Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Do They Allow Call Forwarding?

Now that the Catholic Church has released this "document" that forbids gay men from entering the priesthood they expect a flood of heterosexual young men to enter the seminaries. I kid you not, last night on PBS they had the President of a Catholic college in Florida saying that "homosexuals in the priesthood have prevented some men from becoming priests" Do you believe him, do you think there are thousands of heterosexual men who are ready to enter the seminary and live celibate lives and have been only been hampered because of gay in the church?

Even with the release of this document, the Church has not effectively dealt with the issue of the sex abuse scandal. They have thrown up gay men as a target all the while protecting the criminals who shuttled the child abusers from church to church. What is being done about that? What about the priests that abused girls or that abuse women? Where's THAT document? There is a great Op-Ed piece in the Globe today by Bernadette J. Brooten, a professor of Christian studies at Brandeis University and the director of the Feminist Sexual Ethics Project that touches on all these issues:
The Vatican needs to address head-on the dual problem of priests abusing their power and their bishops protecting them. Otherwise, Catholics and non-Catholics will live with shaken confidence in the Roman Catholic Church, an important social institution by any measure. This document diverts attention away from Catholic bishops who have worked mightily to avoid just settlements with sexual abuse survivors, to open their financial records, or to include clergy as mandated reporters of child sexual abuse.
A catholic man is supposed to become a priest when they get a calling from God. So if you're gay and God calls you, HANG UP because the Catholic Church doesn't want you, forget everything else you've learned.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Rod Sterling Presents...

Imagine if you will...your child is in school. He is not allowed to talk about his parents. Other children have their two moms or two dads help out at the school library, assist with the classroom instruction or bring cupcakes for their child's birthday. All the school books show families of children with two same sex parents. The teacher is not allowed to even mention that your child has a father and *GASP* a mother. She not permitted to talk about your family life for fear of her job because the same sex parents do not want their child to learn about the Mother/Father households. Eyes are everywhere, closely scrutinizing everything that is taught, one false move and bam all hell breaks loose. Efforts are quietly underway to change you from your alternative lifestyle

Clue the music....

You're traveling through another dimension -- a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Twilight Zone! CUT!

Unfortunately, this isn't the Twilight Zone. The story above is happening only it isn't opposite sex households that are trying to be exorcised from schools it's same sex couples. This is what David Parker, Article Hate and Massresistance wants for Massachusetts. This is what they will sue for if H1050 becomes law. Brian Camenker, who claims he wrote the earlier law, has now come up with another discriminatory law the further discriminates against gay and lesbian students and parents. They will not stop until every mention of gays and lesbians is wiped from all the school's properties.

If only we could just flip the channel.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Droning For Dollars

For those of you who tuned in to MassResistance: The Radio Show because of me I'm sorry. Even the hilarious last 5 minutes of the show in which Brian and Amy clearly had nothing to talk about and continuously whispered back and forth "What do we talk about now?" couldn't help pull this show out of the gutter of boredom and monotony.

We did get a clue however, as to how Brian Camenker intends to continue to fund his anti-gay organization (which is hurting for cash). In light of the fact that the legislature is never going to vote to remove the four judges from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (which is the REASON for Article 8's existence) Camenker has to think of some way to get money, enter the Parents Right Coalition AGAIN.

My opinion is that the Article 8 Klan will revert back to "Parents Mode" and try and raise funds to get Bill # H1050, the "New Parents Rights Bill" enacted. You see the earlier law, which Brian Camenker claims to have written, is just not radical enough. My husband always says treating people equally is easy. It's as simple and as straight forward is the golden rule. Discriminating against them, on the other hand, is complicated. One needs to create special laws and infrastructures to treat people differently. It's complex, which is probably why Brian got it wrong the first time; and now needs a new law to discriminate correctly. Kind of like bringing those self-lighting briquettes to a Klan meeting only to discover that lighter fluid would have worked better.

All in all the show was a complete waste of time. If you must, I do suggest you tune in last, say the last ten minutes to hear Brian's monotone and then the 5 minutes of "What do we talk about now?" "Cough" *whisper, whisper*. It sums up what Article 8 and Massresistance is all about, Much Ado About Nothing.

P.S. Unlike Rep. Perry from Sandwich, who was a guest on the show, we celebrate diversity and don't always assume everyone is just like us so we'd like to wish Brian a Happy Hanukkah instead of Merry Christmas.

Friday, November 25, 2005

To Dream The Impossible Dream...

As Article 8/MassResitance is as paranoid as Nixon on a good day, I’m not surprised that their latest e-mail update reminded me of that old Watergate maxim, “Follow the Money.”

Apparently, they’ve taken a page from their comrades on the right in a desperate attempt to raise funds. (What does Camenker do for a living again?)

Sadly, there are real professionals out there effectively using gay marriage (and Hillary Clinton, and the word “liberal”) as real money makers. Indeed, when it looked like abortion wouldn’t pay the mortgage anymore, the right held a summit to figure out how to keep their base scared enough to keep sending them money. (See, Kirkpatrick, David D., Conservatives Using Issue of Gay Unions As a Rallying Tool.” New York Times, (February 8, 2004).)

Luckily, Article 8 are not professionals. Faced with desperate financial straits, Article It's hard to make it any clearer: We REALLY need your financial support at this time 8 has attempted to take a page from right’s book by scaring its base (all 15 of them) by concocting a homosexual conspiracy with their own Amy as the poor heroine. A regular Lady Liberty.

Apparently, we homosexuals have conspired with the Acton Police, the Attorney General, the Goodridge plaintiffs, and the entire Massachusetts Bar Association to break into her home in order to leave messages in the dust on her dusty table. Now, please do not misunderstand me (or, in Article 8’s case, distort what I write) --- breaking and entering is a crime and every person, including Ms. MassResistance, has the right to be safe and secure in their home --- but making Ms. Resistance out to be the embattled heroine to raise money; well, someone call Julie Andrews because I feel a musical coming on.

As I started this post, follow the money. Article 8’s principal and primary reason for existence is removal of the Justices; and even its sympathizers are realizing that that is never going to happen. (Another legislative session closed without even taking up Rep. Goguen’s bill.)

As the fringe few become even more desperate to hold on, they will need to find more and more reasons to be relevant. This show’s becoming to look more and more like Sunset Blvd every day:

You see, this is my life! It always will be! Nothing else!
Just us, the cameras, and those wonderful people out there in the dark!...

All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Today people all across the United States celebrate Thanksgiving with their families and friends. It is said to be the biggest travel weekend of the year since nowadays people do not live close to their families. If you're traveling, be careful, obey the speed limit, you will get there. It is also the time politicians serve food to needy people. I saw a report that showed Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney serving food to needy families, I hope he does it all year long and not just on Thanksgiving for a photo op.

As I prepare to celebrate this holiday I can't help think of those who cannot: the families devastated by the Hurrianes Katrina and Rita, the families of those serving in Iraq and elsewhere and the families whose members are now laid to rest. There are many more people out there who for some reason or not will not be celebrating Thanksgiving and think they have nothing to be thankful for. Yet to all of these people my hope is that better times and healing will be coming. I am inspired by those that have seen and been through so much hurt and tragedy and still moved forward:

I'm concerned about justice. I'm concerned about brotherhood. I'm concerned about truth. And when one is concerned about these, he can never advocate violence. For through violence you may murder a murderer but you can't murder murder. Through violence you may murder a liar but you can't establish truth. Through violence you may murder a hater, but you can't murder hate. Darkness cannot put out darkness. Only light can do that.

Martin Luther King. "Where Do We Go From Here?" Speech (August 16, 1967) in his last presidential address to the SCLC

Let us keep the light shining bright.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

You Can't Handle The Truth

This just up from Bobo's World:
Eugene Ward Jr., pastor of Greater Love Missionary Full Gospel Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio, was charged with domestic violence and aggravated menacing after police said Ward beat his wife. According to the Plain Dealer, Antoinette Sims-Ward told police Ward had choked her with a phone cord, and that her nightgown and panties were ripped off in the fight; Mrs. Ward ran to a neighbor's house, naked save for an overcoat. Ward is well known as an anti-gay marriage activist. According to a Plain Dealer article from 2004:
"If we allow same-sex marriage, it will be the beginning of the fall of the nation," said Bishop Eugene Ward Jr. of Greater Love Missionary Full Gospel Baptist Church. "It's important to the future of humanity."... "It's not that I say it's wrong. It's that the Bible says it's wrong," Ward said of same-sex marriage. "I'm a firm believer if we're going to save our society, I'm not worried about Osama bin Laden coming in and attacking Cleveland. But I'm concerned about the enemy that is already within."
All these "Christians" are having a lot of sex with children too. With one hand they try and scapegoat gay and lesbian for their problems and with the other hand they are sexually abusing minors and committing horrific acts. It litterally makes me sick. Yet Senator Santorum thinks that it is just happening in Boston. They're always talking about protecting children from gay and lesbians couples when we should be protecting these kids from them.

Articles NOT on Massresistance

Wow, I guess we have to blame the homosexuals for the heterosexuals going nuts. Here's another installment of "Articles You won't see on Massresistance":

Monday, November 21, 2005

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Well, Massresistance: The Radio Show was on again this past weekend. My husband and I were moving furniture however we still fit listening to the show into our homosexual lifestyles. We were really howling at the laughfest that's billed as "Stories you won't hear anywhere else" Odd thing is, is that all the stories they were talking about were already published in the Globe or posted on their website (Can we only assume they believe that the people who listen in can't read?) They also bill it as "Where the People's voice counts" or "Where your Voice is heard", something to that affect. However, they don't take calls. So I guess your voice is heard if you're in the studio and you are either Brian or Amy.

They spent about 30 minutes "talking" with Mad Dad Parker about his meeting with the Lexington Superintendent. Can you imagine that the Superintendent actually asked Mad Dad if he regretted any he had done? Camenker's tried to build anticipation as he "broke" into a commercial before Mad Dad could answer with the listeners sitting on the edge of there seats wondering "Did he regret anything? Did he? Did he" (If you believe that I've got some internet stocks to sell you....) After the break, Mad Dad said, No, he and his wife did not regret anything they have done. Ah, relief, we actually had to sweat that one out.

At this point I think Camenker must have shared his psychic ability with Parker because Mad Dad could "read into superintendent Ash's mind" just what he was thinking when he asked him the question. He also could formulate exactly what the Superintendent was thinking and was going to do now that Parker didn't regret his actions. Of course he was wrong, since Lexington lifted the restraining order on Parker in a letter dated Nov. 18.

The remaining 20 minutes or so of the program was devoted to C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League, which was featured in the Globe on Sunday. It seems they are trying to get groups to boycott a Catholic Charity event which is honoring Menino. Apparently they have one person and his wife who dropped out but they are not naming names (this time). My question: Is this husband and wife team using artifical birth control? Because that is also against the church's teachings so you might as well go to the fundraiser. Never ever are you to use artifical birth control. If you are getting raped and you ask the rapist to wear a condom you are committing a sin. But some "Catholics" don't talk about that anymore.

You know, it's a shame that these "Christians" are against the good work Catholic Charities has done and continues to do. They even want Catholic Charities to remove the "Catholic" from its name. They are expecting "hundreds" to attend their counter rally if Menino doesn't bow out. We'll see what happens.

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Article Hate sent out another weekly update last night. This one only had one topic:

Lexington superintendent lifts ban against David Parker!
(But continues order against parental notification.)
However, Camenker/Article Hate are still in denial over the whole incident. He makes several obvious errors in the piece. He is still repeating the mantra that Mad Dad was arrested because of "his insistence that he be notified when adults discuss homosexuality or transgenderism with his 6-year-old kindergartner" and not the truth, which is Mad Dad was arrested because he willfully refused to leave the school grounds even after police showed up. The update also says:

But on October 20, the Middlesex County District Attorney decided not to pursue the case, and Parker is completely clear of any wrongdoing.
Which is completely untrue. On October 27, 2005 the truth was published in the Boston Globe:

Judge Robert McKenna accepted the deal last Thursday that Parker's lawyers and the Middlesex district attorney's office worked out in advance. Under that agreement, Parker will be under pretrial probation for a year, after which time the single count of trespassing will be dropped so long as he does not violate any laws.
He was not cleared of anything, yet. Additionally, now that the restraining order is lifted he has to be even more careful. What do you think is going to happen to him if he does something else at the schoo? He's on probation now for a year, does that sound like he is "completely clear of any wrongdoing"? Article Hate continues:

Nevertheless, this is a move that is sure to anger the already enraged local homosexual activists, who have put great energy into publicly demonizing Parker and his family, and actually formed an organization dedicated to opposing him and his efforts to get parental notification. One of their goals has been that Parker never be allowed to return to any school building. On the other hand, thousands of supporters of Parker in Lexington, across Massachusetts, and around the country have bristled at the obvious punitive nature of the ban against him that seemed no more than a way to intimidate other parents from challenging that agenda in the schools.
I would love for someone to show me where the Lexington Cares Group lists "as one of their goals" to have Parker forever banned from the School? Anybody? McFly? Finally, Article Hate posts the letter that the superintendent sent to Parker (Does Parker value any privacy?) and continues to attack the Lexington Superintendent.

This whole letter just screams "We're broke because we're on the wrong side of history and we need money to pay our bills so send us money" We're still looking into the fact that Article Hate says they are nonprofit. If they are, they are supposed to send in a lot of information to the State including who donates to them and how their money is spent. This will be very interesting...stay tuned.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

It's Time for the "WHINE OF FORTUNE!"

Here's a post from one of MRW's readers:

Dear Friends,

Thanks to the person who provided the background info on Brian. Does anyone know if this creep has a job? On Monday I will have a list of all the local advertisers who have spots running in Brian and Amy's hate show. IRA Motors for example, runs spots for two of their dealerships on WTTT. They were not aware that their spots would air during this program.

Ira Rosenberg the founder of IRA Motors, has been a major benefactor to the Fenway Community Health Center and other gay related non-profits. He is very proud and close to his gay son. I will provide everyone with contact info for IRA Motors, the mortgage broker who thinks his spots only run during "The Irish Hit Parade" radio show that runs on WTTT's sister station WROL AM 950 and a Chiropractic Office in Beverly MA. Regardless of how these business owners feel about gay civil rights they don't want their business to be associated with a highly controversial program.

The other advertisers of national accounts, like that dating service promoted by the Doctor guy, are probably purchased through Salem Communications (the owners of WEZE AM 590, WROL AM 950 and WTTT AM 1150's national sales rep office. It will take me some time to gather their contact info but if we all sent a post card to every advertiser asking them if they know what kind of show their spots are running on and ask them to call the station's GM and ask that their spots not run during the show Brian will be left running dead air during his breaks which will make for an even a more unlistenable show.

I will have more information about yesterday's radio show too. I must say, I'm starting to believe that most of the audience for "Massresistance: The Radio Show" are not their supporters. The show is hilarious and full of gaffs. (I guess Brian didn't do too well in elementary school math. Yesterday was the 4th show Brian). Amy Contrada is trying to be the radio equivalent to "Vanna White":

"Amy, can you give us those telephone numbers?",

"Sure Brian, that's 617-..."

"Ok Amy, that's enough lip service, sit there and keep quiet while I bore to death the remaining listeners"

If only they would play it later on in the day, it would make a GREAT college drinking game. Drink everytime they say "Homosexual activist", "Homosexual newspaper" or "bone chilling". You'd be bombed in 15 minutes.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Lt. Gov. Healey Believes Gays Are Second Class Citizens

Lt. Gov. Healey, still in the shadow of Gov. Romney from Utah, said yesterday that she backs the amendment to the constitution which will stop same sex couples from marrying and most likely void earlier marriages.
Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey endorsed a proposed gay-marriage ban esterday, but said the state Republican Party should not change its platform to call for a ban because Republicans are split on the issue.
She was quick to point out that the some of the Democrats were for the amendment too. However, the article also points out that the state Democratic Party has voted to endorse gay marriage in its platform.

In the "I want my cake and eat it too department" the Massachusetts Republican Party is helping the anti-gay amendment by getting signatures BUT they chose not to ask their own committee members (unlike the Democrats) to decide whether or not they should get involved. So they want to "Let the People Vote" except when it might turn against them:
''The people have the right to a vote, but the state committee doesn't have a right to vote?" said Tom Lang, the director of KnowThy, which supports gay marriage and has posted the names of petition signers on its website.
Of course everyone knows that the Republican party of Massachusetts is just a whore for voters. They are only helping to collect signatures so they can get their greedy little hands on the voter lists. I guess their trouncing in last year's election for the Massachusetts legislature is forgotten since most if not all of the new legislators support marriage equality.

Still, Healy supports adoption by gay couples. She just doesn't want them or their families to have the same rights as other couples, she wants to give us "special rights" i.e., civil unions. We don't want "special rights" we want EQUAL RIGHTS.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Pay No Attention To The Amy Behind the Curtain

This was also included in Article Hate's update:

=== 2. Lawsuit is just part of latest assault against Article 8 people by vicious gay movement. But we're not backing down. ===

Over the last few months, homosexual activists have been waging a particularly disgusting campaign to harass and intimidate the Article 8 office.

When challenged, the gay movement rarely attempts to defend their position on its merits. Instead, they pick a few individuals and go after them personally with whatever vicious things they can think of.

They've made a point to go after one of our office volunteers -- Amy. They send Amy horrible pornographic personal email messages. They've also sent her emails threatening her family. They publish her address on their blogs. On two recent occasions, they've stolen Amy's credit card numbers and charged bizarre (i.e., not expensive -- just weird) things to her accounts.

This is the kind of depraved, dangerous people we are up against. And in this week's "Bay Windows" (the Boston-based homosexual newspaper distributed across Massachusetts) they put Amy's name in a front page article. And last week they published where Amy's daughter goes to school. (Does this bother you? Here's one place where Bay Windows gets funding: "DirecTV" buys expensive full-page ads! You can call DirecTV at 1-800-347-3288 or email them here. Let them know why you and your friends will never use their service.)

But Amy is a role model to all of us. Sure, this is all very scary and unnerving. But Amy's not backing down. She's not going to let them think they can do this to everyone!!

Bay Windows also put my picture on their front page this past week, with an incendiary article, in an effort to intimidate me. But that won't work either.

And some of it is really obsessive. For instance, they went on dozens of web sites and registered "Artie Eight" for everything from mortgage requests to auto loans to travel brochures, and even magazine subscriptions. But think about it -- in general, it's relatively easy to throw away junk mail, or tell a mortgage company that their call is a mistake -- compared to the time it must take to go onto a web site and fill out a form with all the required information. Imagine someone actually taking the time to do that. That's how obsessed and, yes, sick some of these people are.

Be not afraid.

GIVE ME A BREAK. Amy Contrada has been harassing and trying to intimidate lots of people, not just GLBT people ever since she started her blog. Yes, Amy is responsible for Massresistance. During her almost 12 months writing her blog she has published countless people's pictures and telephone numbers. She didn't even put up an email address on her blog until only a month or so ago. BTW, have you ever seen all the pictures over at the Article 8 website? They are quite handy with a camera (and a tape recorder I heard!). They have no problem snapping pictures of anyone at events but don't take their pictures, apparently that's intimidating. (Note: I do not publish the addresses or home telephone numbers of anyone on this blog. Anyone posting with such information will be deleted. This has been my policy from the start)

Bay Windows actually printed her name! Imagine, a newspaper actually printing the news (call Fox News!) because a reporter recognized her from a hearing AND the "Love Won Out" conference AND Massresistance: The Radio Show and put 3 and 3 together. (You notice how Article 8 never mentions Amy arguing with the police at the conference? Read the Bay Windows article)

And now they are blaming "homosexual activists" for stealing her credit cards and charging bizarre things to her accounts. Are you sure the charges weren't hers? This is the woman who was writing about how children learn about sex from listening to their parents do it in the next room.

As for the problem of spamming people with email addresses, join the club. Your anti-gay minions has been doing that to us for years. If it's happening to you, its because your people taught us how to do it. Now I have to go and read my American Family Association, Family Research Council and Liberty Council email updates that someone put my name on. Thanks to whoever you are, I love reading about bigots in the morning with my orange juice, how did you know?

Camenker In Deep DooDoo

This just up from Article Hate's weekly update:

=== 1. Homosexual activists bringing ANOTHER lawsuit against Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman for exposing "Fistgate" conference in 2000! Hearing on Monday, Nov. 21, in Cambridge District Court! Attempting to collect damages!! ===

Homosexual activists have suddenly resurrected a five-year-old legal action that had been dormant and believed to be abandoned, in an effort to collect "damages" from Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman over their successful efforts to expose gay activists teaching bizarre homosexual sexual practices to children.

The other lawsuit, instituted by the Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) against Camenker and Whiteman, gained much public notoriety but was essentially abandoned by GLAD earlier this year. [NOTE: We will have a full report on that soon.]

But now, Margot Ables, a former state employee who was fired for her participation in this sordid event but later managed to get an arbitrator to grant her job back, has re-energized her efforts to sue Camenker, Whiteman, and Parents Rights Coalition.

Ables' lawyer, Betsy Ehrenberg of the Boston firm Pyle, Rome, Lichten, Ehrenberg & Liss-Riordan, has made it made it very clear that they intend to collect substantial monetary

"What are your assets?. . .Do you own a house?" Ehrenberg asked Camenker after the preliminary session on September 15 at Cambridge District Courthouse. She then told Camenker that she will have no problem collecting money from him and Whiteman over this incident.

At the September 15 session, Camenker was representing himself, without a lawyer. In the GLAD case he had been represented by Boston-based Lawson & Weitzen, but they told him that they will not represent him further until he catches up on the legal bills from that case. Lawson & Weitzen continues to represent Whiteman separately.

This past week, however, the American Family Association Center for Law and Policy agreed to take on Camenker's case at no charge, and immediately began working on it...

...The homosexual movement responded by immediately initiating a law against Brian Camenker, Scott Whiteman, and Parents Rights Coalition, claiming that they had violated an obscure and antiquated Massachusetts wiretapping law. And they attempted to stop all distribution of the tape through a bizarre restraining order that originally included all the Boston media and even (we're not kidding here) the Massachusetts Legislature.

This ridiculous lawsuit resumes with a hearing scheduled for this Monday, November 21, at 2:00 pm, in Cambridge District Court. We'll keep you informed.

Those silly homosexual "activists", to think that the justice system could actually work for THEM too! I mean really, this is what happened to the Klan in the south, all those pesky lawsuits just decimated them, that wasn't fair either! And now poor Brian Camenker, while he has been minding his own business these past few years, it's a conspiracy I tell you!

All this over an obscure and antiquated Massachusetts wiretapping law, well, just as long as that obscure and antiquated 1913 law barring blacks from marrying whites still holds, I mean gays marrying gays. It's just awful!

Time to pay up Brian!

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Marriage is a vital social institution. The exclusive commitment of two individuals to each other nurtures love and mutual support; it brings stability to our society. For those who choose to marry, and for their children, marriage provides an abundance of legal, financial, and social benefits. In return it imposes weighty legal, financial, and social obligations. The question before us is whether, consistent with the Massachusetts Constitution, the Commonwealth may deny the protections, benefits, and obligations conferred by civil marriage to two individuals of the same sex who wish to marry. We conclude that it may not. The Massachusetts Constitution affirms the dignity and equality of all individuals. It forbids the creation of second-class citizens.

MARSHALL, Chief Justice
Goodridge, et al. v. Department of Public Health, et al.
Mass. (Nov 18, 2003)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another One Bites the Dust

Gee, what is happening to the gay haters in Massachusetts. This past week, Rep. O'Flaherty said he would not support the anti-gay marriage amendment and now Rep. Phil Travis is leaving the legislature:
The most vocal critic of gay marriage in the state Legislature will not seek re-election next year, according to a published report.
Of course, MassNews is once again claiming the Globe has a bias because they didn't mention that poor pathetic Rep. Emile Gougen from Fitchburg (thanks Michael):
Note: "The most vocal critic of gay marriage" ... The Boston Globe bestows this title on Rep. Travis, and never utters Rep. Emile Goguen's name because he's sponsoring the Resolution to Remove Margaret Marshall. We do appreciate Rep. Travis, but the Globe is clearly slanting this announcement to dishearten pro-traditional marriage advocates.
And Sally Pawlick thinks less than 20% of the legislature is for marriage equality. Sally, the last amendment to the constitution voted on this past year and defeated overwhelmingly would have still lost if even if all the "traditional marriage" advocates voted for it. That's called a MAJORITY.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cuckoo Cuckoo for MassNews

I've been thinking lately of changing the name of this blog to MassWatch since Massresistance is just getting too repetitive, plus I hate leaving out Article 8 (Article 8 Watch?). However, there are still two other groups in Massachusetts that deserve more attention, the Mass "Family" Institute and the ever hysterical Massnews.

I have to admit that MassNews has gotten me hooked once again. It was through Massnews that I first started reading about Article 8 (that was in the days when Amy Contrada was writing for Massnews). If you missed it, Bay Windows "outted" Ms. Massresistance:

"Amy from Article 8" is a pseudonym used by Amy Contrada. Contrada gave her full name when she testified at last week's legislative hearing on two bills that would forbid students to hear any discussion of LGBT issues at school unless their parents had signed a special permission slip. (Contrada told the legislative committee that gay-straight alliances were directing their members to the Boston Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Youth, which was in turn directing students to a Web site with information on sexual reassignment surgery, for the express purpose of encouraging boys to have the surgery.) I saw Contrada at the hearing and listened to her testimony. I saw her again at the Love Won Out ex-gay conference Oct. 29, during which she snapped photos of demonstrators and argued with police officers. "Amy from Article 8" recounted this same incident on the air, and it was clearly Contrada's voice.
But I digress, the outrageousness of MassNews articles are priceless. Oh yes, J. Edward Pawlick is still pushing his books about the New York Times and Margaret Marshall (did you know he started Lawyer's Weekly? That's a joke, he says it in about every article that includes his name) They had hired a new editor to replace Pawlick who was supposedly "touring" the country promoting his book but apparently he's back and he's back with avengence!

The reason I think he's back is because the stories are once again larger than life. Even though they are like Massresistance (repeating the same stories over and over again) there is much more unintended humor in them. It has none of the hatred clearly evident in Article 8's or Massresistance's postings, the stories are just laugh out loud fun with a bit of the tragically sad realization that some over at MassNews has seriously lost their mind. Such an example:

There has been persistent talk across the state that three of the top news managers at the Boston Globe are gay activists.

Not wanting to deal in rumors, but being aware of the fact that the Globe has been the main enemy of the Protection of Marriage Amendment, MassNews decided to ask the managers themselves.

Is this great stuff or what? I must say I get a big kick out of the loads of money they are spending on radio ads (It seems that Article 8 could really use the money too since they are delinquent in their rent AND phone bills) but apparently money means nothing to the Pawlick's since they state that they spent over $100,000 in 2002 to collect signatures to get the marriage amendment on the ballot (it didn't work). Who can forget these beauties:

All I can say is I want what he's taking!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Are We Supposed to Ban Heterosexuals Too?

Ms. Massresistance is always posting lurid stories about gays and lesbians (many times not even from this country). She tries and fails to link these these activities to the whole gay and lesbian population. So in the style of MassResistance...just look at what the straights are doing now:

And that's just today's news! Wow, these straights are perverted! And they are allowed to raise children? They shouldn't be allowed to "marry" since all they seem to want is perverse sex! Shocking! Horrific! They must ALL be like this!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Picture of Normal?

Don't cha just a bigot who changes a story to fit their lies? Ms. Massresistance posted the following:

Our very existence is "offensive" to homosexuals. Not -- as they say --because we are "Nazis, haters, homophobes." But simply because we are normal. We are heterosexual. How much more offensive could we be? We remind them of their abnormality, and their unhappiness. So --we must be silenced, shunned, and put out of their sight. This article
in WorldNetDaily says it all:
"Wedding painting 'too hetero' for homosexuals: Image of bride, groom signing register deemed offensive to 'gays'." In question is a lovely a Victorian painting of a bride in white about to marry -- horrors! -- a groom.

And this bunch claims to believe in "tolerance".

However, if you click on the link, that bastion of truth, WorldNetDaily you see what she has interpreted but she leaves a couple of things out:
  • The picture is from an office in Great Britain, and
  • The story doesn't even say who found the picture offensive. It does state "Even Kevin Smith, a homosexual man who "married" his partner Hamilton de Oliveira told the paper, "Putting a landscape up is ludicrous, we're not offended by scenes of a heterosexual couple. We're not in the Stone Age.""

Actually, some of my best friends are heterosexual and yes, they are normal. She thinks we find her offensive because she is "normal". I've seen normal, my parents are normal, You, are NOT normal.

Normal people:

  • don't dress up like Margaret Marshall and burn the constitution,
  • attend high school assembles and videotape teenagers,
  • secretly record children against their will
  • aren't obsessed with a billboard in Cambridge
  • aren't obsessed with the sex lives of people they don't know
  • don't expect the Mass. SJC to resign just because they say so
  • and so on and so on...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Real Women

Now we see the truth behind Ms. Massresistance's rancid anti-gay rhetoric. She's uncomfortable with the skin's she's in. In yesterday's post she ranted about Rep. Eugene O'Flaherty (Chelsea) decision to not support the anti-gay marriage amendment and had this to say:

What's with these men in our Mass. Legislature? Are they all getting female hormone injections? Where are the real men?
Oh that's right, she wants us to go back to the 50's and the June Cleaver era. She wants the men to wear the pants and order the women around. Ironically, if we did go back in time she would be delegated to her rightful position, as a second class citizen, because women just don't deserve the same rights as men (where have I heard something like that before?) She wouldn't be able to have a blog to attack anyone either. (I doubt she would have the time since she wouldn't be able to afford domestic help seeing the way she's always crying that the gays have all the money)

And even though she is dutifully playing second fiddle to Brian "Mass.Hysteria" Camenker on the radio, women are supposed to be seen and not heard. Oh, and don't be wearing no slacks, dresses or skirts only please, that's crossdressing!

Which brings me to why same sex marriage is a threat to "traditional marriage" Same sex marriage would no longer "box" each spouse to "traditional" roles. Each person could share equally in all duties of the partnership, no spouse would have a greater say in decisions because "I'm the family in the family." It's happening in millions of families across the country now however the Christian Right wants to put women back "in their place," as subservient to their husbands.

Look around, how many women in power to do see? The ones that do assert their rights to equal treatment under the law get tagged "lesbian", "man hater" or "femini- Nazi". The Radical Right all made up of white men, having women in power or places of authority is what really scares them.

Friday, November 11, 2005

In Honor of Those Who Gave Their Lives

To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country's service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nation

President Woodrow Wilson

Today we honor our fallen soldiers, all the fallen soldiers who gave their lives serving in our armed forces. Whether some people want to believe it or not, gay and lesbians soldiers died serving their country too. The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) has been saluting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender veterans all week. They are dedicated to ending discrimination against and harassment of military personnel affected by "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and related forms of intolerance.
"America's lesbian and gay veterans have been on the frontlines of every military mobilization and have played an integral role in our national defense since the American Revolution," said C. Dixon Osburn, executive director of SLDN. "In 1993, during the debate on gays in the military, there was one area where agreement was universal: gays have served honorably and with integrity. We are a strong nation, and more free, because of the service of gay and lesbian veterans. Their service must be now be made visible and their sacrifice must be honored by allowing future generations to serve openly without the muzzle of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell.""

Straight veterans will write about their experiences serving alongside lesbian and gay troops on the SLDN blog.

To give one's life for the good of the country is the highest sacrifice a person can make and no one should take it lightly. Today we honor their service and sacrifice.

Boo Hoo!

Ms. Massresistance is sobbing over on her blog because David Parker received a "vile and rancid" telephone message after he appeared on ABC news. She says:
In case you ever wondered how disgusting the homosexual activists can get when they don't like you, here's just a little taste of it.
Hello! David Parker CHOSE to go on ABC News. HE CHOSE to hold up in the Lexington elementary school until he was arrested, he wanted to be a martyr for Article 8's cause. The phone messages and emails you post are no different than the disgusting ones my family has received since YOU Ms. Massresistance posted my email address on your site. We never "picked" this fight. We just want to live our lives however you and your Article 8 cronies are the ones trying to take rights away from us. I'm not making excuses for the crank phone call Parker received because there are nutcases on both sides of this argument. Unfortunately we are the ones who have been bashed, maimed and killed because we are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. When was the last time a teenager killed himself because he was heterosexual? Where are the news stories about the gangs of gay youth who target straight couples and bash them unconscious?

You are the one who baits us. You are the one posting names, pictures, addresses, phone numbers and anything else you can get your grubby little hands to entice your readers to attack us. No doubt David Parker's wife and family should not have been involved, however, you yourself do not seem to mind bringing in innocents to degrade and vilify. You have no one to blame except yourself. You pull people down into the mud with you and you're awfully dirty.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Camenker embarrasses His Own Children

The Globe finally reports on the Brian Camenker/Article 8/Parents Rights Coalition interview with "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" (Hat tip to Paul). The Globe, trying to be "fair and balanced" also includes a story about Barney Frank on the "The Colbert Report" however, the Daily Show is more established and popular, I don't think too many people caught Barney. Here's what Brian Camenker's children say about him:

His 17-year-old son says he may have to start wearing a paper bag over his head to Newton North High School. His 19-year-old daughter has forbidden him from ever doing such a thing again.

Camenker's daughter, who is in college, saw the show while at a party with friends. ''She wasn't too happy," he said.

ever in denial Camenker squawks:

Despite being peppered with such questions as: ''Is it hard to stay interested in your wife with temptation out there?" Camenker professed to having come away relatively unscathed.

''I didn't think they treated me that badly," Camenker said. ''They treated me a lot better than I thought they would."

Did he see the same show?
''I don't know why I did it," said Camenker, adding that he had earlier turned down the producers several times. ''They said, 'We promise we'll be fair with you.' So in a moment of weakness, I agreed to do it. If I had to do it over again, I'd be more into the comedy thing of it. I really didn't know. I figured I'd just be myself."
Bone Chilling! But wait, there's more:

Camenker said that while his argument against gay marriage may not have been convincing in the footage that was aired, he may have changed some hearts and minds among the ''25-year-olds from New York City who naturally are all pro gay marriage."

''They were moved by what I said about the subject," Camenker said. ''They didn't use 99 percent of my stuff. But the arguments I said, you could tell they were visibly moved, and that I was saying things they hadn't heard before."

You mean moved to tears from laughing so hard. If the arguments were so "moving" why hasn't he provided a link to Comedy Central on the Article 8's website or Massresistance? And why o' why does he think 25 year olds from New York City were moved? I guess he must be using the same telepathic powers he used when he described the "Love Won Out" conference on the radio (he didn't attend yet he had incredibly vivid descriptions of the what went on) or when he saw "hate in their eyes" at the counter rally in Lexington. Maybe he has super powers! Imagine if you will, Brian Camenker and Amy from Article 8:

Wonder Twin Powers activate...

Form of a homophobe

Shape of Margaret Marshall

Ok, I'm done.

Get Out Your Boots, the BS is high!

Well, in Article Hate's email update they distort the truth about a couple of things this week:

Ed Flynn: 8th out of 8 candidates for 4 at-large Boston City Council seats.This really hurt. He was the only pro-marriage, pro-life candidate (and veteran) of that bunch. The rest all caved in, one way or another, to the gay agenda in Boston. We figured that the legacy of his father, former Boston mayor Ray Flynn, would help. But unfortunately, (1) he had an anemic, underfunded organization and (2) his campaign didn't get the pro-family forces involved until it was too late. (We made sure that 44,000 Boston voters got phone calls on the last day, but that was about it.) Click here for election results.
My opinion, the legacy of his father had a definite effect on his humiliating defeat. The old man's a rabid anti-gay activist and the son appeared to be a chip off the old block. Having Article 8 devote a lot of its "radio hour" to the veteran couldn't have helped either (whenever Article 8 supports something, most rational people back off which could prove helpful when they end of supporting the Voteonmarriage people. The fact that Ed Flynn's campaign photo looked like a mug shot was a negative too, afterall this isn't Texas.

Texas overwhelmingly approves constitutional amendment banning gay "marriage".There are still some places where sanity can be found. More than three-quarters of Texans who went to the polls Tuesday (76%-24%) voted to approve a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as only the union between a man and woman.
Yeah, Texas is real sane, it gave us the current President of the U.S. and Tom Delay, the indicted former speaker of the House, go figure. Additionally, the KKK was heavily involved in this anti-gay marriage amendment too. I guess this must be sanity that Article Hate is talking about.

Voters in Maine vote NOT to repeal radical homosexual law. This past spring, the Maine Legislature passed the most radical homosexual "rights" law in the country. It makes it a crime to discriminate on "sexual identity or expression" (i.e., a man wearing a dress, etc.) in the whole range of public and private spheres of life, including the schools. This is one of the homosexual movement's huge goals. The Christian Civic League of Maine forced it on the ballot, but the repeal lost 209,126 to 171,446 (55% to 45%). The homosexual lobby's next goal in Maine: gay "marriage."
They go into such detail about how the "Christian Civic League of Maine" was outspent and how the pro-gay media helped and all the outside organizations that were involved, blah blah blah, lots of excuses. Plain and simple, the people of Maine did not want to discriminate, period. And how come Article 8 is always using this "man wearing a dress analogy"? What about women wearing pants, that's cross dressing too, what happened to equal rights for men?

They (and the Concerned Women of America, you know, an out of state group) accuse the Pro-equality forces of using "smear tactics" and "dirty tricks". I guess linking an amendment banning discrimination in employment and housing to same sex marriage isn't dirty tricks at all(well not in these bigots eyes). All of David Parker's appearances did nothing to help them either or did they...? Thank you David! Speaking of Mad Dad:

Well, they brought David Parker their studios in New York for a 1 pm appearance on Fox's "Dayside" TV show. About noon we got a call from David. He was getting bumped for some breaking news. Apparently, a house blew up back in Lexington (not David's, thankfully!) that was already making national news. So that was that.

They said they'll bring him back down to do it again, maybe next week or the week afterwards.

Wasn't it a week ago that the same thing happened when David was scheduled for "The O'Reilly Factor"? Bumped for a hurricane. That's show biz. Stay tuned.

Bumped...hmm... are you sure it wasn't a pro-gay Fox News producer or maybe...God? A faithful reader writes:
Regarding Parker getting bumped... I taped "Dayside" and while I only fast-forwarded through it, I didn't see any mention of the Lexington house explosion and fire. They had time for a puff piece about "sexiest" people. In the segment, they put the head of one of the co-hosts over a picture of a body builder (for humor, I guess). So it wasn't that a major news story kept him off the air. Also, weren't they saying one or two newsletters ago that David Parker couldn't testify at the H1050 hearings because he couldn't take off any more time from work? But he can go down to New York on a Wednesday?
Ah, does the distortion of truth ever end?

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Choose Life, But My Money's Against the Gay Couple Down the Street

In Mass "Family" Institute's E-Alert dated November 9th they tout Texas' ban on same sex marriage, Oregon's "marriage" amendment upheld by a court (I guess they pick and choose which activist justices they like depending on how they rule) and the pathetic Federal Marriage Amendment. Of course everyone knows that the federal marriage amendment is just a distraction from all the real work that the Congress should be working on. I mean, we have men and women dying in Iraq however some people's biggest priority is to stop same sex couples from having health care and legal protections!

Which brings me to the last paragraph of MFI's email:

Massachusetts Choose Life is a non-profit organization whose purpose it is to create a specialty license plate with the message "Choose Life." Proceeds from this plate will benefit maternity homes and crisis pregnancy centers who offer adoption as an alternative to abortion. The funds will assist women with the expenses of a full term pregnancy-such as medical bills, temporary housing, transportation, utility bills, food, maternity clothing, and similar expenses of infants-until placed with an adoptive family. Fifteen states have now approved the Choose Life specialty plate, including Connecticut. In addition to Massachusetts Choose Life, there are groups working in Rhode Island and New Hampshire to create such plates.

Hey stupid! How many millions of dollars are you going to spend to "protect" marriage? How many thousands of dollars have you already spent on gathering signatures through fraud? If you cared so much about the unborn why didn't you spent the money on them? How many people did you help out down south when hurricane Katrina devastated their homes? How many of your children did you get to enlist to fight this war for WMD? Put your money where your mouth is.

I got my American Family Association envelop today. They tell me they sent thousands of Bibles to Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi, that should give them shelter from the elements and fill their stomachs. Oh, and don't buy the dolls.


All the praying by the bigots couldn't help Maine turn back the clock. The people have spoken and they don't believe in discrimination. I think Michael Heath of the "Christian" Civic League of Maine should probably move to Kansas because it looks like Kansas is the one state in this country that does not want to move forward. (Do they still have outhouses there too?) It's Monkey Scopes Time!

Also, even with most of Massresistance: The Radio Show's full hour this past weekend devoted to "bulleting" Ed Fynn, the son of anti-gay former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn, he couldn't win. I guess Ed needed a little more than the 12 Article 8 votes he got. BTW, if you did get to catch the former mayor on NECN last night, he didn't look too good. I couldn't tell if it was because his son was getting slaughtered in the ballot boxes or Kris Mineau from MFI had just called and told him that they can't get the 120,000 signatures (they said they'd get in one day) for the anti-gay amendment.

I think there's a couple of more seats on that plane to Kansas Ray! Don't forget to drive by and pick up Brian and Amy from Article 8 on your way to the airport.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Urgent Message from Mass "Family" Institute

Massachusetts Family Institute Urgent Alert November 7, 2005
Protection of Marriage Amendment 2005

Dear Supporter of Traditional Marriage:
Thank you for all of your support and hard work these last few weeks. The end of the marriage amendment petition drive is fast approaching, but we need your help now more than ever.

It is well known that there will be an unprecedented effort to disqualify signatures on the marriage petition. (We got these signatures through fraud dammit and we will keep these signatures at any expense!) We expect national pro-homosexual organizations to flood Massachusetts with out-of-state money to challenge the certification of every single signature that is collected.

We need your help to ensure that this blatant effort to disenfranchise the voters of Massachusetts fails. We cannot allow these anti-family, anti-democracy forces (unlike us who have deceived people into signing our petitions) to succeed in taking the right to vote away from Massachusetts citizens (As long as they vote the way we want them to, if not then we will try another avenue to remove same sex marriages).

The best way to help us is to collect more signatures. With most churches around the Commonwealth having already conducted their petition drives within their congregations, our focus must now turn to:

Friends and relatives -- please encourage people who have signed the petition to each get a few more signatures from like-minded people (i.e., bigots like us).
The general public
-- you know best what places in your town have the highest amount of foot traffic, but here are a few suggestions:

In front of supermarkets that are part of a larger shopping center.
On the sidewalk in front of your post office, especially on Saturday morning.
In your local senior centers.

At your local transfer station or "dump."
(i.e., places where likeminded people like you like to hang out)

Klu Klux Klan Meetings, White supremacist gatherings, David Parker Rallies, etc...

If you are on a public sidewalk, you do not need permission from anyone to collect signatures. (But scream bloody murder is anyone questions your tactics. Play the victim) Otherwise, it is best to secure approval from either a store manager or other person in charge. If they refuse, be sure to have the legal guidance from the Secretary of State in hand to show them that they must allow you to collect signatures. (And send the store's name to Massresistance so they can publish the store name, telephone number, pictures of the managers, cashiers, stockboys, telephone numbers of the employees, their hobbies, what they had for lunch that day, etc...) (The guidance can be found on our website:

This marriage amendment is our last stand for traditional marriage in Massachusetts. (Well, that is until we question the marriages that have taken place before 2008 through a lawsuit, WE WILL GET ALL THEIR MARRIAGES!!) We must not fall short of our goal. We must not be intimidated by our devious and well-funded opponents. (Family Research Council, American Family Association, Liberty Council, Alliance Defense Fund and the Catholic church is really only giving us "moral" support, they're not sending any money) We must stand strong for marriage as the union of one man and one woman! (Offer not valid in Utah where it's one man and 2+ women)

We effectively have 10 days left to get more signatures and turn them in to the town clerks by November 23. Let’s make the most of them!

For our children (except those children who are gay, lesbian,bisexual, transgender or children of gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender parents because they don't deserve protections like us normal families have.),
Kris Mineau President, Massachusetts Family Institute
(Spokesman dammit! I'm not a spokeswoman)
Massachusetts Family Institute is a nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to strengthening and protecting the family (except if that family contains GLBT members).
381 Elliot St. Suite 185L * Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464 *
Phone: 617-928-0800 * Fax: 617-928-1515
To remove your name from the E-Alert
subscription list, please click here:

Christian Indeed

This from the “Christian” Civic league of Maine:

Today is election day 2005. The people of Maine will vote about sex, again. Many don't know this is the subject they are deciding -- sexual morality. They have believed the dark lies about our state. They think we are a state of bigots who hate homosexuals. This deception is made possible by the institutions of Maine. The media, the political parties, the government and even the Catholic Diocese of Maine. The responsibility for the corruption of our youth will lie with them.The hands of the Christian Civic League of Maine, Coalition for Marriage, Maine Grassroots Coalition and every YES voter today will be mercifully clean.

God has washed them. He is the only one with enough power to scrape away the evil filth that is now known in the west as the left.To continue with the hand metaphor -- support for homosexuality is like creating a cake you plan to eat with your bare hands using mud from a pig sty while recognizing the evil of this ideology is like raising undefiled hands to heaven thankful for His miraculous salvation.

However, the best part is the end of this “Christian” piece:

I am thankful for the Christian Civic League of Maine. We will continue to support all Christians who choose active involvement in either political party, or no political party. Our concern is good citizenship. Good citizens support life and family. Apathetic and evil citizens support homosexuality and abortion.

So all you people out there, you know who you are. You are EVIL, PURE EVIL! so beware of the Christian Civic League when they come calling with their wooden stakes and silver bullets all in the name of God.

If you recall, the CCL of Maine is headed by Michael Heath. He's the guy who threatened to out the Maine Legislators:
In this age of 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' and 'Sex in the City,' it is only appropriate that all of us here in Maine understand the 'sexual orientation' of our leaders. Since this matter of 'sexual orientation' is of such fundamental importance that we must turn civilization on its head to accommodate it, we feel duty-bound to help you gain a better understanding. We will therefore be writing about state leaders in coming months regarding their 'sexual orientation.' We are, of course, most interested in the leaders among us who want to overturn marriage, eliminate the mother/father family as the ideal, etc. The list is long, so we won't lack for material. If you can help us, please do. E-mail us tips, rumors, speculation and facts. The more information we have the better. We will respect and honor confidentiality. Help the League stand for righteousness."
Oh, days (weeks?) later he then apologized, sort of:
I am sorry for indicating that the League is going to keep a list of the "sexual orientation" of public policy makers and leaders. In the midst of fighting for something I feel very strong about I wrote and said things that I should not have written and spoken. I feel terrible that my words and conduct have besmirched the fine reputation and important ministry of the Christian Civic League of Maine. And I apologize to the Legislature and the people of Maine.
Now he's back to calling people evil and yet he's still the head of a "Christian" group. I wonder how close he is to Fred Phelp's Westboro Baptist Church?

Monday, November 7, 2005

A Letter From My Husband

Except for the occasional comment, my husband doesn't write for this blog. However, as Ms. Massresistance dubbed us "The Poster Boys for Marriage Equality" he couldn't help himself:

Recently, MassResistance dubbed my husband and I the poster boys for marriage equality. Being a private citizen, I was, at first, surprised to find my marriage their next target. And then I thought of that old maxim, "the Lord works in mysterious ways".

You see, the picture bears some explanation. We are listening to my father give a toast. Now several years ago, my father was not keen on me being gay let alone the concept of same-sex marriage. But my Dad, being a kind and decent man, tried to keep an open mind. In time, he came to love Buddy; and to witness the loving and caring relationship we have. He pushed away the rhetorical din around him; and in a celebration of life and love, gave a beautiful toast at our wedding.

And so its is apt that MassResistance should post that particular picture. You see, most people are like my Dad. They don't start out understanding the need for same sex marriage. Furthermore, they don’t even know or are comfortable with gay people for that matter. But most people are kind and decent; and to quote Lincoln, do listen to the better angels of their nature.

I believe that is what MassResistance knows and fears the most. That in the end good and decent people like my Dad are going to support their families, their friends, their neighbors, their co-workers, their fellow citizens. So they put our picture up and snipe about this or that. It’s just noise. We all know they are on the losing side of history. You can see it in our faces.

Catholic Church of Mass Uses Fraud To Their Benefit

Fox News did their report on the "bait and switch" tactics used by the signature gatherers paid for by the Mass "Family" Institute. Their report focused on a signature gatherer from Florida who was taught how to "bait and switch" by the company. Fox News set her up in front of a supermarket to show how easy it is to make people sign two petitions without them even knowing what they were signing.

Some people (the same "Christians") would accuse the people who signed the petitions as being at fault because "Hey they didn't look to see what they were signing" However, isn't it the same Christian Right who are all about "trusting" people and trying to look for the "good" in people? About leading by example with high morals? If they think they are right why all the deception?

Fox News interviewed some woman from the Mass "Family" Institute. She was bewildered to know that the company they hired to gather the signatures hired another company who hired another company who hired the workers. MFI's mantra "We were told by several people who used the signature gathering company that they were reputable". Yeah, who told you that, the GOP in Ohio? Apparently the company that Mass Family hired has been dogged all over the country with accusations of fraud, but did the MFI do research on the company they paid thousands of dollars to???? No.

Let me leave you with this question: How disgusting is it that the Catholic Church of Massachusetts and a supposedly family organization (Mass Family Institute) are using fraud to instill discrimination into our constitution? What happened to all the volunteers they said they had? It's amazing how Christlike these "Christians" really are.

Sunday, November 6, 2005

Petition fraud caught on camera by FOX25

An Email Alert from
(Hat tip to ChuckieO)

FOX25 NEWS Undercover exposes petition fraud
Numerous examples of petition fraud caught on camera in the light of day!
Watch Fox 25 News Undercover with Mike Beaudet on Sunday, November 6 at 10:00pm.
Tom Lang & Aaron Toleos, Directors

Contact: (978) 335-0477,

Given Fox News' political allegiance, I'm cautiously optimistic that they will be fair and balanced, although I have found the local Boston Fox News station to be more credible. Still, it could never be as bad as Brian Camenker's appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Friday, November 4, 2005

Stupid Says What?

Newton's own Brian Camenker of Article 8 is truly a star. In his never ending quest to appear on any national TV show that would have him, he appeared last night on the widely viewed, critically acclaimed "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on Comedy Central in a session entitled: Mass:Hysteria. (Hat tip to JJ) He was interviewed by Comedy Central correspondent Ed Helms. Here's a brief excerpt:

Camenker: The gay marriage issue is destructive on many levels. You have to deal with it in business, you have to deal with it in the public square, you have to deal with it in the public schools (interrupted).

Helms: So the quality of life has decreased?

Camenker: Yeah!

Helms: Homelessness has gone up?

Camenker: I can, you know ... (interrupted)

Helms: Crime Rates?

Camenker: Crime Rates? (Dumbfounded look)

Helms: Air Quality?

Camenker: I mean lemme put it this way. I can, if I could sit here and I could probably, you know, find some ways of connecting the dots to gay marriage to all of these if I had enough time and if I did some research.

(cut away to a chart)

Helms: (overdubbed) Yeah! Why take the time to do the research when saying it is so much faster! Besides the statistics are clear cut. Now that gay marriage is legal, Massachusetts ranks:

  • dead last in illiteracy,
  • 48th in per capita poverty, and;
  • a pathetic 49th in total divorces!

It was hilarious! It's one clip I'm sure Article 8 and Massresistance won't have a link to on their website. However, I will. As soon as they post it I will link to it here.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

The Religious Right was Right!

They predicted as soon as we allow same sex marriages then there was going to be polygamy with a man having 2 or more wives. It figures it would happen in Massachusetts since that is the only state where same sex marriages are legal:

A small-town judge who has three wives should not be removed from the bench because his private behavior has not tarnished the office he holds, the judge's attorney told the Utah Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Judge Walter Steed was found to be a polygamist by the state's Judicial Conduct Commission, and the panel issued an order seeking his removal from the bench in February.

Wait a minute...this is Utah!
Steed legally married his first wife in 1965, according to court documents. The second and third wives were married -- or "sealed" as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints refers to it -- to him in religious ceremonies in 1975 and 1985. The three women are sisters.
Whoa! This guy is a Mormon just like our Governor Romney and same sex marriages only went into effect in 2004????? How can this be? That's right, the Bible says that a man can have many wives, foolish me. Well, anyhow, bigamy is a third-degree felony in Utah punishable by up to five years in prison, so this guy is definitely going to prison:

In court Wednesday, the justices focused on two issues: whether Steed's conduct
impugns the judicial office and whether he should be removed from the bench if
he has not been criminally tried and convicted of bigamy.

Both the Utah attorney general and the Washington County prosecutor have declined to prosecute Steed.

Ah, one again, special rights for heterosexuals. BTW, Utah passed Amendment 3 in November 2004 banning same sex couples from getting married. It says marriages are between a man and a woman (notice that they didn't put in how many women!) It seems he had one "legal" marriage and two more spiritual marriages.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Coming Soon!

Swedish furniture maker IKEA is opening next week in Stoughton, November 9th to be exact. No, I'm not getting any money from posting this. The reason I do mention it is because IKEA, 1994, was one of the first companies to show a same sex couple in its commercials:
The IKEA ad disappeared only a few weeks after it began when the retailer got a bomb threat at a store from conservatives, along with calls for a boycott.
I guess the "Christians" didn't like the ad. The ad was part of a larger campaign that dealt with non-traditional couples (and I thought all families were One Man and One Woman and One Child, go figure!). Since then IKEA has included gay and transgender themes in its commercials.

While we're on the topic of Sweden:

Since Sweden's Ministry of Justice announced last week that beginning in the spring, local registrars will not be able to refuse to join gay couples under the country's civil unions law, some officials have protested, arguing that registrars will resign. Under current law, registrars can decide for themselves—and in Stockholm, for example, one fifth of the registrars refuse to join gay couples.

The change is part of an issue that has been debated since the Scandinavian country legalized civil unions for gay couples in 1994. The announcement came as Sweden's Lutheran Church established a special blessing ceremony for same-sex partnerships that is apart from traditional weddings. The Swedish Church Assembly, the decision-making body for the Church of Sweden, voted 160-81 to approve the ceremony.

Sweden has a liberal attitude toward gay rights, but same-sex marriage is not yet legal. Later this year a government-appointed committee is expected to file a report on whether the law allowing civil unions between gay couples should be changed to include marriage as well. More than 7 million of Sweden's 9 million inhabitants belong to the Church of Sweden, but few attend church regularly.

Wow, I guess Governor Romney is ahead of the Sweden's government since he required Justices of the Peace to perform same sex marriage or resign the day it went into effect.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Fear and Fantasy from Massresistance

Ms. Massresistance is now quoting Professor Rob Gagnon, who offers a "Christian" perspective on homosexual issues. She (and he) interject fear and shear fantasy into the discussion of a hate crimes bill which includes sexual orientation and gender identity (and all this is happening because of same sex marriages in Massachusetts?)

Here goes and I'm just choosing a few to discuss, but they are all ridiculous:
  • Large fines and eventually jail time for anyone who publicly speaks out against homosexual activity or transgenderism, even as a minister, if the state determines that one's message arouses people to hate homosexual or transgendered persons. This includes messages that cite Scripture or refer to studies that show higher incidences of promiscuity and disease among homosexually active men.

Okay, it's a good thing that lying isn't a crime because if it was, then Professor Gagnon probably would be getting ready to host his new roommate Scooter Libby. Look, we still have freedom of speech, but if you incite people to commit a crime (hate or otherwise), then you're guilty. Last time I looked the KKK was still in operation, they just can't burn crosses on people's lawns or lynch people. On second thought, lying is a crime in the Bible.

  • Corporations having to institute affirmative-hire programs for GLBTs as a necessary precaution against potential federal or civil lawsuits for "sexual orientation" discrimination.

Certain classes are protected in employment via the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Sexual orientation is not one of them nor is it part of the hate crimes bill. It should be included as a protected class, but it is not.

  • Even parochial schools being required to accept "gay prom dates" and "gay clubs."

Trust us, Ms. Massresistance --- we in the GLBT community are working very hard to keep Church and State separate so that everyone has the freedom to practice their religion in peace. It's the religious right that threatens religious freedom; not us. The United States doesn't step into religious activities unless that organization is receiving federal money and the Bush Administration has already over stepped that boundary by allowing "faith based initiatives".

  • Students and employees required to get counseling for the alleged mental health condition of "homophobia" or risk expulsion.

but, phobias ARE mental conditions.

  • Private civic organizations, as well as Christian camps and retreat centers, being fined or shut down if they do not allow their facilities to be used by persons or groups for homosexual activities (e.g., to host a "wedding" by a homosexual couple or for a meeting of a "gay choir").

The Boy Scouts were sued and they won. They can discriminate all they want since they are a private organization. It went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court

  • Fines for any persons with rooms for rent in their home (e.g. a bed & breakfast) if they refuse to rent to a homosexual couple intent on having homosexual sex on the premises.

Places of public accommodation cannot discriminate against members of a protected class. This is a good thing. On a side note, what B&B's is the Professor frequenting that inquire into his sexual intentions during his stay. "Yes, sir, breakfast is served between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., oh, and if you intend on having sexual congress tonight, please take notice of the hotel's list of approved positions."

  • Loss of charitable status for churches that seek to influence their members to oppose pro-homosexual legislation or that refuse to marry homosexual persons.

Once again, we in the GLBT community are fighting to preserve and protect the Constitution, which separates Church and State. So no one is going to force any Church to marry anyone. That's why they call it civil marriage. As for tax exempt status, the same rule applies. Yikes! You'd think a Professor would have at least a passing familiarity with the Constitution of the United States.

  • Adoption and foster agencies forbidden to give any priority to heterosexual married couples over homosexual couples on the grounds that such priority would be discriminatory.

Priority should be given to the couple who has the best interests of the child in mind. Why should a heterosexual couple have special rights?

Her scare tactics just go on and on. There is no validity to any of them. These are the same arguments made whenever a minority group tries to assert its God given rights.

Love Won Out & Article 8 Lies...Again

Ok, so Article 8 is posting pictures of the demonstration that was held outside of the Tremont Street Temple in downtown Boston. The most interesting part of the posting is how many times Article 8 distorts the truth (similar to the way Brian Camenker did this past weekend on the pathetic Massresistance: The Radio Show). Examples:

As hundreds of people from across Massachusetts and came to the Tremont Temple Baptist Church to attend a widely acclaimed conference on recovering from homosexuality through a relationship with God, angry and enraged homosexual activists converged outside to intimidate and terrorize them.

...Major themes included theology and relationships with God, as well as
practical information for those struggling with homosexuality or who know people
who are in that situation.

No, "Love Won Out" is about recovering from homosexuality through a relationship with JESUS, not God. Jews, Muslims and Atheists need not apply. From the Focus on the family website:
"Love Won Out's cornerstone continues be the hope and healing that is found in Jesus Christ," said Melissa Fryrear, a conference speaker and former lesbian. "Many attendees are struggling to maintain the balance between holding onto their beliefs and loving a gay family member or friend. The conference will encourage and equip them to do just that."
Article 8 LOVES to say "Bad Bad Gays demonstrating outside a Church" and tries to act like this is all about the Gays against religion. They did this with their "rally" for David Parker in Natick. They do it again here. They neglect to say that the Tremont Street Temple was renting the space to the Focus on the Family. It was NOT put on by the church.

What I don't get is the way Article 8 tells it:
  • More and more showed up, and they acted angrier and more hostile toward people there for the conference.
  • Police allow near-riot outside, but tell people inside they can't leave.
  • Boston police barricaded church doors and would not allow people in church to leave, as homosexual activist demonstrators block street, scream, intimidate, and threaten.
  • Coffin facing church, police look on as demonstrators scream and terrorize conference participants.
  • What ensued was a near-riot, as Boston police continued to stand and watch.

And yet there was NO VIOLENCE!!! No arrests!!! How can that be? Article 8 made it sound like a combat zone. Hmm...I guess the police were doing their job.