Friday, March 31, 2006

The Feeding Frenzy Continues...

That professional Christian, Matt Staver at the Liberty Counsel had this to say about the recent MA SJC's decision:
"In this case," the head of Liberty Counsel says, "they could not get around the very clear 1913 law ... and, as a result of today's decision, there are many people now realizing that their so-called same-sex marriage license is just a worthless piece of paper."
No Matt, you're wrong, W-R-O-N-G. You just don't get it and I feel bad for you if you think that's all that marriage is, a piece of paper. While you may think that that "paper" is worthless, it's far from that. You see, the people that got that "worthless piece of paper" were in love and committed long before they could obtain that paper. They didn't need the paper they just wanted their equal rights because last time I looked it said "All men are created equal" It didn't say all men except for the gays and lesbians.

I can recall many movies/TV shows growing up that would include some couple who got married. At some point in the show the couple would find out that the person who married them couldn't legally do it but it didn't matter because they were love and they knew they were married. (In the Catholic religion the priest is the witness and couple actually marries each other.)

All the hateful anti-gay groups in the country can petition every state, intimidate and pressure lawmakers to enact laws to discriminate and spent hours on end putting us gays and lesbians down. But in the end you will lose. We are not going away. We are still falling in love and opening our families to our significant others. Case in point:

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. --Christopher McCary and John Sullivan, among the first gay couples married in Massachusetts in 2004, still consider themselves married, even if a decision Thursday by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court means they're just two guys living in the same house.

"It really doesn't change anything," said McCary, an attorney in Anniston, where he lives with Sullivan in a quiet neighborhood. "We're like everybody else. He has two jobs, I have one and we both work all the time."

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Come to Massachusetts!

Yes, we are all disappointed that the MA SJC did not rule that the racist 1913 marriage law was unconstitutional. But then again, no civil rights struggle has been easy. These kinds of setbacks always happen unfortunately. But there are bright spots:
  • Couples who live in states that do not have laws against same sex marriage may be able to marry here.
  • There is NO need for a Federal Marriage Amendment since the Massachusetts Court ruled that it is not transferable to other states.
  • Gay couples who live outside of Massachusetts should be packing their things and hiring a moving van since Mass is still the only state that doesn't discriminate against same sex couples. Yeah we have some loonies, but they are few and far between. AND you get to vote in the State elections when you move here!

Finally I must comment on the "happy dance" that Gov. Willard Romney is doing. Of course he's still calling down the MA SJC for the Goodridge decision but he had a bit more to say on this decision:

"This is an important victory for those of us who wanted to preserve traditional marriage and to make sure that the mistake of Massachusetts doesn't become the mistake of the entire country," Romney told reporters after the decision.
Gov., I think your words are going to come back and haunt you in the not too distant future because you see Mitt, when we think about YOU trying to become President of the United States:

We will make sure that the mistake of Massachusetts doesn't become the mistake of the entire country.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's A Sunshine Day!

I'm wearing my Happy Face today!
And NO, I'm not Tina Sparkles (but I can dream can't I)! Anyway, today is just a lovely day, not only is the weather looking better but news around the world is also looking up:

I must admit (and some of you have called me out on this) that sometimes I get bogged down on all the negative things that circulates out there amongst the anti-gay crowd. It does growing tiring reading all the lies and twisted "truths" that the anti-gay forces are spewing forth practically daily. But I've learned that "you shouldn't wrestle in the mud with pigs, you only get dirty and the pig enjoys it".

I hope to bring you more upbeat and positive news in the future. Oh, I'll still be watching those that lie and cheat (you should see my file drawers!) but I will try to refrain from giving them another soapbox to stand on.

"To live in fear is like to half live. I mean... is a life half lived"

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Name That Caption


Your Holiness, those robes are just F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

Thank You Sean. It's Prada!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Bon Voyage MFI!

I think I've found the place for Kris Mineau and the people at MFI to vacation. It's a place called Kanab and it's in Utah. Even though it mainly a Mormon Town, I think the anti-gay folks over at MFI will feel well at home (from Jennifer Dobner ASSOCIATED PRESS):
In January, the City Council in the overwhelmingly Mormon community of 3,600 unanimously passed a resolution in favor of the "natural family" consisting of a working husband, a stay-at-home wife and a "full quiver of children."
I would highly suggest the the anti-gay folk mosey on down to Kanab because tourism is expected to be down this year:
The resolution struck some as homophobic and sexist, and stirred talk of a Kanab tourism boycott, which won the endorsement of syndicated travel columnist Arthur Frommer."I think they know perfectly well this is a smokescreen for discriminating against gays," the New York City travel guru and guidebook author said Wednesday in a telephone interview.
I guess they don't care for adoption either, cause gosh darn it, adoption just ain't natural! Neither is grandparents raising the youngens! Luckily it's too hot to have gay penguins! At least some in the town were against the resolution but the City Council let the measure stand.

Visitor and Arizonan Al Moss says it best in the article:
"I can't understand in this day and age how a group could even think about something like this," he said. "I personally won't go back, and I think there will be a lot of people like me who will see the problem."
Hey Al, we got more of them here in Massachusetts too and we're thinking the same thing.

UPDATE: It seems that a teenager took the Mayor of the town to task for the resolution in a home town newspaper article. What did the Mayor do? The Mayor went after the student by firing off letters to the Kanab High senior's church leader and the Kane County School District superintendent. More to come...

Another Heterosexual Christian Marriage Ends in Tragedy

This just in from CNN:
Slain minister's wife to face murder charge, officials say
I thought this whole story sounded strange when I first heard it, a pastor shot to dead, the wife and 3 daughters missing... The 31 year old pastor was found dead on Wednesday.
Winkler was hired at the Fourth Street Church in February 2005, said Wilburn Ash, an elder at the church. The congregation quickly came to love his straight-by-the-Bible sermons. Church members also took to his wife, who they described as a quiet, unassuming woman who was a substitute teacher at the elementary school.
I'm sure there's a lot more to this story than meets the eye. What drove this Christian wife to allegedly kill her minister husband? It is beyond sad for the children that their father is dead and their mother is held his murder.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Letter from Kris

Well it appears that the Mass "Family" Institute reads Bay Windows since they submitted two letters concerning Ethan Jacobs' cover story last week about the "grassroots" groups against same marriage.

Kris Mineau, President of MFI has changed the language from "tradition" marriage to "natural" marriage:
A few points must be made regarding Ethan Jacobs’s article “Inner-circle Jerks,” which seeks to discredit the organizations and leaders who have worked to protect natural marriage, children and families in a way consistent with our values.
Ok, first off, there is NOTHING natural about marriage. What I mean by this is that marriage is a civil union that two adults choose to do. It just doesn't sprout from the ground, love is natural, marriage is not. Do we have to teach Marriage 101? The history of marriage includes women becoming the property of men. Traditional marriage also included men with many wives, but then again marriage has evolved with time hasn't it? I'm sure all these things were considered natural too.

He also makes a comment that the over 130,000 signatures on the anti-gay amendment were gathered by volunteers. Well, if that's the case then I wouldn't want MFI handling my money since they paid an organization to go out and collect signatures. Are they telling us that they paid out thousands of dollars and got nothing? Isn't Kris Mineau supposed to be a businessman?

Here's his last comment:
Finally, in spite of everything, our movement has never resorted to the name-calling and personal attacks that are found in this article. We may disagree philosophically and politically, but let’s not forget that in the end we are all God’s children — worthy of respect.
Of course, Bay Window's Editor tells it like it is:
To complain about name calling when Dr. Roberto Miranda, chairman of, has compared lesbian and gay couples who wish to marry with the terrorists who killed more than 3000 people on September 11, 2001 betrays a telling lack of self awareness.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Arc is Swinging!

Lots of good stuff happening this week and it's only Wednesday! Gosh, I don't know where to start, here are things you don't typically read in the MSM:
New Hampshire house votes down proposal to ban same-sex marriage
The New Hampshire House voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. The late afternoon vote was 207-125 against an amendment, which would have added a definition of marriage as a union of one woman and one man to the state's Bill of Rights.
Me thinks if the Righties try to use same sex marriage as a wedge issue this year with all the other horrific stuff going on in this country they are in for a BIG surprise. Hear that Gov. Willard?
A new poll suggests gays and lesbians are gaining greater acceptance in California, even if same-sex marriage isn't.
You can't turn back the clock. Moral people, you know the real Pro-family types, really do not advocate discrimination against people. This whole adoption thing that the "Christians" are now trying to pull over on the American people is just not going to fly.

In Utah:

Gov. Jon Huntsman vetoes three measures on last day

The governor also vetoed HB 148, sponsored by Christensen, which would allow biological parents to terminate their child's relationship with third parties, such as step parents, grandparents or gay partners.

Huntsman said that in some cases, those third parties might have been involved in raising the child since infancy.

It's spreading even in the most conservative states!

Spitzer Endorses Gay Marriage

New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has become the first candidate for governor in the history of the Empire State to publicly endorse same-sex marriage - even though he is currently in court defending a state law banning gay unions.

Amazingly, in our own state, where same sex couples can legally get married, only one candidate for Governor has come out for marriage equality: Deval Patrick.

Gay Unions Are Not-So-Dangerous Liaisons, New Data Show

“It’s surprising on the one hand, but also reassuring,” Elder says of the results. “Gays and lesbians who aspire towards the symbolic and real material benefits of marriage are no different from other people who aspire towards domestic stability and material comfort. They are middle class; they want the stuff of a middle class lifestyle. These are not people who are ripping the fabric of America.”

And there's so much more!

More O'Malley Hypocrisy

Excellent column by Eileen McNamara in the GLOBE. (It's only available on the Boston Globe's website for a few days then you have to pay to view it). Essentially she talks about the silence from the Boston's Catholic Church on the recent bill to eliminate the statute of limitations on sexual crimes against children:

Curiously, Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley was not on Beacon Hill to support the bills that would eliminate the statute of limitations on sexual crimes against children, bills drafted in response to the sexual abuse scandal in the very institution he heads.

It could not have been an aversion to politics that kept the archbishop away. O'Malley has had a busy political time of it lately. One week he is defending an exemption from state financial disclosure laws that apply to other charities because opening his books would be an assault on religious independence.

Another week he is seeking an exemption from state antidiscrimination laws because acknowledging the civil rights of same-sex parents would be an affront to Catholic religious teachings. No time in the schedule, though, to stand up for the proposition that those who rape children should be held accountable no matter when their victims come forward.

O'Malley also had no problem appearing on the Boston Common in the dead of winter 2004 to denounce same sex couples marrying. How very Christian.
Maybe O'Malley is being rewarded with a cardinal's skullcap for his willingness to confront the difficult challenges facing an archdiocese in disarray. What he is not being rewarded for is his commitment to justice for childhood victims of sexual abuse.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Quack Quack

Agapepress loves to write about Massachusetts:

Massachusetts, one of the most Catholic states in the U.S., is witnessing an ever-widening rift between church and state on a raft of social issues. Large numbers of state lawmakers still identify themselves as Catholic but are picking and choosing when to side with the church and when to break with it. The recent decision of Catholic Charities to end its century-old adoption program rather than comply with state law barring discrimination against homosexuals is just the latest fissure. The church is already resisting a new law requiring all hospitals to distribute emergency contraception to rape victims upon demand. And church leaders are backing a proposed ballot initiative that would rewrite the state constitution to overturn the historic state Supreme Judicial Court ruling that legalized same-sex "marriages" in 2004. The erosion of the church's political influence came into stark relief when leaders of the Massachusetts House and Senate, both Catholics, vowed to fight efforts by the state's four Catholic bishops to win an exemption to the anti-discrimination law which they said would let them continue adoptions without violating church teaching.
Notice the "bolded" sentence. So Agapepress is "reporting" exactly what the MFI says they are not doing. The reason I'm posting this is because MFI keeps saying that the intent of the anti-gay Amendment is not to reverse the Goodridge decision.
Gary Buseck, GLAD's legal director, said the state Constitution specifically bars any citizen-initiated amendment that "relates to the reversal of a judicial decision." Only the Legislature can propose that kind of amendment, he said.
If it walks like duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it ain't a goose.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Jeff Jacoby Times

Oh, to only see the world through Jeff Jacoby's eyes. I'm sure he, like Rush, only says the things he does for entertainment purposes (or to increase the amount of letters to the Editor the Globe receives.) In today's screed he says he opens with "projection":
It is projection, for instance, when a liar assumes that everyone he deals with is dishonest, or when a man tempted by adultery accuses his spouse of planning to deceive him.
Of course this is all about the gay people:
For the political agenda driving this affair is the one favored by the Human Rights Campaign and its many allies in the media and state government: the normalization of homosexual adoption. So important is that agenda to its supporters that they will allow nothing to stand in its way -- not even the well-being of children in dire need of safe and loving families. Catholic Charities excels at arranging adoptions for children in foster care, particularly those who are older or handicapped, or who bear the scars of abuse or addiction. Yet the Human Rights Campaign and its friends would rather see this invaluable work come to an end than allow Catholic Charities to decline gay
Mr. Jacoby...did you even read what you write? Read it again:
So important is that agenda to its supporters that they will allow nothing to stand in its way -- not even the well-being of children in dire need of safe and loving families.
That's right, the Catholic Church would rather discriminate than place children in loving same sex families. I never saw anything about the HRC ending adoptions, the Catholic Church is stopping adoptions, why are you trying to spin this to attack the messengers? The same sex couples adopted the children the heterosexuals didn't even want!

On a side note you also attribute Catholic charities to be against same sex couple adoption. That is wrong. The Bishop is the one who refused to allow the adoptions, the Catholic Charities unanimously voted to keep the policy the way it is, please don't try to rewrite history, it's ugly.

Oh, and you're trying to link same sex marriages with adoptions, are you serious? Same sex couples have been adopting and raising children LONG before they could get married. It's about time the State caught up with that one so don't blame one for the other. If you want to blame anyone, blame the Catholic Church, it sexually abused thousands of children over decades and now it want to continue that practice by mentally abusing children and keeping them out of stable loving homes.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The New Game Show Network?

I shutter to admit, oops, I mean shudder to admit, I’m disappointed with the latest rant from MassResistance. It’s a re-run of the Homosexual Activists are out to get me post.


And just when I thought they had ventured into a fun new direction with that new game show genre like “Name that Bill Number with Brian and Amy”. (“Is it a good bill or a naughty bill?”) And “Six Degrees of the Marquis de Sade” where Amy linked the Marquis de Sade to a song that mentioned sadism, which was in the movie Rent, which starred Anthony Rapp, who is speaking at GLSEN. Take that GLSEN.

So please, enough with the tired old rhetoric of “we’re out to destroy western civilization” It’s boring and it’s so last season. There was a glimmer with the Manly Man story --- maybe they could tear copies of Sports Illustrated in half? (Wait, that’s been done.)

Okay then, how about “Beat the Clock” where legislators try to pass a bill of address before they retire?

See, there’s a lot of new and fresh ideas out there --- you just have to use your brain.

Nature vs Nurture: It Doesn't matter

There was a very interesting news story on 60 minutes last night entitled "The Science of Sexual Orientation":

There are few issues as hotly contested, and as poorly understood, as the question of what makes a person gay or straight. It's not only a political, social, and religious question but also a scientific question, one that might someday have an actual, provable answer.
The story focused on the people doing the research and two sets of twins, one identical and one fraternal. What stood out about the young 9 year old fraternal twins, Jared and Adam, was how well adjusted they were (Leslie Stahl also interviewed their mother). Leslie asked them if they were proud of themselves and they said yes (a definite tribute to the raising of the children). Both boys were happy and playful. It appears that the boys have been shielded from the prejudice that will someday be afflicted upon them by a group in society obsessed with homosexuality/heterosexuality. I imagine that day when some sex obsessed bitty says to Adam "You're a boy, you're not supposed to wear nail polish, you are unnatural and abnormal".

Adam's behavior is called childhood gender nonconformity, meaning a child whose interests and behaviors are more typical of the opposite sex. Research shows that kids with extreme gender nonconformity usually grow up to be gay.
There are other theories too, however, the story explains that there is no proof yet that it is either nature or nurture, to many people it doesn't matter, there is NOTHING wrong with being gay. The problems arise when self righteous bigots take it upon themselves to ridicule and rally against people who are different from them.

When the episode was finished my husband remarked that it appeared to be a very complex process (how someone becomes gay) and clearly NOT a choice. He said it could only be achieved by Intelligent Design!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Things That Make You Go Hmm..

I bet you dollars to donuts that the parents of this child are heterosexuals. I was reminded of this picture when I read the crap that Ms. Massresistance posts:
No, it is cruelty to adopted children -- ALL of whom are special-needs children -- to place them in unstable, unnatural households! The Vatican is right: It is "gravely immoral." We just wish the church or Archbishop would expand on this concept a little, instead of leaving things unsaid.
I shutter to think of the children being brought up in a hatefilled household. God help those kids who are brought up learning that hate is ok. Now THAT is unnatural. She further states:
It's well established that lesbian and homosexual male couples are less stable. Breakups come more frequently and sooner. Partner abuse, promiscuity and infidelity are much more common than with married heterosexual couples. What transpires in the privacy of many of those homes cannot be pretty. How irresponsible on the part of adoption agencies to place children in such homes without research backing up the safety of such placements.

Her blanket statements are totally without basis or facts and just her own hatred shining through. Can you imagine being brought up in an environment where you are taught that certain people are abnormal and unnatural because they were unlike you? Now THAT is cruelty.

Have They Checked the Children?

It seems that every day we've been given tidbits about the Catholic Church's adoption policies and who they will and will not allow to adopt children. We read how the Gov. Willard Romney, on a campaign stop in the South, says he is going to file legislation to exempt religious organizations from having to "go against their religious beliefs".


It seems only the board of Catholic Charities, who voted unanimously to leave the adoption policies the way there were, was thinking of the children.

I would assume that if this Governor really cared about the children, instead of just filing a bill he would look at the facts. Clearly the history should have merit. The number is small, what is it? They say that 12 children have been placed in same sex households. How are they doing? I would venture to guess that the Catholic Charities' knows these families inside and out.

Compare those 12 children, who Catholic Charities say were difficult to place in opposite sex households, with the THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN that the Catholic Church abused. Hundreds (or thousands? the number keeps getting larger) in the Boston area alone, boys AND girls.

With these facts why would anyone trust the Catholic Church with children at all? Why are they even allowed to come into contact with children? Why trust the hierarchy, who said would take measures to ensure this never existed again and haven't, within arm's length of any child?

Based on facts alone, and not to take away from the wonderful work the laity has done, it is a good thing that the Catholic Church is getting out of the adoption business.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bacon, Bagels and a BIG Bitter Cup of Massresistance

Once again my husband and I listened to Massresistance: the Radio Show this morning as part of our homosexual lifestyle (He listens while running, I was doing Sudoko). There were many coffee spewing moments let me tell you!

I first I thought I tuned into the wrong program and was listening to "on air" Bingo "B4, N35..." only it was Amy reading out the "Good" and "Bad" bills sent to "study" by the legislature. Strangely enough Brian praised the listeners for calling and contacting the legislature to get rid of the bad bills and said something to the effect of "you did a good job of intimidating the legislature, of course that was not our intent" Of course later on he gave out more phone numbers (Mass Legislator Bingo) so the listeners could not intimidate but call their legislators.

When my husband returned from running he remarked how rarely (if ever) he's heard someone opose Anti-Hate Groups. Thank goodness we have MassResistance to stand-up against things like diversity breakfasts and the Anti-Defamation League, which by the way we learned today is nothing but a front for GLAD. And thank you Brian and Amy for calling for an end to talking in civilized tones. Why that kind of behavior only leads to dialogue and understanding. What we need is more David Parkers to bully about and get arrested.

They talked about a number of other insane topics including the Mr. Hetero Contest, AGAIN. The last part had to be the best though when Amy couldn't stop talking about S & M. Somehow she drew links from the Marquis de Sade to Rent to GLSEN ending with "people say we advocate hate speech because we're against girls wearing handcuff earning."

Oh Amy, you are SO right! Handcuff earrings are so 80's!!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling!

What do you do when you throw a "Mr. Hetero" contest and nobody cares? You sue to make more headlines (from World Nut Daily):

A Massachusetts pastor who organized a pro-family event called "Mr. Heterosexual 2006 "A Celebration of God's Design" is suing the city of Worcester for requiring him to pay for the cost of police protection" $6,200 based on the city's assumption protesters would show up.
The guy was probably hoping protestors would show up, what do they they about a tree falling in the forest? Of course Article 8 can't just sit on the sidelines, they got something posted on AgapePress yesterday:

The group Article 8 Alliance reports that those entering the rally in Mechanics Hall were subjected to "airport-style security searches and other things which no other event at that hall ever requires." Also featured during the event was Jonathan Owens, a 22-year-old former homosexual who shared his testimony how a relationship with Jesus Christ had led out of that lifestyle.

Alliance president Brian Camenker says Christians throughout the nation should be outraged and concerned.

But Brian's big quote was at the end:

"This story hasn't ended yet, believe me," he says. "But this is the kind of infuriating thing that is happening in Massachusetts and is probably going to start happening around the country ... when these gay activists decide that they want to close down Christian events that they don't agree with."
Haven't we heard this before? Like about a million times! In just about everything Article 8 puts out, he's Chicken Little "The sky is falling, the sky is falling" Uh...when?

The wandering band of homosexual activists maiming (Mame-ing) and (night)clubbing where ever they go, closing down churches and events at will. Who will stop them????

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

If You Don't Like the Outcome, Change the Rules!

What was the anti-gay marriage crowd yelling at the past constitutional conventions? Was it:
Let the People Vote
Well, in Maryland, college students elected a lesbian as Homecoming King:

Jennifer Jones, the 21-year-old senior who beat out three men for the honor, said the crowning was a positive step for the private liberal arts college.

"It is cool that Hood allows people to be themselves," Jones told The Frederick News-Post. "If people didn't want me to be king, they wouldn't have nominated me and voted for me."

However, that is not good enough:
Donald Miller, Hood's student activities director, said all homecoming events will be reviewed and possibly changed. "We will look at what students want Hood's homecoming to be," he said.
Uh, Donald, Mr. Miller... I think the students voted for Ms. Jones to be King. But I get it, as long as the people who vote, vote the way their supposed to vote then it's ok. The silliest quote from the article is given by a male who was running for Homecoming king:
Santo Provenzano, 21, who competed for king, said Jones' selection made the event seem like a joke. "It discourages guys from wanting to take part in the future," he said.
And just having a Homecoming Queen or King isn't a joke? Didn't those things go out with separate water fountains?

Discrimination: Good, Following the Law: Bad

Willard, aka, Gov. Mitt, is still trying to figure out how to let the Boston Catholic Church discriminate. In an article in the GLOBE yesterday he said:

"The church through its Catholic Charities provides an extraordinary service to the commonwealth by placing many special needs children every year in homes," Romney told reporters. "That's a service I hope we will continue to be able to avail ourselves of."

Excuse me Governor... same sex couples were willingly adopting special needs children that Catholic Charities couldn't place with opposite sex couples.

Simply put, the Catholic Church wants to play, but only its terms. (Of course, the Church wants the benefit of the civil law and courts when there's a cap on liability for charitable organizations, but not the burden of having to adhere to a policy of non-discrimination when it doesn't like the protected people.)

And how dare the Church threaten us with refusing to do any adoptions; and how dare the head of our civil society, the Governor, quickly sacrifice our society's values (non-discrimination).

We're still a civil society governed by laws. Carving out exceptions that violate our values doesn't encourage religious freedom; it establishes it.

Sunday, March 5, 2006

What is the Cost of Bishop O'Malley's Hate?

The Boston Globe is reporting today that the archdiocese's ban on same sex couples adopting could cost the church millions of dollars in donations which goes to helping poor and needy individuals (well, that and the lawyers the Church are hiring to defend their blatent discrimination):
The consequence of the bishops' decision, however, is that many philanthropic institutions may have to pull funding because they are bound by internal antidiscrimination rules, said Micho Spring, the former chairwoman of United Way of Massachusetts Bay and chairwoman of New England Weber Shandwick Worldwide, a public relations firm. She was also one of board members who resigned.
When Former Vatican Ambassador Ray Flynn was asked on PBS's Greater Boston about the Vatican's statement that "gay couples who adopt cause violence to children" what did he say? Did he agree? NO, he said that he did not believe that was true. There you go, the man who is one of the leaders of the Vote On Marriage Amendment does not believe that same sex couples cause violence to children.
Dr. Albert Bundy, 54, a Boston radiologist who calls himself a practicing Catholic, said he has decided to halt his contributions to Catholic Charities, which totaled a few thousand dollars in the last few decades. He said he had believed Catholic Charities was an independent agency helping the needy, but the latest decision demonstrated to him that the agency is controlled by the archdiocese, which he described as ''out of touch" with the realities of today's complex society. Gay people, he said, have shown themselves to be good parents, particularly to some of the neediest children.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

I'm Just A Bill and I'm Sitting Here on Boston's Beacon Hill

Oh, another pathetic radio show (with matching email) from Article 8/Massresistance. Where to start?

They had on State Rep. Elizabeth Poirier (a graduate of Johnson & Wales University, home to the coveted culinary arts & hospitality degrees) talking about Bill H1641, the bill requiring health for high school students. It was funny how she equated same sex marriage being legal in Massachusetts to the introduction of this health bill because Health education was a requirement to graduation in Massachusetts decades before same sex couples could marry. Article 8 takes credit for getting that requirement removed in the 90's. Rep. Poirier must have been getting her ingredients mixed up.

They also had someone on (didn't get his name) trying to recruit anti-gay candidates on the radio for the Massachusetts House & Senate. He suggested people call Brian Camenker if they want to run, I second that motion. There is nothing better for us than an endorsement from Article 8.

Finally, Amy repeated a list of bills people are supposed to call the legislature on. I've listed a few of the bad bills here so call or write your legislator to get the following bills defeated:

H1050 -Educational committee- Opt-in / parental rights in education for sex ed. All students should be taught health education since its obvious that some heterosexual parents aren't doing their job.

H652 -Judical committee- Bill of Address to constitutionally remove four oppressive judges who illegally imposed same-sex "marriage" on Massachusetts. You'll get a good laugh when they tell you it will never pass anyway.

S316 -Education Committee -- School surveys. Would have parents opt in their children for school surveys.

H654 -Judiciary Committee - Legal nullification of same-sex "marriages" performed since May 17, 2004. It's amazing that Article 8/Massresistance keep saying that same sex marriage don't exist yet they want to pass a law that say that the same sex marriages that don't exist, really don't exist.

H653: -Judiciary Committee- This bill would officially -- in law -- define marriage as one man and one woman, with no civil unions allowed. This law would immediately be deemed unconstitutional.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

More Christian Than the Clergy

7 people have resigned from Catholic Charities because of the Massachusetts Bishops who want the state to allow them to discriminate at will:

In a statement, the seven board members said they were "deeply troubled" by the bishops' request, and said it "undermines our moral priority of helping vulnerable children find loving homes.

"We also cannot participate in an effort to pursue legal permission to discriminate against Massachusetts citizens who want to play a part in building strong families," the statement read.

Three of the former members were on Emily Rooney's PBS show tonight. From the show I learned that the children placed with same sex couples were special needs children, children that would otherwise not be placed in homes because the majority of the people who go to Catholic Charities (heterosexuals) don't want them. So the Bishops would rather keep these kids in foster homes or orphanages than place them with loving parents.

Or maybe the church just wants to hold onto to the kids for themselves since they've done such a wonder job with all the children they've "touched" throughout the years.

True heros and Christians:
  • Geri Denterlein, President of Denterlein Worldwide Public Affairs
  • Donna Gittens, chief executive officer, causemedia;
  • Paul LaCamera, general manager, the WBUR group;
  • Brian Leary, partner, Gadsby Hannah;
  • Peter Meade, executive vice president, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts;
  • Colette Phillips, president and CEO, Colette Phillips Communications;
  • Micho Spring, chairman, Weber Shandwick New England.
The church is not a bigot in a red hat, it's the people. As Peter Meade said on Emily's show tonight (and I'm paraphrasing): "God died on the cross for all the people, he didn't say everyone except for Steve and Tom or Susan and Kathy" Can the Catholic Clergy be anymore unchristian?