night. Filler/fluff piece. It's also covered on the ABCnews website. IMHO, Parker does come off as a doofus even showing his child on camera (so much for wanted to shield he's child from the controversy) Brian Camenker put in his cameo spot too. It was a good showing from Lexington Cares who had a very credible spokesperson deliver the most coherent address in the piece. Lexington Cares now has a website. Check it out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

God Hates Newton & Fags

This is a follow up to a post I did a few days ago about the "Rev." Fred Phelps coming to Newton to protest the play "The Laramie Project". Well, it seems the story was picked up by the Newton Tab. (Hat tip to Chuckieo) It discusses the various people who are involved with the production and their thoughts, however, toward the end of the piece there are comments from...who else, Article 8's own Brian Camenker (take a deep breath):

Brian Camenker of Newton, president of Article 8 Alliance - an organization formed to remove state justices who support gay marriages - said that Phelps' proposed visit shouldn't come as a surprise.

"The play is about Phelps, so for him to want to protest it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone," said Camenker.

Camenker said he doesn't agree with Phelps' "whacked-out Calvinist" agenda, but understands the anger toward "The Laramie Project."

"It is a vile play - it is basically gay-propaganda full of a bunch of lies," said Camenker. "Why can't they do the 'Sound of Music?' Why do they have to do this kind of stuff that is so divisive?"

Divisive!? Did he say divisive? They're being divisive because they are putting on a play? It's not like they're burning the Massachusetts Constitution or advocating removal of Supreme Court Justices because that's not divisive, oh no. Also, so the play about a boy who was tortured and killed because he was gay is vile. Thanks Brian for clearing that one up.

He also said it was "gay propaganda full of a bunch of lies." Brian, what part of "The Laramie Project" is a lie? The part where they strung Matthew Shepard up on a fence and left him to die? The part where Fred Phelps and his clan protested Matthew's funeral? The play was written from interviews with the towns people of Laramie.

Brian, the play isn't divisive your statement is.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Dispatches from the American Heartland

I received an email from a reader who wanted to alert me to a blog called Bobo's World. The blogger describes the site as follows:
New York Times columnist David Brooks repeatedly tells us that true American values and the best sort of people can only be found in the American Heartland, where religion and tradition rule supreme. It was blogger Atrios who first started giving us dispatches from the real "Bobo's World," an idea so good I decided it needed its own site.
These are some interesting posts to this blog:

I'll be adding it to the sidebar.

Do They Come With A Motorcycle?

I'm sure you've read about it already, however, I'll reiterate it just in case. The American Family Association, the same people who brought you the Disney Boycott, VW boycott, KMart Boycott and more are now contemplating a boycott of the American Girl dolls. Apparently, they are upset because the American Girl Company is selling a bracelet which says "I Can". The proceeds from the sale of the bracelet go to Girls Inc., a company which "Inspires All Girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold" Of course this goes against AFA because they still believe that girls should grow up to be June Cleaver, not that there's anything wrong with that, however, it should be the girl's choosing. Ouch, there's that word again, choice. They don't want girls to have a choice.

Oh, and AFA is upset because the Girls Inc site includes a link to resources if a girl is questioning her sexuality. I guess they just want them to ignorant about lesbians since they somehow want to believe that these women don't exist.

On a brighter note, the American Girls Company and Girls Inc are not giving into the threats and intimidation from AFA.

Recently, our mission to help girls develop their self-esteem and self-reliance has become the target of false, inflammatory statements from people who are pursuing a narrow political agenda.

Girls Incorporated stands on its long positive history. The millions of lives we have touched speak for who we are and our values. Thanks to all of you who believe in our mission of inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Together, we will continue to work to help all girls realize their potential.

In addition to the American Girl's website, you can also buy the "I Can" bracelet at your local Bath & Body Works Location.

That's What Friends Are For

Supporters of David Parker plan to be in the area this weekend to protest a production of "The Laramie Project" at the Newton South High School. Yes, Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church is at it again. (Do you think they will make an appearance at his court date on Thursday too?) Phelps responds to the Globe about the play in Newton:
''It's a tacky bit of banal fag melodrama without any artistic or literary merit or redeeming value," said Phelps in a telephone interview yesterday. (He also protested at Shepard's funeral.) ''Its only purpose is to promote the homosexual lifestyle or at least sanitize it in the eyes of straight America."
I must confess. When "The Laramie Project" first came out I didn't see it. It was then filmed for TV by HBO. I finally caught the HBO production this past year and I was floored. It was quite moving and beautiful. A big part of the story line is how Fred Phelps' group actually protested Matthew Shepard's funeral, no wonder Phelps is not happy. If you're able, check out the production and support the kids at Newton South. It starts at 7:30 Thursday through Saturday. Directions can be found here.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Still Out From Under the Rock...

Well, many readers have been wondering "Where is David Parker?" "Why hasn't Article 8 posted any new news on Parker?" or "Is Mad Dad still Mad?". Don't fret dear readers, Mad Dad is still around. He is supposed to be going to court this Thursday. Tonight he is appearing at an Article 8 fundraiser in Marlborough, MA. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall at that "event".

Additionally, ABCnews was around Lexington getting some footage and doing some interviews. Article 8 reports on this in one of their weekly emails:

=== 3. David Parker (and Brian Camenker) on national ABC Evening News this week - before Thursday - see Article 8 website. ===
As we mentioned in our last email, the horrific
David Parker incident has shocked people across the country. Last week, the ABC Evening News came and filmed David Parker, Article 8 President Brian Camenker, Lexington Superintendent Paul Ash and of course, a local homosexual activist.

When will it be on? On Friday, the producer told us that it will definitely be on BEFORE this Thursday -- the date of the start of Parker's trial. So that means Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. We'll be in touch with ABC News every day to find out -- and as soon as we know we'll post it on

Can you see the producer at ABCnews banging his head against the wall at these people. "HE'S CALLING ME AGAIN!" I can't wait to see (if they ever air it) how they come off. If you've ever seen their bit on Foxnews, they are hilarious! It seems its all about getting on TV before his next scheduled court date.

Note: I guess it also doesn't matter to the readers of Article 8's updates that the "homosexual activist" is actually a heterosexual woman, but then again, do they really care about the truth?

I also got an interesting email from a reader who sent me this interesting post on David Parker. It's a funny read.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Surrender mean Margaret

Well, today is the big day that Massnews has been squawking about for months. They even had a count down, well, at least until a few days ago. Today was supposed to be the last day that the legislature would vote on Rep. Emile Goguen's resolution to remove the 4 "rogue" judges who voted for marriage equality for same sex couples. I'm guessing they also believe that the heavens would open up, shine down upon Article 8 (who was right all along!) and all the same sex couples who got married will just disappear. Children of those couples would miraculous become children to heterosexual couples consisting of one man and one woman, no single family households for me thank you very much!

For the past few months, Massnews has been reporting heavily on the banners that have been flying over Massachusetts telling the justices to "Resign now or lose your benefits". Apparently, they even few banners over the Big E in Western Mass. Ok, I must admit it, this does seem a little like the very gay Wizard of Oz with the Wicked Witch flying over Oz writing out "Surrender Dorothy". it a coincidence that Margaret Hamilton played the Wicked Witch and Margaret Marshall is the Chief Justice of the Mass. SJC? Makes you think UH! wink, wink! (At least I bet that's what the Article 8 and Massnews people are thinking)

Anyway, back to Massnews. Here is a bit of what Massnews had been reporting on this whole "Remove the Judges" craziness. They even take credit for Birmingham and Finneran leaving the legislature (However, they haven't quite taken credit for all the anti-gay legislators who were voted out, Birmingham and Finneran left on their own accord).

The Wizard of Oz was right about one thing only we don't have to click our heels: There's No Place Like Home!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Story Goes On... has a link to an article in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette about fraud that is still going on with the Anti-Gay Amendment that Mass "Family" Institute started.
While employed by the firm, Ms. McElroy said, she saw one of her co-workers forge signatures from one petition to the other at the Square One Mall in Saugus, re-creating the original signer’s handwriting and address. She said she questioned the co-worker about what he was doing and was told that he was boosting his earnings by transferring signatures from petition A, which would allow wine sales in grocery stories, to petition K, which would put a ban on same-sex marriages on the ballot
Just remember, the people that started this all are supposed to be "Christians", yeah, they are quite Christ-like to me.

2 More Days Until the Vote to Remove the Judges?

Ms. Massresistance's current post got me thinking. In it she talks about how the "definition of marriage" shouldn't be up for a vote and how she and I guess Article 8 really believe that the 4 judges should be removed instead (how that will reserve the Goodrich decision is beyond me). Massnews was even counting down the days until the legislature would vote on removing the judges which is the biggest concern of the Article 8 group. I believe we should be at "2 more days" however, Massnews stopped counting.

It got me thinking because if this anti-gay amendment goes to the voters what then? What will happen when the voters finally decide that "No, same sex marriages have no affect on my marriage" or "Same sex couple are entitled to protections under the law". Do we honestly believe that these so-called family organizations will stop their crusade? I don't think so. They have their eyes on the U.S. Constitution which seems to be their last hope to discriminate against gay people.

What will happen when they "Let the People Vote" and the people say NO we don't want discrimination in our constitution?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Scornful or Just Mocking? Part I

Many of the anti-gay activists are hurt, broken, and angry people. Those of us who've been at the State House for recent big events have seen this up close, and we certainly sense their pain. But their level of discourse reveals the unbalanced, obsessive quality of their lives. We truly wish these people well. And there are many psychiatrists who can help them. Sadly, our good will is not reciprocated. Recently, many news outlets have reported on a public, well-orchestrated effort to strip gay people of what the Supreme Judicial Court termed a civil right by attempting to write discrimination into our Constitution. Gay and Straight citizens alike are under a constant barrage of hate and lies. Some of these communications have arguably crossed the line into deception, such as the documented cases of signature gatherers pulling a bait and switch with their petitions.

There are many examples of this kind of hatred and bigotry from one Ms. MassResistance. You no doubt will note her obsessive, frightening focus on personal details, including the need to print the e-mails and telephone numbers of everyone who ever disagreed with her. (A psychologist has told us, on the basis of these emails, that this is not a well person, and very concerning.)

History Repeats Itself

What's up with Mass News? Each day I would log onto the site to see how many days were left until the Massachusetts legislature voted to remove the 4 "activist judges". Here's a sample. Well, at least that's what this group believes will be happening by Friday, Oct. 14th.

However, today, oddly, they appeared to remove the header from the page. Gone are the articles about how Emile Goguen paid for a plane to fly banners telling the 4 judges that they should resign now or have their benefits taken away. The wit in these posts are reminiscent of the days when Pawlick himself (the original editor of Massnews) would write the articles and speak about himself in the 3rd person. Also gone are the articles about the Mass. Politicians trembling at Fate of Tom Birmingham and Tom Finneran.

All is not lost however, Mass Citizens for Marriage, headed by Sally Pawlick, 2nd and current wife of Atty. Pawlick of has paid for and implemented a barrage of telephone calls to Massachusetts residents to get them go against same sex marriage. A friend of mine received two calls from them. The calls originate from Mississippi and the recording identifies Mass Citizens for Marriage as the group sponsoring the initiative. This group was the one responsible for the signature drive in 2002 that seemed to be plagued with the same troubles as the current hateful anti-gay amendment. Only then they were switching race horse petitions instead of alcohol sales petitions.

What's My Line?

Call me crazy, but I love it when they attack their own. What I mean by this is Ms. Massresistance is attacking the Mass "Family" Institute because an immigrant law student intern was used to research and make strategic recommendations for the anti-gay group. Apparently, the intern was funded by the Alliance Defense Fund (Are we surprised that they need to get funding from people outside of our state to get the signatures AND do the legal work?)

One other funny part of the whole mess is on one of the pages at the website. They have a link for pastors to "preach on the sanctity of marriage" and they give sample sermons.

God's Design for Marriage and Family
Standing Up for Truth and Justice for Children
Taking a Stand for Marriage
The Safety of Natural Order
Well, I guess when you have all the intelligent pastors refusing to preach hate from the pulpit you have to help the less-intelligent ones by providing them with scripts. Again, the Mass "Family" Institute needs the help of the Alliance Defense Fund to advise churches on the legality of collecting signatures. And just look at the topics for sermons, The Safety of Natural Order? Isn't that what they said about blacks marrying whites? I guess they don't want to stand up for the truth and justice of children of same sex couples either.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Sorry it has been awhile since last I posted, however, my husband (notice I didn't use "quotes" around it because we are legally married) and I took my Dad on vacation. Since my Mom passed away two years ago, we've been trying to make new happy memories for him.

Being around him really makes me miss my Mom. You see, they had been together for 47 years, next year would have been their 50th anniversary. What makes me miss my Mom more being around him is because they were such "a couple". They had done everything together. When my Mom had breast cancer my Dad was right there in the hospital when they found out the results (no he didn't serve her divorce papers like Newt G.). Literally the following week my Dad had a heart attack and my mother was right there by his beside fresh from her surgery. They did almost everything together. In the last days of my Mom's life my Dad sat by her bedside everyday and was with her when she took her last breath.

So it's clear to us that even after two years, my Dad still seems like he's missing a part of him. Unfortunately, this is part of marriage. When the one you love is gone, a part of you is gone also. Luckily, you still have your memories.

Day in and day out I treasure the memories we (my husband and I) are creating. Sometimes it is all too overwhelming, trying to refute the lies and propaganda the anti-gay forces are throwing at us. While they can try to take away our marriage and the future marriages of loving couples, they can never take away our memories.

The hate they spew forth is very ugly. Thankfully, I have a beautiful loving relationship with the man I love. He was with me and my Dad at my Mom's bedside. He was my strength (as well as my family's) as the final arrangements were made. My Mom loved Patrick very much and while she left this earth before we were allowed to marry, she would have enjoyed our wedding. I know she's watching over us and very proud. Families are important, ALL families.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Once again, Chicken Little, aka Ms. Massresistance, is over there screaming "The sky is falling". She blames same sex marriages for all the "gayness" going around the state.
It's not that we disagree with the basic point of Sears' argument. Major societal disruptions can take decades or longer to manifest. Look at welfare or no-fault divorce. They didn't seem like such big deals in the year or two after they began.
Uh, Ms. Massresistance, you forget to mention removing segregation or allowing women the right to vote. Gosh, we've been feeling those effects for years. I mean really, people of color on equal footing with white folks! What is this world coming to? And women voting! Golly, feminism is the downfall of the traditional family, well, at least until same sex marriage came along.
But Sears misses what's happening on the ground here, and really bad things ARE happening. Maybe he should come visit our public places and observe all the same-sex couples brazenly making out, see "gay" men doing it wrapped inside an American flag on our billboards, or pick up filthy homosexual "newspapers" on the freebie shelves in our neighborhood supermarkets and in front of our post offices (where children can get them). All this has greatly accelerated in the last year and a half. Churches are being picketed by other "ministers" if they dare to say homosexuality is immoral. A website has sprung up to intimidate anyone who signs the new marriage amendment petition. Rowdy, juvenile parties are being held in the State House by queer activists. Trans workshops were held and the vile, pornographic Little Black Book was distributed at a GLSEN conference attended by young teenagers at Brookline High School.
I think what's so laughable is that all these things would have happened whether or not same sex marriage is happening or not.
  • visit our public places and observe all the same-sex couples brazenly making out: Once again I wonder where she goes? I see more same sex couples holding hands, but making out? Oh, I forgot, in places that don't have same sex marriage the police arrest you for kissing someone of the same sex.
  • see "gay" men doing it wrapped inside an American flag on our billboards: Holy voyeurism Batman, she's still obsessed with gays have sex! Note to Ms. Massresistance: Look at their faces, I assure you if they were doing it, they would have different expressions on their faces.
  • pick up filthy homosexual "newspapers" on the freebie shelves in our neighborhood supermarkets and in front of our post offices: Does this line remind anyone of "Serial Mom"? Dirty filthy homosexual newspapers! Honey, Baywindows has probably been around longer than you've been a member of this Commonwealth. I mean can you believe it! They actually charge for Maxim, Playboy, Cheri, Hustler and Penthouse!
  • Churches are being picketed by other "ministers" if they dare to say homosexuality is immoral: I guess this is terribly different than obnoxious "conservative" protestors picketing in front of churches.
  • A website has sprung up to intimidate anyone who signs the new marriage amendment petition: No, the website has sprung up to publicize the name of people who want to take the rights of other citizens away. So I guess you and Article 8's postings of State Reps home phone numbers and email addresses are intimidation too?
  • Rowdy, juvenile parties are being held in the State House by queer activists: Darn, I was at the Statehouse AND I didn't get invited to the parties: I just stood there singing and listening to the Legislature debate my right to marry the person I choose. Oh, I also heard the "Christians" screaming and howling in the back of the hall. (I guess they missed the passage in the Bible where Jesus tells them to not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing)
  • Trans workshops were held: God knows this doesn't happen anywhere else in this country. The whole transgender population has descended on Massachusetts now that same sex couples can marry. They are coming out of the woodworks! And all those women wearing pants!
  • the vile, pornographic Little Black Book was distributed at a GLSEN conference attended by young teenagers at Brookline High School: Oh, do you mean the vile pornographic book which Article 8 knew about on April 30th, the one that is so bad that it took them over two weeks to hold a press conference to announce? That book? The one that was created from a similar book in another state that doesn't have same sex marriages?

The biggest change in a year and a half has been Article 8, Massresistance and Mass "Family" Institute's constant threats of the doom and gloom to come. In my humble opinion, I still question why people like Ms. Massresistance are even allowed to raise children, however, that's my opinion. I'm not out there trying to take away their rights yet they insist on taking away mine.

Monday, October 3, 2005

Butcha Ya Are Kris Mineau, Ya Are!

A BIG lie that the anti-gay folks, Mass "Family" Institute and Ray "it's not against anybody, it's for children" Flynn keep saying about this "new" amendment is that it's not taking away anyone's rights. The Mass Anti-Family website has the following:
Under Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution, it is nearly impossible to retroactively revoke rights that have been granted by judicial decree or legislative act.
Butcha ya are Blanche, ya are! You see there is something they are not addressing. Let me give you an example:

I love my husband dearly. We were married earlier this year. Each of us have the right under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to marry each other. When, unfortunately for me, I die (and it's after 2008) my spouse will not be able to get remarried. Now as I said earlier, I love him completely AND I would not want him to be alone in the years following my death so if the right person comes along, I would surely want him to get remarried. However, under this new amendment, he would not be able to get to. So his marriage rights ARE revoked. I won't even get into the debate about how a single gay or lesbian person who has the rights to get married today will not have it after 2008, if the amendment gets passed.

Can you imagine what Newt Gingrich would do if he wasn't allowed to marry this three wives? Likewise, Ronald Reagan wouldn't have been able to marry Nancy Davis and make her first lady. These people ARE trying to take away our rights, plain and simple. We have the right to marry (Yes, Ms. Massresistance, there are no quotes around marry because we CAN get legally married in this state and no amount of you saying its illegal is going to change that fact)

True Lies

There's an article in Today's GLOBE about "Discrimination Against Gay Couples Sunday" which was held at churches in the Commonwealth yesterday. The Anti-gay group that is sponsoring the amendment hopes to get about 120,000 signatures. Raymond L. Flynn, a former mayor of Boston and Vatican ambassador whose name appears on the petition as one of its chief sponsors of the anti-gay initiative appeared at the Cathedral in the South End.
By Nov. 23, they hope to have far more than the 65,825 certified signatures needed to advance the amendment toward the statewide ballot.
''We're a good third of the way there," said Larry Cirignano, executive director of, a Boston-based group that is helping to coordinate the effort. He was at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston's South End yesterday, where scores of parishioners signed their names to the petition. ''This has been great. It's a good start. There's no question we're going to have the numbers."
Really?! A good start? Wow, how things change in a few weeks.
''We have a high level of confidence, and it's going to be a fun time," said Kris Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, a group leading the initiative effort. ''It will energize our base. . . . Our strategy is to let the people vote."

That was when they expected to get ALL their signatures in this past weekend. Although now it seems like they have to pay to get people to sign their petitions. And look that their quotes, "This has been great", "it's going to be a fun time" there probably haven't been people so happy that they were discriminating against people since the last KKK rally.

Well, I'm sure their get signatures, however, they believed that they would have done it all yesterday, I'm sure they are getting nervous. When more than 1000 people show up for a pastor's last mass (and this pastor advocates for equal treatment of ALL people) and it doesn't say how many appeared at the Cathedral to hear the bigot O'Malley you know something is up. O'Malley hardly ever appears at the Cathedral anymore and there are usually only a dozen or so people at the church. I'm betting that once again, the Cathedral had only a handful of people there and it's an embarrassment to the Bishop.