Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Take Back America" to the dark ages

The "Take Back America" conference was held this past weekend and MassResistance's own Brian Camenker was one of the leaders of a workshop entitled "How to Counter the Homosexual Extremist Movement" along with Matt Barber. Right Wing Watch has the details:
About 100 activists at the How to Take Back America conference attended the workshop on

“How to Counter the Homosexual Extremist Movement.” Workshop speakers Matt Barber and Brian Camenker urged people to be loud rabble-rousers when opposing the teaching of tolerance or sex ed in public schools. They said not to worry
about being nice or polite or liked, but to push God’s anti-gay agenda forcefully. “Christ wasn’t about being nice,” said Barber. Camenker bragged about having once sent two congregations to scream outside a targeted legislator’s home.

It sounds like the workshop contained all the over the top national anti-gay activists, all 100 of them including Sally Kern. From Right Wing Watch's overview it sounds like a lot of the talk was about how following their Jesus would stop the homosexual mania (over at PHB, there is more discussion of the religous aspects of the workshop), which as Right Wing Watch suggests, probably didn't sit well with Camenker:

Camenker, who heads the anti-gay MASS Resistance, came out as Jewish, which made me wonder what he’d thought about the fire-and-brimstone speech by Rick Scarborough just before his workshop insisting that people turning to Christ was the only thing that would save America.

However, after following MassResistance's antics these past few years, it seems Brian has never met an anti-gay zealot he didn't like or wouldn't quote time and time again. I wonder how many other anti-gay hate groups were respresented at this workshop, Southern Poverty Law Center take note!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

MassResistance Makes More Stuff Up

On the MassResistance website they are now proclaiming that Six Flags New England is sponsoring a Gay Day to bail themselves out of debt:

The Six Flags New England amusement park has a new scheme to help bail
themselves out of debt: Have the biggest "Gay Day" ever.

And that's exactly what they're doing. Earlier this year Six Flags of New England filed for bankruptcy protection. Apparently they feel they need to be creative.

Over the last few months Six Flags of New England in Agawam has bought full-page ads in the hard-core homosexual newspaper Bay Windows advertising an "Out in the Park" celebration - a full day of homosexuality in Six Flags.

Brian has a very short memory because it was just a few years ago when Ms. MassResistance ranted about the 9th Annual Gay Day at Six Flags:
Then, on Sunday, Sept. 18 it's the 9th annual "Out in the Park" day at Six Flags New England amusement park. "Be seen, Wear red!" Contact: Six Flags New England, 1305 Memorial Ave., West Springfield, MA 01089; 413-737-2443; corporate HQ: Six Flags America, 301-249-1500.

I guess Brian doesn't even know what's on his own webpages otherwise he would have known that this has gone on for years. The laugh out loud part is at the end:

Why an amusement park?

Think about this: Normally, a group of adults wouldn't be interested in a child's amusement park. Most people might go on a cruise, or to a pro football or baseball game, or to a picnic, hike, sightseeing tour, or museum.

But as we see so much, the homosexual community seems to be obsessed with events connected to children, such as the public schools, parades, "gay youth" events, and children's' sections of libraries. And of course, there's the famous "Gay Days" at Disneyworld. One might speculate on their own delayed development.

Umm...Brian...don't you and your minions show up at public schools, parades, "gay youth" events and libraries with camera in tow to photographic the children? Wasn't it your photographer who was charged with disorderly conduct while taking pictures of middle school children then when caught ran and began stripping off his clothes?

Oh and Brian, that stuff you said about Six Flags hiding the Gay Days on their website...if you click on the events tab at the top of the page, it takes you to a listing of the events at the park and surprise, there it is:
so much for you suggesting that they're hiding it.

I guess Brian has never been to an amusement park where most of the rides are geared to older teens and adults. It figures he's out of touch again.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Summer's Over!

Hi all! No, MassResistance didn't kidnap me and send me to an ex-gay camp.

I haven't posted anything because Brian and Amy have finally become like that fly that gets stuck between the closed window and screen. They fly around a bit then tucker out , crawl around at the bottom of the window sill then get more tuckered out from flying in circles. Frankly, MassResistance is doing my job for me!
Ever since MassResistance was named a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center they have gone unnoticed around here. (that's probably why they complain about it so much) Marriage Equality passed in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine and you didn't see hide nor hair of them in any of those states. That's not to say that the other right wings wackos like Porno Pete and the American Family Association's One News Now haven't stopped listening to them, however, New England has. Oh, but their partner in anti-gay hate, Mad Dad David Parker did make the rounds. I caught him giving "testimony" during the huge public hearing on the marriage equality bill in Maine, he was essentially laughed off the podium however (Mainers do not like outsiders interfering with their business). Additionally, Maggie Gallagher, anti-gay marriage professional from NOM was also in the region giving what I guess would be called a pep talk to the people in RI since that is the only New England state that doesn't have marriage equality...yet.

Apparently, the only big news about MassResistance is that Google has a disclaimer on their MassResistance Blog that warns the viewer of objectionable content. Of course, this being MassResistance, Brian Camenker has another conspiracy theory about that too.

All in all it's been a pretty good summer, well, except for the weather but I, unlike Brian Camenker, wouldn't blame marriage equality for that. Anyhow, I hope to continue with the blog because you know MassResistance is itching to make the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate group list for another year, third time's the charm!

Oh, and if anyone of you happen to be attending Out and Equal's Workplace Summit in Orlando this year stop by and say hello.