Thursday, January 31, 2008

Court Upholds Dismissal of Mad Dad Parker's Lawsuit

A big hat tip to KeepRight who informed me about the court's decision (KeepRight's conversation with Brian Camenker is in the comment section of my past post and it's quite hilarious):

Court upholds dismissal of suit over schools' same-sex teaching

In a ruling Thursday, the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with a judge who ruled in February 2007 that parents' rights to exercise their religious beliefs are not violated when their children are exposed to contrary ideas in school.

What is MassResistance going to do now? This is what they wrote before:

The judges were very impressive, more so than at any other Parker court appearances.

It appeared that these judges had not only read the briefs carefully but had a better knowledge and understanding of the case law involved and some of the pertinent issues than the lawyers! They had also apparently researched the state core curriculum as it applies to this case.

So how will Brian/MassResistance trash these Judges, who were very impressive, now?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well, I'm Back!

No, I wasn't in Laramie, Wyoming researching the "The Laramie Project". Since it's winter, my husband and I decided to jet off to the Caribbean, or rather cruise to the hot climate with over 3500 other gay tourists. It was fantastic! This was our second cruise and we had a ball. We met people from all over the world and some even from Massachusetts. Maybe in a future post I'll talk more about it since Atlantis charters the whole ship and the clientele is very different from the "regular" cruise ship passengers (they actually told us that we're more polite and considerate!)

So! I've been gone for a week and see that not much seems to have happened over at MassResistance. They did increase their fundraising tally since the last time I checked from $13,005 to $31,959. I'm wondering what sob story they sent out to their lemmings this time?

I also noticed that they have a list of bills in the State House that they want passed (which I believe have virtually NO chance of even getting voted on!):
  • Remove undefined phrase “sexual orientation” from all Massachusette[sic] statutes (S928)
  • Repealing the exemption of schools from the law against “disseminating matter harmful to minors.” (S925)
  • Force the government to abide by the actual marriage statutes regarding same-sex “marriage”. (S926)
  • Stop selective harrassment[sic] of citizens taping public events. (S927)
That last one made me laugh out loud! Brian wants it removed so he can continue to record teenagers without their knowledge like he did when he got sued for violating student's privacy when he recorded them early in his anti-gay career (after he stopped going to gay bars with friends)

I'll have to take some time to read the rest of their dreck and see what the blog has been up to.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Watching & Waiting

Things are still looking bleak for the dynamic duo over at MassResistance. Their main website, MassResistance!, hasn't been updated in weeks. It also appears they don't have anymore donations since they haven't updated their phallic donation counter in awhile either.

And then there was this observation from KeepRight, a reader of MassResistance Watch:

Out of curiosity as to what they are raising money for, I gave MassResistance a phone call yesterday afternoon. Brian answered the phone and did not even say "MassResistance". He simply said "hello?". I told him I was calling to ask about what they are raising money for because I was interested in making a donation. He sounded EXTREMELY tired, taking deep breaths and sighing while talking to me.

He said "the same stuff", without being specific. I said "you sound very tired, are you OK?" and he responded that it had been a very long and tough day for him. Poor Brian...I almost felt bad for him, it must take quite a toll on a person to devote himself to a lost cause so completely with all his being, and yet still not make any progress. :(

Well, it's tough when even the people supposedly on your side (Conservative Right) think you're a bunch of wackos!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

3 Months and Still Nothing

Yes lucky listeners, it's been over three months since MassResistance was last heard on the airways. They still keep teasing us their lies though:

MassResistance radio is moving to a new, more powerful station! Get ready to tune in Saturday mornings 9:00 am to 10:00 am. starting again next week (at
least that's the plan).

More info to come. In the meantime, enjoy our previous shows! (Each week's show is posted here Saturday evening - to listen anytime.)

Oh, maybe they just ran out of money and they just need that $150,000 to get them on the air?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

MassResistance Makes the Advocate

Yes! Massachusetts' infamous anti-gay zealots over at MassResistance made the Jan 29, 2008 issue of The Advocate in a column entitled "Antigay and Proud" by Jim David. The article takes a look at the latest hate-based groups in the U.S. and unfortunately one (and possibly two) are located in Massachusetts (if you want to read the article you have to get the magazine since the article is not online yet).

The bulk of the article talks about Scott Lively and his Holocaust revisionist book "The Pink Swastika" and the violence that seems to follow Lively and his "Watchmen on the Walls".

The write then moves across the country and stops in Milwaukee where a "Pastor" Matt Trewhella claims that the California wildfires were because of the state's new educational law which is not discriminatory to gay people.

Finally, he ends the article with a paragraph about Massachusetts' most radical and crazy bigots MassResistance (although he leaves out that Scott Lively has now moved to Massachusetts so we two nuts for the price of one):
And in Massachusetts (yes, even there), a group called MassResistance tried to get Acton-Boxborough Regional High School to cancel its production of The Laramie Project. Ironically, the daughter of one of the group's leaders was in the play and came out as a lesbian. Her mother then withdrew her from the show and the school. The group has a conniption and posted the following on this website "Of course, Claudia is no more a lesbian than the man in the moon. She's always has crushes on boys, and her bedroom has always been (and still is) plastered with pictures of boys." A picture of a wall covered with teen idol boys who look like girls appears with the caption "Does this look like a lesbians' room to you?" Uh, yeah, kinda. Pray for Claudia.

I wonder if Brian is feeling the heat as told by KeepRight in the comment section of my post titled "Tracking MassResistance's Fundraising"?

Tap Your Troubles Away

Senator Larry Craig is certainly keeping this story alive and tapping so to speak. His lawyers are asking an appeals court to throw out the lower courts ruling. It seems that Larry Craig, who was Mitt Romney's liaison in the Senate before the police caught Larry asking for sex in the bathroom, wants the court to believe him now and not when he pleaded guilty the first time. He's like Mitt in that the keeps changing what he is saying depending on the audience and spins the new material:

The Idaho Republican argues that a state law related to his misdemeanor conviction is unconstitutional and that it's "manifestly unjust" not to allow him to be given another chance to prove his innocence.

A state judge refused on October 4 to allow the senator to withdraw his earlier plea. Judge Charles Porter ruled the plea "was accurate, voluntary and intelligent, and ... supported by the evidence."

Craig had earlier promised to resign if the judge ruled against his motion, but he changed his mind and vowed to stay in office until his term expires in early 2009. He is not seeking re-election this year.

Wow, I forgot about the resigning part, he's more like Mitt than I first thought (Mitt said he wouldn't put any of his personal fortune into his quest for the Presidential nomination and likened it to a nightmare).

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tracking MassResistance's Fundraising

So we can keep track of MassResistance's fundraising goals, as of today, Jan 9th, they claimed to have raised $13,000. I believe I noticed their first fundraising activity around December 26th or so.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Law Student Who Flunked the Mass Bar & Sued Apologizes

Since I posted on the original story I will post the update which was exclusive to Bay Windows this past weekend. Quick synopsis: the law student who flunked the Massachusetts Bar Exam and sued the State because of a question including a same sex couple has apologized and is embarrassed for what he did:

But in his letter, [Stephen] Dunne said his suit was "misguided" and that he was "lashing out as a result of failing the bar exam." "I am deeply sorry for the hurt that I have caused the gay community," Dunne wrote. As far as we can tell after interviewing Dunne on Dec. 24, he’s not headed off to jail, rehab or Oprah - in fact, he said he’s studying to take the bar exam again - so we give him props for his public mea culpa. The one thing he declined to do was name the law school he attended, stating he didn’t want to draw attention to his Alma mater (although he did say it’s in Boston). We have a feeling that’s probably okay with the school.

Laura Kritsy also has an interview with Stephen Dunne here. I guess MassResistance has no comment.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Paying Brian to Pay Brian

MassResistance is in fundraising mode once again although they are a bit behind date wise since the past two years fundraising was started in early December. They set a higher goal this year too (the past two years they were only trying to raise $50,000 and $30,000. but they had an "anonymous" matching donor(s) (or so they claimed). Did that cash dry up?

Well, now they're trying to raise $150,000. And to what end? They have no allies in the Massachusetts State House nor do they have legislation that has the slightest chance of being voted on so what are they going to do with $150,000?

As I started researching this post, I noticed on the Massachusetts Secretary of State's website that Brian Camenker is not only the President of all the groups he's created, but he's also the treasurer AND as of Jan 1, 2008 he is also the clerk/secretary of the Parents' Rights Coalition and the Parents' Education Foundation (he replaced Amy who stepped down on Dec. 31st.)

The only other people listed as being officers of the organizations is Philip Lawler for the Parents' Education Foundation and a Sally J. Naumann who is listed as a director for both organizations. If that last name sounds familiar it's probably because Ms. Naumann testified at the State House last year saying that the Holocaust was a big gay conspiracy.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Second Half of 2007

OK, here's the latter half of the year. It contains one of the truly saddest incidents of the year:
  • June 30th marked the 6th week that they didn't have their paid radio show on the air anywhere.

  • MassResistance praised a woman who allegedly resorted to violence during the Constitutional Convention in June. They had no problem with her physically assaulting a man at the State house.

  • In July, Ms. MassResistance regurgitated the false story from Fox News about lesbian gangs terrorizing neighborhoods even though there were no facts to back up the story. She also never included a retraction when Fox News aired that their story was wrong.

  • MassResistance touted the foolish law student who was suing the Commonwealth over a question about a same sex couple on the bar exam. The flunky student ended up withdrawing his lawsuit.

  • Twenty-two "prominent conservatives" write a cranky letter about Romney and nobody cared.

  • July 14th, 8 Weeks without MassResistance Radio.

  • Anti-gay activists crash religious services in Ohio and MassResistance posts nothing.

  • September 1st, after months off the air, MassResistance's paid show is back on the air on some obscure radio station in Cambridge Mass. The station airs the show with a disclaimer and no advertising sponsors.

  • On September 11th, I posted about Amy researching the Laramie Project in Wyoming. Little did we know at the time, the depths they would take to humiliate a young woman. They started with trying to censor the play.

  • The first week in October turned out to be a busy week for the anti-gay forces. It contained an anti-gay "forum" in Acton on the Laramie Project and an anti-gay "fund raising" gala in Boxborough, MA. We hear about the forum where Brian blames the "homosexual activists" for "Ex-Gay" Stephen Bennett's no show and hear nothing but silence about their fund raising gala. Not ever a peep at how much money their raised.

  • We find out that Amy Contrada, AKA Ms. MassResistance, has a daughter in the Laramie Project in Acton. MassResistance also posts personal information about the young woman on their website without regard to the woman's feelings.

  • Signs that the radio show out of Cambridge was starting to sink occurred when after only a few weeks they started to repeat shows.

  • J. Edward Pawlick, the darling of the anti-gay movement in Massachusetts passed away. Pawlick spent millions trying to keep LGBT from getting married. He will be noted for his loony attacks on the Boston Globe and Massachusetts Supreme Chief Justice Margaret Marshall. Like a bizarro Don Quixote who only sees gay everywhere and in everyone he sees. He spent a lot of money on planes carrying banners.

  • On October 20th MassResistance is no longer on the air. We don't know if they ran out of money or if the radio station refused to air their bigoted anymore. All we know is that MassResistance posts "We're taking a break until next week -- as MassResistance Radio moves to a new, more powerful station.". They tease us with a come back but today's January 3rd and they haven't been back on the radio yet.

  • MassResistance steps up their opposition to the Laramie Project in Acton with letters and comments by Brian and Amy posted in the local Acton newspaper.

  • Red Sox win the World Series and it's all because of same sex marriages in Massachusetts!

  • November 2008, Ms. MassResistance posts more of that "truth" she seems to think is true.

  • The Laramie Project opens in Acton and Brian and Amy attack the citizens of the area who wrote in to oppose MassResistance's negative viewpoints on the play and people in general.

  • It what turns out to be one of the sadder moments of the year, after the opening weekend, Amy yanks her daughter out of the school play and the school and then posts even more intimate things about her on the MassResistance websites.

  • In December I posted about how MassResistance is linked to the violent anti-gay groups on the west coast.

  • And finally, in my last post of the year, I pointed to a story at claims that Brian Camenker, President of MassResistance, Head of Article 8 Alliance, President of Parent's Rights Coalition, etc... (don't worry, it's all the same group made up of the same couple of people) was a former State Legislator, LOL. No proof of this fact or that in all the years that Brian has been going after the gay community this has never come up.

And as 2008 starts we find that Brian and Amy, who really are the only people that make up MassResistance, are over their collective heads in denial. They're still trying to raise money to pay for their anti-gay "volunteering". I'm sure this year will find them still denying that gay couple are getting legally married, even though lots do.

If a rabid anti-gay activist group falls in Massachusetts doesn't anyone hear it? Listen closely, you'll hear it here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jan to June 2007 in Review

Well, it's the end of the year and I thought I'd look through the threats and whines that MassResistance has been posting this past year and let you all reflect on their hatred:

  • While both Brian and Amy were against the MFI Amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution, they were overjoyed that it was a setback for the LGBT community when the Mass legislature narrowly approved it on the first vote of the Constitutional Convention.

  • Brian Camenker starts his attacks on Presidential Candidate Willard Romney with load of references from newspapers Brian himself abhors. Romney counters with a few known facts that irks Brian.

  • A week after the backslapping, Amy and Brian realize that they have no friendly contacts in the Massachusetts Statehouse now that anti-gay Reps Marie Parente and Emile Goguen are gone yet somehow they still think that the bills they submitted will get passed.

  • Conservatives come out against MassResistance and their craziness.

  • A Federal judge dismisses the lawsuit that MassResistance's favorite Mad Dad, David Parker, brings against the Lexington school system. MassResistance goes nutty (I guess I could say they are just acting as usual).

  • MassResistance gets upset because students visiting the Statehouse hold mock hearing and fake bills. They wonder who is putting these ideas in the kids heads when they have been writing about it years earlier.

  • MassResistance, with camera in tow, starts photographing the new Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth yet Amy runs from the room when her picture is snapped.

  • Bay Windows exposes the financial dealings of MassResistance and we find out that most of the money goes to Brian and Amy.

  • MassResistance starts a "Day of Defiance" and tries to make it appear that it is a high school grassroots organization. It turns out to be "Day of the Dud" More lies and deception.

  • MassResistance concocts some story about Governor Patrick not attending the Youth Pride March because of the MassResistance supports. We half expected them to credit their group for having the sun rise in the morning.

  • Amy photographs and harasses youth at the Youth Pride march in Boston. Asks about "cum vomit" and equates gay people to pedophiles.

  • WTTT drops Brian and Amy from their weekend radio lineup. No one knows why since MassResistance actually had to pay WTTT to put their drivel on the air although Brian thinks it's because of Romney.

  • At a hearing at the Statehouse, Brian Camenker denies that gays and lesbians were killed during the Holocaust.

  • A Holocaust survivor was very upset that Brian was hijacking, was misappropriating his good name to get behind something he does not agree with.

  • Massachusetts legislators who Brian claimed supported his bills drop like flies. Know Thy Neighbor did all the reporting about legislators who's named were attached and never even signed on.

  • June 14, 2007, the Massachusetts Legislature DEFEATS the MFI amendment. MassResistance points fingers at Vote On Marriage for not going far enough with the amendment.

  • MassResistance blames it's followers for the defeat of the Marriage Amendment. "If you allow this, then YOU deserve whatever happens."