Monday, May 30, 2005

In Honor of Our Fallen Heroes

Today we honor those who have fought bravely for the United States. We honor those who have lost their lives defending our country. We may not always agree on which wars were just and necessary, however, we can all agree that these brave soldiers died for their country.

President Bush laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier. It reminds us that we don't know who these heroes were who have died. Who don't know what they left behind or who their families are. All we can be certain is that they are men and woman of every race, religion and yes, sexual orientation.

What is the Point?

The homophobe over at Massresistance is "highlighting" the dangers of a foreign STD which is in the Globe. Of course the "blog" states that in the seventh paragraph it talks about homosexual sex. I mean really, the seventh paragraph! If you have so much time on your hands that you're reading every article you can find about gay people and counting paragraphs you really should be doing more constructive.

The "blog" fails to mention the risks of heterosexual sex which includes everything that homosexuals can get and just a little bit more.

You would think that these people would be welcoming same sex marriage since it makes more single people married and thus unlikely to be having sex outside of marriage. (I know what you're thinking, how many heterosexuals have sex outside of marriage, but I've seen Diary of an Mad Affair on the Style Network and Desperate housewives!)

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Massresistance Advocates for Polygamy

In Stoneham, a man was found guilty of polygamy and had to pay a $500.00 fine. Massresistance wonders what the big deal is, we "let" gay people marry. (I guess she finally realized that same sex couple are getting legally married in the state since the blog didn't list marriage in quotes.) It goes on to say:
We don't understand why he's been prosecuted. What rational basis is there to deny him the right to marry several women at once? He just happened to hook up with his grade-school sweetheart recently, his "first kiss". It's all about love. What right does the state have to stand
in the way?

Excuse me, Ms. Massresistance, we only allow 2 consenting adults to marry in
this state. Anymore than that is illegal. If you wish to sue so you can marry your spouse's lover or your pet goat, go ahead. It's a free country. Although just maybe, your goat won't want to marry you!

Although the concept of polygamy is an interesting one. If it was legal Newt Gingrich wouldn't have had to serve divorce papers to his 1st and 2nd wives (the first was served while in the hospital with cancer). Larry King would still have his (what number is he on now?) wives. Elizabeth Taylor could have all her husbands and just add the hyphen to their names and Ronald Reagan could have balanced Nancy Davis and Jane Wyman on opposite coasts.

Tell me again how gay people are going to destroy marriages? The straight people have been such a bang up job strengthening it up.

7 Days till the Rally for the Man who Held the Lexington School Hostage

Next Sunday, June 5, Article 8 is holding a rally in Wayland Ma (Wayland Mass?!) for the man who was arrested when he wouldn't leave a Lexington Elementary School. I wonder what type of people will attend, if any? Who will support this man who kept the school hostage by not leaving well into the evening?

Do you think Brian Camenker will attend? Brian is the head of Article 8. He is the same man who "claims" that the "Little Black Book" is so terrible and bad because it promotes unsafe practices, yet he waited over 2 weeks before going to the press with the information on the book. Article 8's website says "Deadly health misinformation in the booklet. " and Article 8 was so concerned about the children that it waited from April 30th (when the GLSEN conference was held) until May 17th, the anniversary of the first marriages for same sex couples till it touted the "deadly misinformation" in the book.

Now if it was so "deadly" why didn't Article 8 release this information as soon as it found out. Don't they care about the children or do they care about making headlines?

The news report in Lexington, after the father took the school hostage, outlines how the father had it all planned, he called Article 8 to show up at the school with cameras so they could photograph him coming out of the school with handcuffs on. The police also let him go home, however, he wanted to stay in jail until his arraignment the following day (makes better front page headlines this way). Did this man really care about this issue or was he only looking to making the papers and blame it on same sex marriage?

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Massresistance Attacks yet Another Family

In Massresistance's latest hate speech, she attacks a family who appears in the Boston Globe. The blog says:
We thought we were supposed to stay out of others' bedrooms? Why then does the Boston Globe push us into the bedroom--and force us to focus on the bed--of a prominent queer couple?
Hello!? I don't think anyone "forced" you into buying the Boston Globe. For people who bitch and moan about how liberal the Globe is, they sure read it an awful lot!

The poor blogger must not get out much and I'm guessing is a little bitter about the gay couple apparently having better taste than her:

We are treated to color photos of their beautifully decorated, just so right South End brownstone.
Sound like jealousy to me. She complains that it's part of the "normalizing" of queer life. HEY, Massresistance, We are normal here in Massachusetts, I think you are the one who's abnormal!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

AFA Ends its 9 year Boycott of Disney

The American Family Association ended its 9 year boycott of Disney. Why?

AFA president Tim Wildmon says there are a number of reasons for this recent decision, and chief among those reasons is what he calls "a culturally crowded battlefield." The ministry's leadership decided it was time to end the boycott, he explains, "because there are so many other issues we need to move on to and deal with that are taking our time and energy, and we feel like, if you're going to call for a boycott of a company -- if something has become that serious -- you need to have all your resources behind it.

My guess is that it probably has nothing to do with the 9 year boycott having had no effect on the Disney Corporation. Disney still includes domestic partner benefits for its employees, recently hired an out lesbian director to a 2 year contract and has never banned "Gay Days" from any of its parks.

What does has AFA's panties up in a bunch these days if it's not Disney? Well a quick glance of their website shows:

Urging sponsors of the Gay Games in Chicago to "pull out".

Attacking Republican Senators for backing the compromise on judges

Cashing in on Terri Schiavo's death by selling bumper stickers

One wonders if the pastor of a now defunct church in Louisiana was concerned with the same issues as AFA? He, his wife and six former congregates were arrested in a sex abuse case that involves as many as 24 children and animals.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

BAGLY's Prom

For of you who don't know, BAGLY (The Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian &Tansgender Youth) held it's annual prom this past Saturday. This was the 25th anniversary of the prom. Wow! 25 years! If only I had been aware of it when I was in high school. (Actually the first prom would have been held during my senior year in high school...Do the math, I'm 43).

My fiance (we're getting married next week) and I volunteered to chaperone the prom after seeing a listing for it in our church's newsletter. We weren't sure what to expect since we had never chaperoned before, although we could recall our own experiences in the not too distant past.

We had to be at City Hall for a 6pm orientation session for all adult volunteers. We weren't sure how to dress so we wore shirts and ties, kind of like the chaperones we had in high school. I felt like science teacher Mr. Smith, "Don't block the stairways, we need them open as fire lanes". "You need to keep room between you for the Holy Spirit" (we didn't actually get to say the latter, since they didn't play any slow songs while we were there) It was a great night.

Boys were dancing with boys, girls were dancing with girls and yes, girls were dancing with boys, all in an atmosphere free of sex, drugs, violence, weapons and pressure. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, even the adults. The only adults present were the chaperones who wore name tags identifying them as such. Our instructions were to keep the fire exits free, watch for adults that weren't labeled volunteers and keep an eye out for anything "out of place."

The night went smoothly, no problems that we could see, the kids seemed to be having a great time and were very respectful to an "old guy" like me. The BAGLY advisors were well organized and an old hat at this stuff. My better half and I were showing our age by wearing ear plugs (it helped especially being in the same area as the dance floor).

At our appointed time we got our coats and ventured home through the rain soaked streets of Boston, smiling. We both felt a sense of pride and satisfaction in knowing that these kids could go to a dedicated safe space and have a good time dancing with their peers. It was good thing.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Pot calling the Kettle Black

In Massresistance's latest post they accuse the Aids Action Committee (AA) of being in denial. They are supposed to be in denial because they promote safer sex but of course, Massresistance believes they "promote" unsafe sex because they publish a book called "The Little Black Book" that talks about safe sex, got it? Me neither.

Massresistance and Article 8 are obsessed with homosexual sex, whether it is between two women or two men. Why? Who knows? They love to publish every lurid detail of a safe sex manual for all to see (and I'm sure they read it over and over again because apparently they just can't get enough), I'd love to see their Blockbuster history file! I hope at least they are picking up tips!

The anonymous blogger states AA's founder is keeping "tabs" on the "Resistance" because he went to their scarcely attended "press conference" at the Government Center on May 17th. My friends wonder why I keep watch over them since they ARE such a fringe group and not widely supported by anyone in this state. I like to keep over watch of them because as crazy as they are, they shouldn't go without notice. Look back in history to see how far some other hate groups have gotten away with taking rights away from others. They are entitled to there hate speech under the Constitution, however, there needs to be voice that stands up to them with the truth. I am through with their lies and deception through websites that provide no email addresses or ways for feedback.

Massresistance still believes the world is flat and the earth revolves around the sun. They are constantly trying to make the world believe that HIV, a virus, was created as God's wrath on homosexuals. They also try to link it, in some way I still can't figure out, to same sex couples getting married. To them, the recent spat of bad weather is probably because of the anniversary of same sex couples finally getting the same rights as heterosexuals.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

There they go again...

Article 8, stinging because hardly anyone went to their "press conference" on May 17th, is now claiming that "hundreds" of kids in Brookline received the same sex manual called "The Little Black Book" put out by Fenway Community Health Center.

Question: If "hundreds" of these books were given out, how come Article 8 doesn't have any pictures of the table with the hundreds of books?

Where are all the glossies of the children staring starry eyed at the "pornographic" pictures? Where is the boxes that the book came in? I can't imagine Fenway Community Health Center just zapped them on the table. Surely if there were "hundreds" of copies of this manual someone would have noticed?

The fact of the matter is the issue is MOOT. Article 8 is so upset that gay people can get married that have to keep rehashing any old controversy they can think of. They link to stories that happened in the 70's when Nixon was president. They are trying to link anything they can possibly find to the fact that gay people have been married for a year and nothing happened. The sky didn't fall, no one died and no church was required to marry a same sex couple if it was against their rules.

With all their "concern" about the children, I wonder how many children they have damaged from all their hate speech and protesting outside of schools?

Note: For the life of me I can't figure out why Article 8 is so homophobic while they keep having a man dress up in drag like Supreme Court Justice Margaret Marshall


So the news is out. GLSEN made a mistake when it said the "Little Black" books weren't handed out. Regardless of the fact that it really wasn't handed out by GLSEN, Article 8 wants to hold GLSEN's feet to the fire. (They are still reeling about a frank discussion about sex that was held years ago at a students only conference that Article 8 head Brian Camenker illegally recorded.)The book was actually on the table of the Fenway Community Health Center (FCHC). Hmm...FCHC is a clinic. Their website lists their mission as:

We're about the health of our community. We strive to care for its ills and its
pains, to keep it healthy,to understand what makes it sick and to teach others
how to care for it.

I guess we're supposed to flog them for caring about the health of people. Why don't we just take all the funding away from them because of this one mistake? Do we even know if any middle school children took the books from the table anyway? It sounds like all the Article 8 devoured the book. They went home and drooled all over the pictures all the while swearing about it's content. After all, these people seemed to be obsessed with everything that is gay.

I don't understand what the big deal is anyway. It has been widely reported that children are having sex younger and younger these days and I don't think they are learning it from "Little Black Books" handed out by health clinics. Anyone that was going to that event in Brookline knew is was a GLBT event, not a reading of "Dick & Jane".

Was Fenway wrong in having this book on their table, YES. Should we prosecute everyone involved with the event, NO. Mistakes happen, I think the homophobes at Article 8 and Massresistance need to get over it and move on. I'm sure there is another family out there that they want to try and destroy.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Who is Massresistance Afraid of?

For some reason, Massresistance has pulled it's recent posting. The anonymous blogger wrote a very trashy and mean spirited diatribe against many of the religious institutions in Lexington MA. You can see the original post here:

Shame on Lexington Clergy: Accusing Concerned Citizens of "Hatred"

In a guest commentary in the Lexington Minuteman today, most of the clergy in town piled on those who dared criticize the high school's "Day of Silence". We are not surprised to see the Unitarians, the United Church of Christ, and the reformed Jews, for instance, telling us that concerned Lexington parents and friends opposing their schools' homosexual curriculum
are "hateful".

Anyone who questioned the pro-homosexual propaganda exercise called the "Day of Silence" is lumped with real extremists from Kansas (who plan to demonstrate at the high school graduation). But we are distressed and disappointed to see Grace Chapel and Countryside Bible Chapel included on this list of group-think, pseudo-Biblical churches!

"Good people may and will disagree. There is divergence amongs us on a host of issues, theological and social. Yet we are united in our opposition to and deep distress over the expressions of hate and invective that we have witnessed, and some in our community have experienced, in recent weeks. [They do not give any examples of this "hate and invective".]"

One incident involved the Day of Silence at Lexington High School. Unfortunately, adult protesters [Their signs said something about homosexuality being sinful.] and some students engaged in contentious and even physical encounters. [We heard of bad behavior on the p-c side.] Though we represent a host of very different views about homosexuality and transgender [!] identity, and even disagree about the appropriateness of such an event, we are one in our
disdain for and deploration [sic; no such word!
Maybe they mean "deplorableness"?]] of those who would threaten or harm others over such disagreement." [Again, we have never heard of any particulars matching this description!]

How on earth could two pastors from Grace Chapel (Rev. Bryan Wilkerson and Rev. Richard Rhodes) and Countryside Bible Chapel (Rev. Jed Snyder) have signed on to this? Do they just want to be members of the Lexington club that badly?

This is in particular a betrayal by Grace Chapel of several of its members, who are deeply involved in the current conflict playing out in Lexington. Why would those two pastors not do everything in their power to support the brave and profoundly Christian actions of these members, who are undeniably standing up for clear Biblical teachings?

Furthermore, Grace Chapel recently turned down a group planning a pro-traditional marriage rally, meant to coincide with the anniversary of same-sex "marriage". They denied them use of the facility, saying
the event was "too political"! MassResistance thought marriage was a moral question -- only recently made political by the radical homosexual activists.

Shame on these pastors. Which side are they on???
posted by AMann @ 8:48 PM

Apparently, this blog is through attacking children and families, now it wants to attack the clergy. Of course, the anonymous blogger doesn't think some religions are as "real" as others. The question is why did the blogger pull this hateful piece from her blog? It routinely publishes telephone numbers and emails of unsuspecting people. Maybe the minion complained?