Thursday, February 23, 2012

MassResistance Does It Again in Maryland!

MassResistance was bragging on it's website that it had testified at the Maryland State House:
A lot of people think of Maryland as a "liberal" state. But this year's "gay marriage" battle in Maryland erupted with a powerful pro-family rallyoutside of the Maryland State House on Jan. 30, the evening before the hearings started. It featured prominent church leaders, plus politicians and community leaders.
Since MassResistance had been very effective in helping stop the Maryland "gay marriage" bill last year, a solid pro-family group, Protect Marriage Maryland, broughtBrian Camenker of MassResistance to the Maryland State House to testify on how "gay marriage" affected Massachusetts.
So once again, MassResistance gives testimony and the State adopts marriage equality! Congrats Maryland!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Anti-Gay Attack at Bridgewater State

A student at Bridgewater State College wrote an article entitled "Prop 8 generates more hate" and surprise, surprise, she got attacked. The Boston Globe reports:

A school spokesman says a man and a woman approached 20-year-old Destinie Mogg-Barkalow last Thursday, and the man questioned her about the article titled "Prop 8 generates more hate" before the woman accompanying him punched the victim, leaving her with a bruised eye. Sketches of the suspects have been released, but no one has been arrested

The school is now beefing up security. The article was in support of marriage equality. I wonder if the attacker is a member of MassResistance?

More information can be found at The Enterprise of Brockton.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Amazon Supports Marriage Equality

Amazon joins the ranks of Starbucks, Nike and Microsoft in supporting the bill to recognize marriage between same sex couples (h/t to Joe My God):

Seattle-based Internet retailer said Wednesday it has joined other large Northwest companies to support legislation that would legalize gay marriage in Washington state.

Just think about this for a second, every book that Ms. MassResistance sells goes toward a company who is working against them. LOVE IT!