Saturday, June 30, 2007

Week 6: Massachusetts Held Hostage...

from listening to Brian & Amy.

Yes, Virginia, it's been 6 six weeks since the last Massresistance: The Radio Show has appeared ANYWHERE! In 6 weeks they've missed talking about the Youth Pride March, the Parent's Rights Bill hearings, getting blasted by a Holocaust survivor, Boston Gay Pride and the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention. At least the GLBT mannequins are safe!

Because I've missed all those "Oh Man"'s and "bone chilling" descriptions my husband has taken up to using them when he goes through the mail just to settle my nerves. And of course we still miss that angelic voiced Amy with no last name.

Do you miss it? I know my life is not the same.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Color of Envy

Apparently still unhappy with her own life, Ms. Massresistance posts a long jealous rant about the wedding of one of Know Thy Neighbor's directors. Still going with her "conspiracy" theory, she links ex-speaker Tom Finneran, the married couple and Boston Herald writer Margery Eagan:

Came across an amazing column by one of our least favorites, the lisping Margery Eagan. This lovely little piece from May 18, 2004, easily missed in the surreal events surrounding the total breakdown of constitutional government in Massachusetts -- brings together convicted felon/former House Speaker Tom Finneran, Holocaust perverter/KnowThyNeighbor intimidator-in-chief Tom Lang, and Mizz Eagan, Boston Herald columnist.

For a group that "claims" that "Unlike them, we don't make things up or go after people on a personal basis." she can certainly turn that lie on its ear:

  • the lisping Margery Eagan
  • Holocaust perverter/KnowThyNeighbor intimidator-in-chief Tom Lang (did she forget that her "leader" Brian Camenker is the Holocaust denier?)
  • Lang's "wedding" was one of the first after the phony, illegal "gay marriages" began. He married his lovely bride -- oops, "husband" -- Alex, in a rose-bedecked church in Manchester-By-The-Sea. (What! no quotes around married? Just another childish attempt at trying to use misogyny to insult the couple. How sad she's still in denial)

Then the rest of the post just sounds likes jealousy because the happy wedded couple spent some money on their big day (which is another tactic of the kooky fringe right, convince people that these gays have so much money that they don't need rights, "see they're better than you".):
The "husbands" seem to be very wealthy and well-connected, the event complete with bejeweled guests, opera singers, and a mansion to go home to. (Has Eagan returned for a party recently?)

Me thinks someone's jealous that 1) someone, sometime, somewhere had a pitiful wedding ceremony and 2) that they weren't invited to this wedding.

Just a thought: If you're planning your wedding... You might want to rethink not inviting Brian and Amy to your weddings, they bring their own cameras (both digital and video!) and I heard they do a terrific Electric Slide!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Massresistance Thinks It's Reasonable to Hit Another Person

For what seems like the umpteenth time, Massresistance is a day late and a dollar short. They now have on their website their version of why a woman, who attacked a man at the Constitutional Convention, was arrested. It's only how many days since the ConCon? Did it take that long to fabricate this story?

Diane was peaceably standing on the pro-family side of the street with her son, inside the blue police barricade. Her sign (see below) was provocative but nothing like the hate-filled anti-Christian signs the homosexual activists were waving. Even a little dissent isn't tolerated.

I guess the hate filled signs our side was carrying which said stuff like "No discrimination in the Constitution" and "Equal Rights for All", are, you know, really those anti-Christian type of signs.

Then all of a sudden someone started talking to her and she slapped him, but of course, we set it all up. Our side took her hand and forcibly hit the man she was arguing with or better yet, maybe the man just pushed his head into her hand, kinda like what they also claimed when Larry Cirignano assaulted that woman in Worcester:

It's very clear that they set her up. Soon after the vote was announced, homosexual rights supporter Jack Kirschenbaun of Malden went across the street and stood right next to her. A friend was standing right in front of them. Kirschenbaun began a vicious attack against Diane. "Why do you hate so much," he started out, and it went on from there non-stop, without allowing Diane to even reply. Then it got sexual. "Are you a virgin?" he shouted at her. "Have you ever had an orgasm."

At that point, Diane slapped him. "I wasn't really thinking about it," she said later. "It was just an instinctive reaction." It sounds reasonable to us.

(Does this legally constitute a sexual harassing verbal assault? The police weren't even interested. Also, the son was apparently several yards away and didn't hear the incident.) Did she ask the police? And why wasn't she watching her 9 year old son? Don't you think if she actually believed what she wrote on her sign then she wouldn't have even brought her son to be around, GASP, GAY people!

Let me repeat what they said when they heard that a woman violently attacked another human: IT SOUNDS REASONABLE TO US. Oh, really?! Massresistance is now OK with physical violence. For future reference, when Amy gets in your face and starts asking you about "Cum vomit", according to Massresistance, it is perfectly reasonable to slap her and claim it was just an instinctive reaction. Of course it is probably instinctual if you're prone to violence, WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW.

I'll leave you with one last picture of the "petite" Diane Steele, look closely at the picture, what do you think she's saying? I wonder if her 9 year old son was nearby to see his slap happy mom get taken away? Give it up for Pro-family values.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Obsessed and Incensed with Gay Men

Brian and Amy are incensed! They finally updated their "daily" website after a week of nothing. And, what they ended up posting was a threat to the people who read their drivel:

These turncoat, sleazy elected officials are willing to give homosexual activists - not parents - the right to decide what children are taught. If you allow this, then YOU deserve whatever happens.

CALL them. VISIT them. EVERY ONE of these cowardly legislators needs to hear and feel your wrath until they get their names back on that bill, no matter how long it takes.

Yeah Brian, threatening your readers always works. The group who videotapes teenagers and secretly tape records children actually has the nerve to say:
Although the group is made up of adult homosexual males, they have shown an inordinate interest in children.

I guess Massresistance just wants to neglect the fact that Know Thy Neighbor has two directors, one who's gay and one who's straight, but then again, honesty was never Massresistance's strong suit.

Likewise, over at the Massresistance Blog, Ms. Massresistance is obsessing over more gay men, but this time they are gay, namely Marc Solomon of MassEquality and Patrick Guerriero of the Gill Foundation (and here and here too).

I think they're jealous of the financial support that groups who are against discrimination are getting. Bigotry isn't the money maker it once was. How many weeks has their radio show been off the air?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Burnt to a Crisp?!

While reading the daily rants by Ms. Massresistance (It's seems Massresistance/Article 8 has not kept up their postings. Even their website still lists last Friday, June 15th as the latest update) my eyes glanced up to the description of the blog under the title:

The citizens of Massachusetts have had enough! End judicial tyranny, homosexual "marriage", and homosexual activist recruitment of our children in the public schools! Preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage, the culture of life, and free speech!
What is a hate group to do?
  • They couldn't remove the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (hence their one time name "Article 8 Alliance") even when the Governor, Senate President and House Speaker were all anti-gay.

  • No amount of putting marriage in quotes is going to change the fact the same-sex couples in Massachusetts can be legally wed. (Amy's still waiting to see to see the law allowing same sex couples to marry, maybe she should hook up with the couple in New Hampshire who are not paying their income tax because they're no law on books requiring them to pay)

  • And they still think that teaching about all families is "recruiting". You'd think with all the "recruiting" we're doing gay people would make up more than 50% of the population, but alas, I think we're still around 10%.

I've said it before, stick a fork in them, they're done.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Profiles in Courage

Hat tip to Chris over at Take Mass Action who had the lead on the 11 legislators who the Mass Institute Against Gays has called traitors and "Benedict Arnolds" for voting no on the anti-gay marriage amendment:

The 11 legislators who switched their votes to protect marriage equality are being bombarded with phone calls, emails, and letters from same-sex marriage opponents. The anti-gay marriage callers are harassing legislators and yelling at their aids.

In this recent article, Representative Paul Kujawski, who switched his vote to protect marriage equality, said that he doesn't know how many calls he has received since the vote on Thursday.

If you get a chance, I'd suggest you call, email or better yet, hand write these brave legislators who stood up to Goliath and voted their conscience:

Rep. Geraldo Alicea 617-722-2060

Rep. Christine Canavan 617-722-2006

Rep. Paul Kujawski 617-722-2017

Rep. Paul Loscocco 617-722-2220

Rep. Robert Nyman 617-722-2020

Rep. Angelo Puppolo 617-722-2011

Rep. Richard Ross 617-722-2305

Rep. James Vallee 617-722-2380

Rep. Brian Wallace 617-722-2013

Sen. Gale Candaras 617-722-1291

Sen. Mickael Morrissey 617-722-1494

Saturday, June 16, 2007

And Where Was Mitt?

It's been a couple of days since a SUPER majority of Massachusetts legislators overwhelming defeated the nasty anti-gay marriage amendment and what's happening now?

Ms. Massresistance, who is never at a loss for finger pointing, is already blaming both Vote on Marriage and the Catholic Church. One of the ridiculous arguments she makes is that the amendment lost because it didn't go far enough. She believes it should have voided all the marriages that have taken place since 2004. Well take away her law degree! O0ps, that's right, she's NOT a lawyer but you'd never know it since she's always giving "legal" opinions and advice on every law under the sun. I'm NOT a lawyer but even I know that you cannot put together a signature petition that reverses a Massachusetts Supreme Court Decision which is exactly what she would like to see done. (She can't be talking about getting a Massachusetts Legislator to file a bill because they couldn't even get a simple majority to approve former House Rep. & anti-gay activist Phil Travis' amendment.)

In today's Boston Globe we are also reading about how Kris Mineau (from the Mass Institute Against Gays) is going to target the 9 legislators who "switched" their votes:

Same-sex marriage opponents yesterday vowed to unseat four lawmakers who campaigned on a promise of supporting a constitutional ban but abandoned that
position on Thursday, helping gay rights advocates win a historic victory at the
Constitutional Convention.

Kris Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, said the legislators, two freshman Democrats and two Republicans in the House, would be targeted with opponents in next year's election.
Kris, while I'm not one to give advice to the other side, I'd suggest you try and hold on to the 45 you already have since you've lost allies in every election since you started this whole debacle.

Finally, where's Mitt Romney, the flip-flopper who was responsible for all those original marriages in 2004. No one saw him in the Commonwealth twisting arms and lobbying like he did in 2004 when he got all the GOP legislators to support the Marriage/Civil Unions amendment. Maybe he's come 360 degrees now supports Equal Marriage?

Finally, in the words of Evelyn Reilly of MFI on NECN Tuesday night when asked what she thinks will happen at the Constitutional Convention on June 14th:

Goliath falls!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Three Wonderful Dates for Marriage Equality:

November 18, 2003

May 17, 2004

June 14, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

How expected that the day before the Con Con the 4 male Massachusetts Catholic Bishops send a letter to the State Legislators:

The bishops say that by sanctioning same-sex weddings, the state has taken away the rights of children by "redefining marriage in a way that is indifferent to the absence of mother or father." The letter asks that lawmakers approve the proposed ban so that Massachusetts voters can decide the issue in November 2008.

"Marriage is a fundamental social institution," the letter says. "Its definition and meaning are critical concerns for all in society. Because it involves issues of utmost social importance, extending far beyond questions strictly legal, the marriage debate should not be reserved only to lawyers and lawmakers. Every citizen has a stake in the outcome, because every citizen has a stake in the well-being of the family."

So once again, these men, who do not pay taxes like other businessmen (let's be real, the Church is a business) want a say in how the government is run.

I love the fact that they claim that "The State is taking away the rights of children" because of a law (and is false) when the Catholic Church actually aided and abetted the sexual abuse of children. Their continued actions ripped the innocence from THOUSANDS children through sexual abuse.

I don't ever recall the 4 Massachusetts Bishops ever sending a letter to the Massachusetts legislators apologizing for the HUGE child abuse scandal nor a letter to the people of Massachusetts for that matter.

Finally, how do the people, who for years attended their neighbor church only to find that the Bishops closed them down and sold them off, feel about the Massachusetts Bishops telling the legislators to let the people vote on a topic that has nothing to do with them, while the church goers were ripped from their home and beloved parishes with no say whatsoever?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bravo Know Thy Neighbor!

I haven't really talked about the nasty bills that Massresistance/Article 8/Brian Camenker submitted to the legislature for approval. I didn't discuss it because I really didn't think it was even worth the time since it had no chance of passing (Brian and Amy are in HEAVY denial if they think they were ever going to get anything passed in Massachusetts again!). But the latest news on their "bills" are just too tempting to pass up.

Massresistance/Brian Camenker claimed on their website that they got whopping 25 legislators to "co-sponsor" their Parents Rights Bill S321. However, Know Thy Neighbor did a little poking around Beacon Hill and found out that some of the "co-sponsors" never even signed on:

KnowThyNeighbor had a lengthy conversation with Senator Richard Tisei, The Senate Minority Leader, this morning and the Senator is stating that for the record, he did not request that his name be added as a co-sponsor of this bill and that his record on LGBT rights speaks for itself. Senator Hedlund's aide, Ted Langill, confirmed that they have no email or phone record that confirmed Tisei's request for inclusion in the bill that would require a parental permission slip for teachers to use the words "homosexual, lesbian, transgender" or to discuss the current equal marriage fight or acknowledge the existence of families being headed by same-sex couples. Senator Tisei also confirmed to KnowThyNeighbor that Rep. Fallon, Senator Tarr and Rep. Donato also found their names erroneously on Bill S321.

Know Thy Neighbor is now reporting that 11 legislators have retracted their sponsorship of Bill S321. In the words of Massresistance:

Your calls & emails were VERY effective!
Thanks go out to Know Thy Neighbor for continuously pointing out the fraud and deceit that the extreme right tries to pull over the citizens of Massachusetts.

Don't forget that the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention is this week on June 14th.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Never Forget

Germany is building a monument in Berlin which will be dedicated to the gays and lesbians who were persecuted and killed by the Nazis:

“With the installation of a memorial in the middle of our capital, the resolution by the German government to commemorate the homosexual victims of the Nazi regime is realized,” said Neumann [Germany's culture secretary] in a statement.

Tonight was also the night of the Holocaust Commemoration Service at the New England Holocaust Memorial near Faneuil Hall. It's incredible that all these people died because they were different and some people still believe it never happened.

I highly recommend the documentary "Paragraph 175" which discusses this topic and the aftermath of Nazi Germany on the gay population.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Out @ the Movies

For June Pride Month, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is showing classic movies with various gay and lesbian themes every Monday and Wednesday night all month:

In celebration of June’s Gay Pride Month, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will present Screened Out: Gay Images in Film, a month-long, on-air film presentation of the varied concepts, stereotypes and imagery of gays & lesbians as represented in classic Hollywood cinema. Esteemed author and historian Richard Barrios will serve as special consultant and co-host of the event, along with TCM host and film historian Robert Osborne, providing context for the film series with introductions on the network preceding the films. In addition to Barrios’ commentary, several prominent figures will provide their thoughts and remarks, including Michael Musto, Tab Hunter, Ron Nyswaner, Charles Busch and Alan Cumming.

The themed film series will air such classic movies as The Broadway Melody (1929), The Maltese Falcon (1941), The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) and Designing Woman (1957) every Monday and Wednesday evening in June beginning at 8 p.m. ET.

If you live in the Boston area, TCM is on channel 213 if you have Comcast cable.

Friday, June 1, 2007

MassResistance's 2nd Smackdown

Brian Camenker gets smacked down again, but this time by a Holocaust survivor. In Bay Windows we find that Camenker blames his distorted view of the Holocaust history on a Holocaust survivor Stephen Ross:

When asked about Camenker’s claims Ross told Bay Windows, “I don’t know anything about his organization,” and he declined to comment further, directing Bay Windows to speak to his son. Councilor Ross said he had spoken with his father about Camenker’s claims and that his father “was very upset that someone was hijacking, was misappropriating his good name to get behind something he does not agree with.

Councilor Ross added that his father told him he was not a member of MassResistance, but he said it was possible his father may have had a conversation with Camenker and that his words were distorted. “He was sexually molested [by Nazi guards]. So I think he could easily be preyed upon by a special interest group and has been in the past,” said Ross. In 2000, the anti-gay newspaper Massachusetts News published an interview with the elder Ross about being abused in the concentration camps, and the story claimed that Ross said that the Nazis’s opposition to homosexuality was a pretense to round up other groups like Catholic priests and that about 20 percent of the Nazi concentration camp guards were homosexual.After the article was published, Councilor Ross wrote a letter to Bay Windows accusing Massachusetts News of exploiting his father and of twisting his words. He said Camenker’s claims at the hearing were more of the same.

“Needless to say, the issue [of my father’s sexual abuse] is extremely complex, who he is is extremely complex, and for someone to prey upon him and get him to say something, perhaps in confidence, about a very difficult time in his life and to misappropriate that … is something that not only goes against who my father is and what he stands for but also borders on libel,” said Ross.

What a shame! Well, Brian Camenker did say on the Daily Show that if he had the time he could "find some ways of connecting the dots to gay marriage" on air quality, homelessness and crime rates so I'm sure the Holocaust is just a drop in the bucket!

I also want to paraphrase Ms. Massresistance: SHUT UP ALREADY to Amy (Mann) Contrada about the same sex marriages that have been taking place legally since May 17, 2004. You, Brian Camenker & John Hoskins are the about the only people in the state who are unable to grasp reality. No amount of posting "It's still not legal" or putting marriage in ""(quotes) is going to change that.

One Day More

Don't forget to send in those contest entries by tonight for the "Courting Equality" Contest. All you have to do is send in a narrative, not to exceed 1 page (or a 2 minute audio file) on what you would say to Massresistance (Brian & Amy) if you appeared on their radio show.

Email your entry to with your name, T-shirt size and a way to contact you. The grand prize winner will receive an autographed copy of the book "Courting Equality" and 5 runner-ups will receive MassResistance Watch T-shirts.

Good Luck!