Monday, August 25, 2008

MassResistance Stands Alone In Hatred

Well, MassResistance is upset. The hate group isn't getting the help it expected (from their email updates):

1. Two major Massachusetts pro-family groups announce they will NOT help gather signatures to challenge Legislature's repeal of "1913 Law" -- exporting "gay marriage" across America!

The news has shocked and upset the Massachusetts pro-family movement. As activists across Massachusetts get ready to fight back against the Legislature's outrageous repeal of the "1913 Law" -- and as people across America watch in anticipation - two major Massachusetts pro-family groups publicly announced that they won't help. Both groups had been major forces in the signature drive for the recent Marriage Amendment. But this time they're backing off.

Last week the Massachusetts Family Institute and Catholic Citizenship both published press releases stating that they "will not participate" in the referendum effort.

Uh, Brian, do you think they don't want to be associated with a noted Hate Group?

If that's not enough the delusional few over at MR actually compare themselves with Samuel Adams, George Washington, John Hancock and Martin Luther King:

Imagine if Samuel Adams, Hancock, Washington and the other patriots announced that they wanted to try a "positive" approach instead of fighting a war against Britain. Where would we be now? Suppose that Martin Luther King, who lived in Atlanta, refused to join the fight in Birmingham because it would "have a greater impact outside the state than at home". (Or maybe he might have done an "education" campaign instead of going in the streets and protesting!)

Psst.. Brian, those patriots, and believe me, you are not one, were fighting for equal rights, not trying to take away rights. You should equating yourself to people like Davis, George Wallace, David Duke and Fred Phelps since they are most like you.

The AG's office also just authorized the ballot question:

In her ruling, Coakley said the question's supporters, MassResistance, had met the necessary technical requirement for filing a ballot question. The group must now gather 33,000 signatures by the end of October to appear on the November 2010 ballot.

Coakley differentiated between her official duties and any personal feeling she may have on the issue.

"Our decision that this referendum meets the constitutional requirements as to subject matter does not mean that it has our support, but simply that the constitutional requirements are met for the proponents of the referendum to obtain further signatures," Coakley said in a statement.

Now it will be interesting if MassResistance gets the 40,000 signatures it says it needs to put this on the ballot in 2010. They are desperately looking for money to do this and surely not getting help from within the State. Who will actually sign this mean petition?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More on MassResistance's Petition to Uphold the Racist 1913 Law

Here's the scoop on their petition, with information they didn't reveal on their website:

What this Referendum means

Before doing this, we polled 600 activists about it. Approximately 100 responded. Of those, 94% said that we should do it, and they'd help collect signatures! There's a lot of excitement.

By my count, 600 activists is only 1.4% of the signatures required for their petition, but wait only 94 of them said MassResistance should do it ( many of these actually live in Massachusetts?) so that 94 makes up only 0.23% of the signatures they need. I guess to them less than 1% is excitement.

Then they list the 10 original signers:

Brian Camenker

Dale C. Gunn

Ebba J. Holland

Caroline M. Kneeland

Robert G. O'Brien

John O'Gorman

David Thomas Parker

Tonia S. Parker

Edward J. Sharib

Robert Montgomery Thomas

You can probably recognize 3 right off the the bat.

The remainder of the email begs for money: We REALLY need financial help! Invest in these efforts!

At the end is the money shot:

Other Mass. pro-family groups getting on board?

Right now, it's a mixed bag. The Catholic Action League (C.J. Doyle) immediately pledged their support. Strangely, the Massachusetts Family Institute and the Massachusetts Catholic Conference have both indicated that they will not get involved with this (though we have not had an "official" answer from them). We haven't yet contacted Massachusetts Citizens for Life or Operation Rescue, but we're confident they'll be involved.

Of course, we're not hopeful that the Massachusetts Republican Party will want to help, since the Republican House and Senate leaders both voted with the homosexual lobby - for the repeal!

Well, it looks like C.J. Doyle and his staff of 1 is on board, but the Catholic Church in Massachusetts is taking a pass. Oh, and Brian, strangely enough, we not surprised at all. Very few people want to collaborate with a nationally recognized hate group right here in Massachusetts. It sounds like no one wants to help you with this!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Wait Is Over

After promising last Friday to post something by Sunday night and not doing anything until Tuesday, MassResistance has finally posted their story about their petition to repeal the repeal of the racist 1913 marriage law:
We are fighting back! On Wednesday, August 13, MassResistance officially filed paperwork for a Referendum Petition - including the ten "original signers" - to force the Legislature's cowardly repeal of the "1913 Law" to be voted on by the people.

I still don't get why they always say "cowardly repeal" when the Senate voted unanimously and the House took a roll call vote, does Brian Camenker know what cowardly means?

The rest of the rant is essentially just sour grapes. They're pissed because the Boston newspapers didn't give them the glory they expected AND that the newspapers hailed the legislators who voted to repeal the racist 1913 law. They also keep taking credit for the legislature voting it as a special act which makes the repeal go into effect immediately. (See their successes, they take credit for practically everything including the sun rising everyday)

Then of course there's this:
What this Referendum means
This is a big deal. Besides eventually stopping a horrible social experiment from being forced across the country, this sends some very strong messages

Oh yeah, because getting the legislature to vote down the marriage amendment, when it only needed 25% of the legislature wasn't a big deal. Oh, and for the record, no legislator even wants to be associated with MassResistance, no one will sign on to any of the bills they keep submitting.

I'll leave you with MassResistance's last words:
And as we said, the rest of the Boston media isn't far behind. They really don't get it. They're going to be very disappointed when we get done . . .

Monday, August 18, 2008

I See You Shiver with Antici...pation

Ok, MassResistance updated it's website on Friday with just a headline:
MassResistance files papers with MA Secretary of State to force statewide vote on Legislature's repeal of "1913 Law"

Pro-family activists to collect required 33,297 signatures by October deadline.

Watch for our FULL REPORT to be posted Sunday evening at 6:00 pm. And get involved!
Sunday came and went and then we were treated to this:

Of course, Monday morning came and went too. It's now 4:30 PM, not morning and still nothing.

Who do you think are the "pro-family activists" that will be collecting the signatures?

Will the Mass Institute Against Gays finally collaborate with the nationally recognized Hate group know as MassResistance?
Stay tuned, all this and more, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel

August Obviously IS a Slow News Month

It's August, the Olympics are going on and the presidential conventions are coming up. Even the newscasters on TV are taking vacations. Obviously, no one is in the news rooms, hence the "article" by MassResistance about their petition to repeal the repeal of a racist law.

Make note of where you read the article and contact that news organization. Tell them the truth about MassResistance. Tell them how obsessed they are with gay people. Explain to them how MassResistance was identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center along with Fred Phelps' "God Hates Fags" group.

Remind them of the their protest of transgender mannequins at Macy's. Point to Brian Camenker's appearance on the Daily Show where he claims that he could show how to connect the dots from gay marriage to air quality, homelessness and crime rates.

Tell them how they have a habit of videotaping, recording and photographing children without their knowledge (they even testified at public hearing to remove the wiretapping law in Massachusetts so they have record more people against their will).

Point to the conservatives who believe that MassResistance and Brian Camenker are wacky, off the wall kooks.

Tell them about their mission (which failed) to remove the 4 judges from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (It's why they were originally named Article 8 Alliance).

Talk to them about all the conspiracy theories that MassResistance has conjured up these past years and finally tell them about how the MassResistance group testifies at State hearings to "educate" the legislators about how gays weren't victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

The people need to know the truth, tell them.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hate Group Tries to Strike Again

How precious is this? I wrote yesterday about how MassResistance hadn't put anything up on any of their hate sites and then, surprise, surprise, they put up a new title late yesterday:
MassResistance files papers with MA Secretary of State to force statewide vote on Legislature's repeal of "1913 Law"

Pro-family activists to collect required 33,297 signatures by October deadline.

Watch for our FULL REPORT to be posted Sunday evening at 6:00 pm. And get involved!
Of course if you happened to see the site yesterday it was full of typos (someone must have alerted Camenker to his spotty spelling).

So, curious me, I wanted to see what exactly they were going to do. Hmm...gather over 33,000 signatures all by October, which still wouldn't stop out of state couples from marrying, so I went to the links they provided in their emails on the Massachusetts Constitution (funny, you can't get the links if you don't get their emails, I guess they're trying to hide all of this from the homosexual activists).

Now, I probably shouldn't really be saying this because I would love to bankrupt them by having them spent thousands of dollars, that would usually just go into Brian Camenker's pockets, on getting signatures for this absurd petition (how many people will sign when they find out that MassResistance is a hate group as defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center?).


and I'm no lawyer, the repeal of the 1913 law is not a law but a repeal of the law. This will probably be something that will get tied up in courts if it gets that far (do you think that MassResistance has even consulted any lawyers on this? I can't imagine since they would most likely have to pay them.)


It doesn't seem like Constitution applies because the legislature is removing a law they they enacted. The provision in the Constitution that MassResistance is looking at is supposed to protect the people from a law enacted by the legislature and provides a safety mechanism for the people to repeal the law that the legislature has enacted. In this instance the legislature of it's own accord has repealed a law it found offensive. Talk about irony.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are You Rapture Ready?

Cause the signs are there. It's been almost two months since the MassResistance blog has been updated and now it's going on two weeks and even MassResistance's main hate site hasn't even been updated (not even with regurgitated earlier posts). They used to claim that the there were updating daily Mon-Friday, alas, that was removed from their website.

They used to tease us with "We're preparing for another radio show", it's been 10 months and even that seems to have fizzled.

Do you think the money dried up and they had to get real jobs?

Do you think Amy has never recovered from her daughter's coming out?

So many unanswered questions and they just leave us hanging like a soap opera cliffhanger!

Friday, August 8, 2008

How's that McDonald's Boycott Working Out For Ya?

I was just at the gym watching CNBC news when what you should come on the screen? No, not news of Radical Right's boycott of McDonald's but news that McDonald's has hit an all time stock high! Then I found this when I got home for the CNBC website:

Despite a tough U.S. economy, McDonald's Corp. posted an 8 percent gain in July same-store sales on Friday as hungry consumers worldwide lined up for breakfast items and the classic Big Mac sandwich.

They go on to say that even in this tough economy McDonald's is still doing well. Oh, and no mention of the bigot's boycott.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Conspiracy Theories All Around!

I got a huge laugh when I surfed over to MassResistance this morning and saw their latest rant:

Did Boston Globe reporter tip off gay lobby to MassResistance plans for
Referendum Petition to stop "1913 Law" repeal?

HA! More with the conspiracy theories. MassResistance, once again thinking they're more important than the air we breathe, actually believes that the Mass Legislature was afraid that MassResistance would try to repeal it. The same MassResistance that was named a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The same MassResistance that protested transgender mannequins. The Mass Legislature is not as smart as MassResistance. LOL!

I think it's time Brian Camenker got a real job, apparently Ms. Contrada, his partner in hate must have since she hasn't updated the MassResistance blog since June 18th. Yes Brian, you might actually have to go and make a living off of something other than the fear of homosexuals.

His whole post is somewhat pathetic AND sad:

MassResistance was in the State House on Tuesday as the House was debating and voting on the bill.

He sounds a lot like Suede from this season's Project Runway. Brian Camenker IS MassResistance, make no mistake about that, Brian is speaking of himself in the third person to make MassResistance appear bigger than it is. Brian is now even calling the editors at the Boston Globe to find if "so and so told so and so about this and that what did they say, did they tell?" It's grammar school all over again "Psst, give this note to the cute boy in the second row and tell him I think he's cute and want to be BFF!" Oh please!

This not the first time MassResistance has conjured up conspiracy theories about the goings on around the State. Whenever things don't go the way they want they accuse others of being sleazy and dishonest especially when it comes to reporters too, they never seem to get anything right:

  • Letter to the Editor from Brian Camenker about the Anti-gay forum he ran in Acton. (2nd letter)

  • Blaming Mitt Romney for their anti-gay radio show being cancelled.

  • Somehow links the Ex-Speaker of the Massachusetts House Tom Finneran, one of the lead posters at KnowthyNeighor and Boston Herald writer Margery Eagan.

  • They even accused me of conspiring with Acton Police, the Massachusetts Attorney General, the Goodridge plaintiffs, and the entire Massachusetts Bar Association to break into her home in order to leave messages in the dust on her dusty table.

Oh, there are more examples of their conspiracy theories, I just wanted to list a few of the ridiculous accusations from their past. These people are not stable. I would also like to repeat one of the comments made on this blog:

massminuteman said... I love his latest self important conspiracy allegation.

Trust me, Brian, people looked at the 90 day period for usual bills to go into effect and saw that it pointlessly made weddings during August and early September impossible. People wouldn't be able to use vacation time attending them and couples would lose the optimal late summer weather to boot. It was that- purely practical thinking- that went into the 'emergency' preamble. And it was mentioned as desirable to do more than a month ago.

One more thing, check out today's headline (I will post it later since blogger is having trouble with pictures):
What calendar are they working with? No wonder they're all screwed up.