Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MassResistance Named a Hate Group AGAIN! 3rd Time!

3rd time's the charm. MassResistance was once again named a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Brian Camenker is sure to wear his hate tiara proudly.

It's fitting to hear about it today while same sex couples in Washington D.C. are finally being treated equally. There IS no turning back. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont and now Washington D.C are issuing marriage licences to same sex couples.

Not to get too nostalgic but I started this blog when MassResistance was still calling themselves the Article 8 Alliance. Their sole purpose then was to recall the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court who recognized that same sex couples were entitled to be married under the Massachusetts Constitution. That was almost 7 years ago.

Margaret Marshall is still the head Justice and Brian Camenker is still the head of a hate group but thousands of gay families are protected under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. MassResistance has done nothing to stop the wheels of progress.

It's a great day!