Thursday, May 31, 2007

Brian Camenker/Massresistance: Holocaust Denier!

First there was the Nazi references in the email that Massresistance sent out to its group of haters where he equated gay people to the Nazis:
Did people in 1942 talk about respecting the Nazis "choice" of political philosophy? Or that we ought to consider letting Japan have Korea and the Solomon Islands if they'd let us have the Philippines - because that's what the "experts" say we could work out?
Then we hear from Tom Lang over at Knowthyneighbor who was at the Statehouse hearings yesterday:

At yesterday's hearing of Joint Committee on Education, Brian Camenker of MassResistance in support of Bill S321--Parental Notification--spent his three minutes of allotted time to speak in support of this bill by claiming that homosexuals were not among the 6 million Jews, gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses and social outcasts killed by the Nazis in the Holocaust. Camenker went as far as to say that the whole "pink triangle" was made up in order to arrest Catholic priests.

And it gets worse, one of Camenker's minions who testified twice agreed with Brian. In her testimony before the Joint Committee on Education, she said that it was the Nazis themselves who were the homosexuals and they gave pink triangles to and arrested only the "most flamboyant of their own people."

So I guess pictures like this are photoshopped:
This is just incredible and really unbelievable. I wonder if the list of local homophobes who appeared on Massresistance's Radio Show agree with him? I wonder if the co-sponsors of the bill Brian "claims" to have written agree with him also? Tom says only one of the 25 co-sponsors showed up for the public hearing.

This is so appalling.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Only a Few More Days...

You only have a few more days to get your entries in for the "Courting Equality" Contest. In light of the cancellation of Massresistance: The Radio Show, just send in what you would say to Brian and Amy if you had their undivided attention. Remember, no profanity!

Email those entries to

Sunday, May 27, 2007

WTTT Smackdown!

No, this isn't about some new wrestling show, it's WTTT, "Boston's Conservative Talk" and until yesterday, the host station for Massresistance's (A.K.A. Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada's) radio show.

Yes! It's true dear ones, Massresistance: The Radio Show is dead in the water. Apparently, they were given the BIG sign-off by the new general manager of the radio station who wouldn't even let them have one last hateful filled hour. What am I going to do on my Saturday mornings then Saturday afternoons now?

Of course, Brian has his own spin on the matter:

Mass-Resistance RadioShow
WTTT / Salem Radio has announced that it has permanently canceled the MassResistance Radio Show, after nearly two years of continuous weekly broadcasting.

Information from a Salem Radio source leads us to believe that pressure from the campaign of a certain Republican presidential candidate whom we've widely criticized prompted this decision.

Full report coming up later this weekend -- including what you can do. (Weekend's over but no report, it's not looking good kiddies)

Wow, they even have conspiracy theories to go along with it! I guess they don't have the homosexual activists to blame this one on or will they? Trevor Wright, in a comment over at QueerToday (and a Massresistance favorite) gets the prize for the funniest lines on them being booted:

They are claiming a right-wing conspiracy. Mitt is out to get them!! Next thing we are going to hear is that one of Mitt’s campaign staff wrote 'dust me' in Amy’s dirty house! Hahaha

Which got me wondering...for weeks (maybe months) Massresistance was teasing its readers with a headline about "Part 2" of the Mitt Romney Deception. It was supposed to have more secrets about Romney that nobody knew and they were going to release it in May. Well, there are only a few more days in May left and the "Sneak Preview" about "Part 2 of the Mitt Romney Deception" is mysteriously absent.

You might as well hang it up when the Religious Right Wingnuts, who you are supposed to be aligned with, are taking you off their airwaves.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Contest Update

You have a little more than a week (June 1st) to get those entries in. For more information check the "Courting Equality Contest".

The Grand Prize is not just the "Courting Equality" book, but an autographed copy of the "Courting Equality" book by the two authors and the photographer! As noted before, 5 runner ups will receive a MassResistance Watch Mannequin T-shirt. (If you want to purchase a T-shirt and not enter the contest, click on the "CafePress" link to the left.

Remember, you have until Midnight on June 1st to get your entry in!

Monday, May 21, 2007

They Just Look Like Happy Kids to Me!

Ms. Massresistance is at it again. She gleefully attended the Youth Pride Event in Boston two weeks ago with digital and video cameras in hand taking pictures of the youth she supposedly cares so much about.

She has the nerve to post pictures of people and because of how they look label them "dangerous". Since she is the one who is always talking about definitions, I guess "dangerous" must be an adjective meaning wearing a dress and makeup because that is all I can tell from the person in the picture. She must also have X-ray vision too since she seems to able to tell the gender of anyone that crosses her path (she does have a very unhealthy fixation on telling the women from the men).

Maybe it's just me, but I think adults, carrying all sorts of cameras, taking pictures of children they don't know, attending an event they are against, would definitely be described as dangerous and also perverted. How do we know what they are doing with all the pictures they are taking?

Here's what they claim on their website:
Vulnerable schoolchildren from 'gay clubs" in schools across the state mingle with adults, many clearly disturbed. "A sex offender's candy store." Kids encouraged to act out their 'gayness'.
So where's their head? If these school children are "vulnerable", as they like to claim, why are they photographing them? Are the "disturbed adults" they write about themselves?
They also really have to get over the drag queen thing too. They are the ones who had some butt ugly man dress up like Massachusetts Supreme Court Justice Margaret Marshall and burn a copy of the Massachusetts Constitution. Could it be that this is all about them being jealous that our drag queens are prettier?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back Under A Rock

While celebrating this 3rd Anniversary, I couldn't help but reminisce about all the gay haters who "have left the building" (no, they're not dead, just gone from the Massachusetts anti-gay bandwagon):

  • J. Edward Pawlick: The man who started MassNews disappeared from practically everywhere. His Massnews website is out of commission and although his wife's anti-gay website is still up, it hasn't been updated in years. It says they are still waiting for their "Bill of Address" to be voted on. (On a side note, this "Bill of Address" is Brian Camenker's claim to fame since that is the reason he started the Article 8 Alliance, to remove the judges, when that never happened they changed the name to Massresistance). Ms. Massresistance used to also write for this "conservative" website.

  • Ron Crews: The head of the Mass Institute Against Gays A.K.A. Mass "Family" Institute before Kris "My marriage is affected by same sex couples marrying" Mineau, left the state to go back down south after a failed attempt to win a seat in the Massachusetts Legislature. He was one of the many Republicans then-Governor Romney boosted to initially run for office before Romney left the Massachusetts GOP in the dust (all the Republicans lost miserably because Romney became "Box-office poison") .
  • Laurie Letourneau: This angry woman threatened to leave the State if same sex couples started getting married. They did and she did, good riddance. She also received the MFI Citizenship award.

  • Larry Cirignano: He was part of the Vote On Marriage group until he physically attacked a young woman at a rally in Worcester. He also led the Catholic Citizenship in Boston. He has now been relocated to Virginia but comes back to Massachusetts for court hearings and anti-gay activism.

Actually, looking back on them all, most of them were involved with the Massachusetts Institute Against Gays. They seem to go through more members than Imelda Marcos went through shoes. This must be some kind of anti-marriage curse. Who will it strike next?

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

MassEquality is having a big party tonight with Governor Patrick! (I guess Massresistance forgot to alert its lemmings to tell the Governor not to come. Now I wonder how they will list this as a success).

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ms. Massresistance Targets the Youths at Youth Pride & BAGLY Prom

QueerToday has a report on Massresistance harassing and photographing the youths at last week's Youth Pride. They confirm things that I have already known for years:

After Youth Pride Amy [Contrada of Massresistance: The Radio show & blog A.K.A. Ms. Massresistance] headed over to the BAGLY Prom where she showed her true colors. When Trevor Wright, organizer for the Prom and blogger for QueerToday, yelled at her to move she became infuriated. During their interaction, Amy hastily asked Trevor if he knew what "cum vomit" was. She insisted she read about "cum vomit" on the GLSEN web site, and that we were brainwashing young people to be "crazed homosexuals."

Later she claimed that there was no real difference between a pedophile and a homosexual. She insisted sex and "depravity" were going on inside the BAGLY Prom, and demanded to be allowed inside. The obvious truth is there is an adult volunteer for every 10 youth in the Prom, and as the BAGLY web site indicates all sex, drugs, and violence are banned.

I'm sort of surprised that Amy knew the definition of "cum vomit" (this is the first time I've heard those terms used together) since she has a problem defining terms that most everyone knows.

My husband and I chaperoned at the BAGLY prom a couple of years ago and I can attest to the "depravity" that went on. It was TERRIBLE. The youth's were calling us "Mr." and I even had to tell one of the participants to to not stand on chair! They were OUT OF CONTROL! Geez, these gay kids are wild!

But seriously, the youth present the year we were there were very polite. They seemed to be having a good time and we were glad. Sadly for us, it made us feel old, we were on the dance floor area and had to wear ear plugs because of the music but we still enjoyed helping out with the event.

Tomorrow's "Courting Equality" Event

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the official launch of the book "Courting Equality" at the Cambridge YWCA. It seems very fitting that it will be launched on the eve of the 3rd anniversary of Marriage Equality in Cambridge since many of us were in Cambridge on that night three years ago.

I can still remember the feelings of hope and joy as I gathered with my future husband and some close friends along with hundreds (thousands?) of other people (future friends) celebrating this momentous occasion. It really was history in the making & now this book is documenting it all.

May 16, 6:30-8:30 pm, Cambridge YWCA, Hannum Hall, 7 Temple Street (Central Square, one block from Mass. Ave.), Cambridge, MA. Launch of Courting Equality! Meet the photographer, authors, and people in the book. Have them sign your copy. Books will be for sale at the event.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I BET the Governor is Listening to Massresistance...

and having a good laugh. You see, Massresistance is lying once again about their "Successes":
Your torrent of angry calls and emails did it!! Governor Deval Patrick, avowed "ally" of the homosexual movement, abruptly backed down and stayed away from the homosexual movement's annual hardcore "Youth Pride" event. Do not underestimate the power of outraged citizens armed with a single purpose -- even when things look bleak. Remember, this is the place where the American Revolution began.

Right...But the thing is...the governor wasn't even planning on being there. How do I know this, read this article in BayWindows which was put out last week around the same time Massresistance claims that the Governor was still attending:

“The theme of this year [Youth Pride] is ‘Make a statement,’ so every year we like to give awards based on the theme,” said Lydon. “GLSEN [is receiving the award] for not making a statement on Day of Silence but also making a bold statement at the same time, Amanda Palmer for her musical statement and her crazy fashion statements … and we’re giving Deval the award for his political statement.”

She said Patrick himself would not be attending Youth Pride, and she said organizers were uncertain about whether Palmer would accept her award in person.

My my my, I would guess that BayWindow's deadline is the latest, Wednesday night (possibly earlier), so even they knew that the Governor wasn't going to attend however, Massresistance just leads their lemmings to believe that he didn't attend because of them. What a crock! although not surprising. They would probably take credit for the sun rising and falling everyday.
I can't wait to see how they spin the inaction on the bills they supposedly submitted to the Legislature. I predict none of them will see the light of day but surely Massresistance will somehow list them as a success.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Since You've Asked...

Here is the T-shirt that's part of MassResistance Watch's Mannequin Collection :
5 of these shirts will be given away as part of the "Courting Equality" Contest. So make sure you send in your entry to by June 1st.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

More of Romney's Inconsistencies

Massachusetts' former governor Willard "Did you hear the one about Massachusetts" Romney is appearing on 60 minutes this Sunday. Apparently, he now says that he is against gay couples marrying because it is against the "scriptures":
"This isn't just some temporary convenience here on Earth, but we're people that are designed to live together as male and female and we're gonna have families," he tells interviewer Mike Wallace, according to an excerpt CBS released Friday. "And that, there's a great line in the Bible that children are an inheritance of the Lord and happy is he who has or hath his quiver full of them."

So, while he claims that his "faith" should not be an issue in the campaign, he has no problem whatsoever using his "faith" to guide his policy decisions that affect people who do not follow his faith.

I'm no expert on Mormonism but I did see the documentary recently featured on PBS and I learned quite a bit. It was interesting to learn that some people consider his religion a cult and that they believe that God and Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith and told him to create the one true church because the other churches got it wrong (this was around 1827).

The BIG problem I have is with the inconsistencies. You see THEY believe that Joseph Smith did talk to God and Jesus. And some angel, Moroni, told Joseph to dig up some golden plates and copy down everything on them which became the Mormon Scriptures. (Are you following me so far?) Well, Joseph Smith also said that God told him to take many wives and hence it was OK to be polygamists.

That is the inconsistency that bothers me. If you believe that Joseph Smith met God wouldn't you take EVERYTHING he said to be gospel? How can you pick and choose which parts to believe?

So this is where we come back to Willard Romney. He has no problem following the scriptures when it suits his bigoted position on same sex couples getting married but ignores Smith's revelations on polygamy. Could it be that Romney is against same sex marriages because he knows that most of the Republicans (who he wants to vote for him) are against it? It would certainly fit his flip flopper image.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

From Laurel, Through John

I just saw this hilarious post over at Live, Love and Learn who got it from Laurel at BMG. It's about a 2 1/2 minute video showing that gay people really can become straight. Check it out:

Sunday, May 6, 2007

MRW's "Courting Equality" Contest

(Click on image for a larger view)

For full contest rules and entry requirements go here.

Offical Contest Rules


CONTEST PERIOD: The "Courting Equality" Contest (the "Contest") begins 05/01/07 and ends 06/01/07 (the "Contest Period").

ELIGIBILITY: The Contest is open everyone, even homophobes (we don’t discriminate).

HOW TO ENTER: There are two ways to enter: (1) Email a narrative, not to exceed 1 written page or submit a audio file, not too exceed 2 minutes and tell us what you would say if you were on Massresistance: The Radio Show. No profanities will be tolerated. Send it with your name, address, daytime phone number, T-shirt size and email address to There is no cost to enter. Online entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST, 06/01/07. All entries become MassResistance Watch's property and will not be returned or acknowledged. Limit one (1) entry per email address.

PRIZES: One (1) Grand Prize: A copy of the book “Courting Equality” by
Gozemba, Kahn & Humphries. Five (5) Runners-Up will receive a T-shirt from MassResistance Watch’s Mannequin collection. Written or audio narratives may appear on the MassResistance Watch blog

SELECTION OF WINNERS: On or about 06/04/07, a panel of qualified judges will select one (1) Grand Prize Winner, and five (5) Runners-Up from among all eligible entries. Decisions of judges are final and binding and may not be appealed. Potential winners will be notified by email on or about 6/8/07. Prizes are awarded "as is" with no warranty or guarantee, express or implied.

GENERAL: Except where prohibited by law: (i) entry constitutes permission to use winners' entry, first name, hometown, voice or any statements regarding this contest for editorial, public relations, promotional and advertising purposes on behalf of Sponsors, without compensation; By participating and winning a prize, winners release Sponsors, their parents, affiliates, subsidiaries and agencies and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents from any and all liability with respect to the prize won and participation in the Contest. Sponsors assume no responsibility for entries they are unable to process due to incomplete, misdirected, illegible or lost email entries or network, hardware or other technical failures or any other reason. Sponsors reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to disqualify any person tampering with the entry process, the operation of the web site or otherwise in violation of the rules. Sponsors further reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to cancel, terminate or modify this promotion if not capable of completion as planned, including infection by computer virus, technical corruption, non-authorized human intervention or force majeure. In the event of cancellation, Sponsors reserve the right to award the prizes to eligible online entries received prior to date of cancellation. The use of automated entry systems, or any other conduct that impedes the integrity of the Contest, is prohibited. In the event of a dispute regarding online entry, entry will be deemed made by the holder of an established e-mail account associated with the entry.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Day of Defiance is More Like Day of De-Dud

Over at Article Hate/Massresistance/Parents Rights Coalition, etc... Brian and Amy are extolling the success of the "Day of Defiance". If you recall, the "Day of Defiance" was supposedly started by students but, of course, on their website: Massresistance, A.K.A. Brian Camenker, is named as one of the two organizations who started it:
The Day of Defiance was initiated by the Massachusetts grassroots conservative groups MassResistance and the Massachusetts Federation of Conservative Bloggers to stand up for taxpaying parents' rights in public education, while also offering an alternative view of the issues to Massachusetts students (a rare occurrence, undoubtedly the first for many). The Day of Defiance will feature events outside of a number of Massachusetts high schools with picketers, sign holders, and guest speakers during free periods, lunch time, and after school (when the Breaking the Silence event commences). Supportive conservative students, parents, and teachers, are encouraged to join us in this effort to protest the rampant cases of educational malpractice in our public schools, while also providing students with the other half of the story on family issues and conservative ideas which have been censored, stereotyped, and belittled during the course of their 'education'.

Of course, none of this happened. Even the Massresistance website states that no students were involved (but they keep trying to tell us that the "students" wink, wink, organized it):

To our surprise, none of the students who organized the Day of Defiance actually participated. They said were afraid of retribution by the school, particularly certain faculty members. (And they didn't think of this when they started organizing it?)

And most of the parents who had enthusiastically committed to protesting also chickened out at the last minute. For example, twenty parents had committed to be at Lexington (above), but only two showed up that day. (Hmm...even David Parker didn't show up, things must be bad!)

Bob Parks, former candidate for State Representative, who also ran for Chairman of the State Republican Party, went on the MassResistance radio show describing how he was going to make a speech at a high school as a Day of Defiance protester. He also agreed to send out press releases. But as the day approached, he suddenly backed out. (Maybe Massresistance can get CJ Doyle to come back on and tell us what really happened since he's such a regular on the radio show)

The whole debacle just sounds a lot like the typical Article 8/Massresistance/Brian Camenker sideshow that Massachusetts is so used to seeing from the crazies in Waltham. The "parents" who supposedly went to these school to incite pandemonium were so proud of their work that they list themselves as Bruce C. or Roger S. (I guess they go to the Amy "from Article 8" school of last names).

They must be heartbroken that no local news station picked up their antics although I expect the pictures will turn up on some crazy right wing site (I hope there's video too because I got such a rush off the dizzying "acid trip" video of the Vote on Marriage Protest they recently posted)

I'm anxiously awaiting May 17th too. If history is any indicator, Massresistance will have some "big" announcement about something that happened to somebody months ago yet they will twist and bend the story to make it appear like it happened yesterday and of course blame it all on the gays.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Treat From San Francisco

The BBC broadcast a Sunday Service (recorded in October 2006) this past Sunday from the Catholic parish of Most Holy Redeemer in San Francisco:
Fr Donal Godfrey, Society of Jesus, leads a service from the Catholic Parish of Most Holy Redeemer, San Francisco, exploring how gay people can find a place in the Christian narrative and speaks of the gift of faith. The preacher is the Catholic writer and theologian, Fr James Alison.
My husband and I were honored to have dinner with both Fr Godfrey and Fr Alison a few years ago (although not at the same time.) The broadcast is available for downloading here (you need Real Player to listen to it) until this Sunday, May 6th.

Well, it appears that "homophobically inspired groups and individuals" are slamming the BBC with emails and calls to discourage any similar programs in the future. So get out your phone cards!

People are asked to call the BBC - 020 7580 4468, say you want to comment on a programme and ask for the Duty Log. This ensures that all comments are noted as received.

This would be very helpful since Christine Morgan, the BBC producer responsible for this area of programming is likely to have to go on Radio 4’s ‘Feedback’ programme over this, and she would value positive comments to support her. Her comment would be: Why has it taken the BBC so long to do such a programme?

Also important would be to e-mail Mark Damazer, the Controller of BBC Radio 4:

You could also copy anything to the Head BBC Religious Broadcasting, Michael Wakelin:

Hearing these two men is a treat, however, if you'd like to read the service, you can find the transcripts here.