Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So Many Gays, So Many Galas

Next week is turning out to be a busy week for the anti-gay bigots:
  • Wednesday, October 3rd, there is a "forum" in Acton which the homophobes wanted because the Acton High Drama Department is putting on "The Laramie Project" in November (get your tickets now, it will most likely be a sold out event!). For the life of me, I don't fully comprehend what qualifications an "Ex-gay" and a "Dr." obsessed with gay sex have with offering a differing viewpoint on the play. Maybe the "Ex-gay" is an ex-actor and can offer his view of the whole acting experience and how it relates to the play? Is the "Dr" an arm chair critic who's seen numerous productions of the "The Laramie Project" and can offer experienced advice to the director?

  • Thursday, October 4th, Massresistance is holding its annual fundraising gala at the Holiday Inn in Boxborough, MA. A Holocaust revisionist is speaking along with, ta da, Mad Dad David Parker fresh off his anti-gay tour of Puerto Rico, who, BTW, is jetting off tomorrow to...

  • Friday, October 5th, Pete "Obsessed with anything gay" LaBarabara is holding his first fundraising dinner, a la Massresistance, outside of Chicago and guess who's speaking? None other than the man who bullies elementary school staff, Mad Dad David Parker.

Some interesting notes on the above. Brian and Amy always have their camera in hand except when it comes to their "gala", they threatened to show pictures of the past "galas" but somehow never get around to posting those pictures, hmmm..... They have photos of Gay Pride events, they even post pictures of school children on their site, but a picture of their "supporters," no where to be found. Who knows, you may find pictures of this event right here so keep posted.

Update to the October 3rd event: Linda Harvey, a "researcher" on homosexual programs in the public schools and founder of a group she started on the Internet is no longer going to be strutting her stuff at the Acton forum apparently. Massresistance gives no reason for the change either but lists a John Russo as taking her place.

I also found this gem on the "new" Massresistance web site:

The superintendent of schools and chairman of the school committee have contacted one of the parents involved. They want to meet with him. They are concerned about "safety at the event." They apparently want US to provide police protection.

Our question: Safety from whom? Certainly none of the pro-family people would be a threat. Are the school officials afraid that homosexual activists might do what they do at so many other events they don't like - cause a disruption and threaten violence?

Can someone say Larry Cirignano, Mad Dad Parker and Diane Steele?

*Larry Cirignano's picture taken by Kevin Ksen @Worcester Indymedia and from

Mad Dad's Parker's picture from Massresistance

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh, How One Hour Seems Like A Year...

Massresistance: The Radio Show Continues!

Well people, we got another shout out from the Massresistance Duo Brian and Amy on their recent Hate Show. They want people to call the station and tell them how much you LOVE their show. That's sounds kinda weird since they are paying for the airtime themselves. The radio station also continues the announcement (I'm paraphrasing) "the opinions of this radio show DO NOT reflect the opinions of the radio station, its staff or it's owners".

Today's show was the same load of crap, obsessing about transgender issues and bathrooms. However Amy definitely dominated the program. (Is she wearing men's clothing today, i.e., pants?) Oh they do so love gender specific clothing.

Well, we're going to take a break.

And we're back.

Brian and Amy live in the past hence their bringing up a story from 2004. Amy threatens "It's only going to get worse" and "It's going to be happening here". I guess its because there is some bill coming up that they don't like. Apparently they've stopped talking about any of the bills they sent to the Legislature since no is paying attention to their anti-gay antics.

It's nice that Brian and Amy fully understands the issues around people who are transgender by making stupid comments like "well one day the person can think they are a man and the next like a woman". It only leaves me to wonder if this is how they go about their day, do they switch their gender identity every other day?

We're going to take a break.

And we're back.

They had some guy from Citizens for a limited Taxation on their show and actually talked about something that didn't have to do with gay people, I know, what a shocker!

And we're back.

In their last segment they bring back that "Christian" Mike Heath from Maine (he's the guy who complained about the Victoria's Secret Windows displays). Mike is losing his own battle in Maine with his anti-gay activism so I'm sure he, Brian and Amy have a lot to talk about. But instead they talk about gambling in the state.

Mike Heath just said that homosexual activity is associated with gambling lifestyle. I knew they would link it somehow but I was betting that Brian would have been the one to bring it up.

It ended with the obligatory begging for money and some nonsense about they are like Thomas Jefferson, LOL.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Success = 70% or more Failure Rate?

Life Site News is proclaiming a new study which they claim shows how successful it is to leave the homosexual "lifestyle" (I'm still trying to figure out what a homosexual lifestyle is):

A new study, entitled the Exodus Project and conducted by two psychologists, has determined that, through "religiously mediated means", it is possible for homosexual individuals to leave their old lifestyle and embrace the heterosexual lifestyle. The study also determined that, contrary to mainstream scientific thought, the effort to change one's inclinations away from homosexuality does not appear to be psychologically problematic.

However, if you continue reading this blather you find that only 38% of the people in the study have "changed" and "changed" is a whole other matter. That 38% includes people who couldn't change but now live a chaste life. There were so many problems with this study that it spins the head.

Box Turtle Bulletin has delved into this shady study (they provide lots of information) But here's the gist of their findings:

    • 33 people reported change (moving from homosexual, bisexual or other at Time 1 to heterosexual at time 3; or homosexual at Time 1 to bisexual or other at Time 3)

    • 29 reported no change

    • 8 reported “negative change” (moving from heterosexual, bisexual or other at Time 1 to homosexual at Time 3; or from heterosexual at Time 1 to bisexual or other at Time 3).

    • 3 reported uncertain change (moving from bisexual to other, or the reverse) .
So it had a failure rate of probably more than 70% and we don't know now many of those 33 people were originally bisexual which would even lower that number of "success". Read Box Turtle's analysis.

Third Time's the Charm?

One of Massresistance's favorite homophobes is running for the third time for the presidency:

Alan Keyes, a Republican whose two previous runs for president ended in failure, is making a third try for the White House.

The Maryland conservative announced on his Web site that he filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission on Friday to make his candidacy official. He joins a crowded Republican field of nine candidates and is scheduled to participate Monday night at a debate involving lesser-known candidates in Florida.

Massresistance (called Article 8 during that period) brought in Alan Keyes and Sandy Rios for a "rally" they held on the weekend before same sex couples could get legally wed in the state. Alan "Family Value" Keyes, threw his daughter out of his house when he found out that she was gay. He also called Vice President Cheney's daughter a "selfish hedonist."

No wonder Massresistance's Brian and Amy are such fans.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Pride - Love Romney & Healey

Our Absentee Ex-Governor Myth Romney is launching a radio ad in Iowa touting this anti-gay stance:

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney is launching a radio ad in Iowa touting the strength of his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Romney, who has come under criticism from conservatives for his past support of some gay rights issues, says he is the only major GOP candidate backing a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

He considers himself a "major" GOP candidate because he is fourth on the list of 4, now that's comedy. The web has been swamped with this document that was first featured on ABC:

I think the only place Romney is #1 in the presidential field is in his mind and on the list of candidates who have spent more of their own wealth trying to buy the presidency. To date Romney has spent over 9 million dollars of his own cash.

Bathrooms and Bigots

Yes, it's another hour of my life I'll never get back but I feel it's my duty to listen to these homophobes and expose their hatred while I can.

On this past weekend's show they had on Porno Pete LaBarbara from the anti-gay organization he started in Chicago and some guy running for the Congressional seat in the 5th district as a "Constitution" party candidate.

The first 30 minutes or so was dominated by Brian and Amy ranting on bathrooms. No, they weren't talking about Republican Senator Larry Craig having sex in the bathrooms, they were complaining about people Amy believes are transgendered people using the bathroom. Countless times Amy would reiterate "We're not the ones obsessed with bathrooms" and then go on to obsess with bathrooms. Amy appears to think that every woman who is above 6' is a man dressed in drag and just eager to sit in the stall next to her. Brian would occasionally chimed in but this segment was all Amy.

Let me just say that I think it's hilarious how Brian says they are taking "breaks" during the segments when there are no sponsors of his program. His "and we're back" is also funny since they didn't go anywhere. (Brian probably does this so anyone who downloads their radio shows will think they have sponsors) I also noticed on Saturday that the radio station explicitly says before and after the Massresistance program that "the opinions on this show DO NOT REFLECT the opinions of this station or owners". Wow that's strong language, they don't even say "May not reflect..."

In another "segment" Porno Pete LaBarbara talked about how they (the anti-gay bigots) are losing ground. He reported on one of this minions going to a gay/lesbian journalist conference and being shocked at all the corporate sponsorship (even Fox News was there).

We also found out that Massresistance and Porno Pete's groups are doing back to back fundraisers. Massresistance's is on October 4th and Porno Pete's is on October 5th and Ta Da, David Parker is speaking at both of them. Tickets for Porno Pete's shindig are a bit more pricey than Brian and Amy's dinner.

Finally they ended their hate fest with some guy running for the 5th district congressional seat. The only thing I got out of this "segment" is that Brian Camenker hates Republican challenger Jim Ogonowski because he supports civil unions and the elimination of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. You would think that a man like Jim Ogonowski who has 25 years of military service would know what he's talking about but I guess Brian, who I'm guessing has not had 25 years of military experience, thinks he knows better.

Knock Three Times on the Stall Door If You Want Me!

I knew this was coming:

US Senator's 'gay sting' sparks toilet tourism

But Minneapolis' new must-see tourist attraction tops them all, at least for lovers of an old fashioned political sex scandal.

Visitors from across the United States are flocking to the men's toilets at Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport to see the stall where Senator Larry Craig was arrested for making sexual advances towards an undercover male police officer.

I'm sure this stall will be getting a lot of action when the Republican Convention is held here next year!

Monday, September 17, 2007

In Memorial: Brett Somers

Sadly, Brett Somers past away on Saturday, September 15, 2007.

July 11, 1924 - September 17, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's a Play About Hate

I thought it was strange when Brian Camenker announced on the comeback Massresistance Radio show two weeks ago that Amy couldn't be with them because she was in Wyoming "researching" the Laramie Project.

Then to my surprise I read Massresistance's latest "update" on their site:

Parents in Acton fighting back: Holding community forum Oct. 3 -- featuring national speakers -- to expose homosexual play "The Laramie Project" being presented at high school!

Many of you may be aware of the pro-homosexual play "The Laramie Project" that's being presented in colleges and even high schools across the country. It's an extremely offensive piece of propaganda that uses the murder of the gay college student Matthew Shepard to push acceptance of homosexuality and horribly demonize Christians and others who have moral issues with homosexual behavior. It is also an extremely violent and profane work, meant to be psychologically jarring, with little value beyond that.

When the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School administration decided to have students produce the play this November, concerned parents in the Acton-Boxborough school district requested MassResistance’s assistance in answering back. While school officials declined to halt the production of this R-rated play, (even after pleadings from parents with school officials) the School Committee did agree to allow an alternative viewpoint forum to be held in the school auditorium for the community. This play is being pushed in several schools in Massachusetts beyond, and we hope that this forum can be used to help concerned parents everywhere to combat the message of the play -- that traditional religious values are dangerous and hateful, that “seeds of hate” exist in every community, and that homosexuality should be accepted and celebrated.

Here's the coverage in last Sunday's Boston Globe of the upcoming forum:

This promises to be VERY informative. Confirmed speakers include: James Lafferty, who attended the Matthew Shepard trial in Laramie, Wyoming; Linda Harvey, researcher on homosexual programs in the public schools, Stephen Bennett, former homosexual, now married with two children; Dr. John Diggs, internist and international lecturer on sexually transmitted diseases.

Acton-Boxborough Regional High School
Auditorium Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2007 7:30 pm
(Charter Rd, connecting Mass. Ave. & Hayward St.), just off intersection of Rts. 111 & 27 (Main St.).

So now we know who the "concerned parents" in Acton is. Bay Windows outed Amy from Acton in an article published in November 2005 which was then repeated by Article 8 in a fundraising "update". And now Massresistance A.K.A. Brian and Amy are trying to censor the play in the town's high school only the town isn't having any of it.

An alternative forum is going to be held at the high school with the typical Massresistance/Article 8 cast of characters. Since this forum is going to held on public school property I certainly hope that none of the speakers will be using their time to promote their religious views, although I'm sure the ACLU will be watching.

Who else but Massresistance would spin a play about a man who was murdered by two anti-gay bigots into an attack making the "Conservative Christians" victims? The "Christians" who are depicted in the play are the Fred Phelps "God Hates Fags" group. It makes more sense when you recall that the Fred Phelps' group were in Lexington supporting Mad Dad David Parker. Birds of a feather... It also makes sense now that Amy was so concerned about Acton adopting the "No Place for Hate" program. All the pieces are falling into place.

Monday, September 10, 2007

History Repeating Itself?

I never really got into history but my husband has always been so when we talk about current events he reminds me of similar things that have happened in the past and its outcome. Recently he recalled this story about Oscar Wilde (Which I've copied and paraphrased from Wikipedia).

Oscar Wilde was a famous playwright, he was also married to a woman, however, he was known to prefer the "comfort of men". In 1895 Wilde claimed he was libeled by Lord Alfred Douglas's father, the ninth Marquess of Queensberry, for leaving him a calling card at his club. The offending card read "For Oscar Wilde, posing Somdomite [sic]".

In the preparation for the libel trial, detectives for Queensberry found out about all about Wilde's homosexual activities which eventually came out at the trial. Subsequently Wilde was convicted of gross indecency and sentenced to two years' hard labour for being a homosexual

Now, does that sound similar to anything going on today?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

"Chrisitian" Bar Flunky Wants Court to Dismiss His Lawsuit

I posted about this idiot in July:
Stephen Dunne, 30, of Boston, is seeking $9.75 million in the suit against the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. He was denied a license to practice law in May after scoring 268.866 on the exam, just shy of the 270 passing grade.

Now this bar exam flunky is asking the court to dismiss his bogus claim:

A Boston man has asked a federal court to dismiss his lawsuit in which he claimed that his refusal to answer a Massachusetts bar exam question related to gay marriage caused him to fail the test.

Stephen Dunne, 30, maintained that answering the essay question would have violated his Irish Catholic beliefs and First Amendment rights, because it would imply his support of gay marriage and parenting.

But the kicker is that he claims the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners took "corrective action" and didn't include the "offensive" question in the July exam so it did what he wanted them to do, only the board had a different response:
But in court documents filed yesterday, the board’s attorney said the board has “not agreed to limit the content” of any future bar exams. The board’s decision not to include the same question on the July exam “merely reflects their standard practice of not repeating questions on successive bar examinations,” the court filing said.

When will someone file a lawsuit against this flunky who wasted the court's time and money for this ridiculous lawsuit. I'm sure if he ever passes the Massachusetts Bar there will be a line waiting outside his door for his services!

HT to Pam for unearthing this gem first!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Did Tagg Drop Another Bomb on the Romney Campaign?

There's an article in today's New York Times about Myth Romney's flip flop on gay rights:

Mr. Romney bristles when he is accused of shifting on the issue, as he has on abortion, pointing out that he has been consistent in personally opposing both marriage and civil unions between people of the same sex.
Given what Romney says now, it is interesting that he forgets his support for the Massachusetts Constitutional Amendment in March 2004 which defined marriage as "a union of one man and one woman" AND creates civil unions which would be the same as marriage but under a different name:
Many House Republicans followed Romney's urging to support the measure in order to get something on the ballot, and they provided the crucial margin on the final tally. Senator Jarrett T. Barrios, a Cambridge Democrat, said that means Romney personally can be held responsible for the amendment, even though he has come out against civil unions.

So once again, Romney, instead of taking a stance for "one man/one woman marriage" and against civil unions supported the creation of civil unions because it was better than nothing. There was an interesting section in the NY Times article that struck me:

Mr. Romney’s eldest son, Tagg, 37, says that back in the early 1990s, he told his father privately that he was thinking about becoming a Democrat.

His father sat him down to dissuade him, taking him through the differences between Republicans and Democrats. Tagg Romney says he does not remember his father’s talking about abortion, another issue that has troubled his candidacy, but he does remember being warned that Democrats would lead the country toward same-sex marriage.

Take heed social conservatives! Romney was more concerned about same sex marriage, which hadn't even occurred yet than he was about abortions which were happening for over 2 decades. Was anyone even thinking about same-sex marriage in the early 90"s (other than Romney?)

There also that inconsistent notion of Romney that same-sex marriage is worst than abortion otherwise why would he be for a federal constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriages but not to ban abortions?

HT to Pam for alerting us on this update

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Republican Senator Larry Craig Resigns

Republican Senator Larry Craig is announcing his resignation in Boise Idaho right now. He has surrounded himself with his family. The Governor has even showed up.

He's humbled by all the people who are standing next to him. The governor has always stood behind me as he is standing behind him now. (he should have been standing by him in the airport bathroom).

He loves Idaho. He apologizes to his family. Apparently he cannot devote 100% of his time because he's pursuing other legal options. He resigning on Sept. 30th. He said it would be an unfair distraction to Idaho.

He's very humbled by the support he has received from everyone (except the GOP?) He didn't take questions and he's off.

In other news, the bathroom sex protocol has now changed. No longer is tapping your foot under the stall wall appropriate. Now all you have to do is knock on the wall and say "Is that you Senator?"

Live Blogging of Massresistance's Comeback Radio Show

I will try to blog live the Massresistance Radio Show which is being played live on 1330 AM. Right now there is another show going on. Because of my poor language skills I'm not sure what language it is, it sounds like Portuguese but I'm not sure.

There's a short announcement at the beginning at the beginning that it's a paid program and do not represent the opinions station WRCR. Brian has a new costar, some guy named Jeff.

Amy's not on because she's "researching" the Laramie Project in Wyoming. Brian is spouting lies about the play "The Laramie Project". He should team up with Fred Phelps since he doesn't like it either. Brian would like to get the play removed from high schools because of it's violent content.

NEWS!!!! Mad Dad Parker AND C.J. Doyle are going to be on!!!!! (See yesterday's post)

Brian's partner is a guy named Ari (sp?) who apparently does speaking engagements for Massresistance on transgender issues, who knew he was an expert?

They are afraid of the spread of "transgenderism" and desensitizing the public about it. Brian notes that no one else talks about it like they do. Ari and Brian are laughing about gender neutral bathrooms. Brian wants someone to do something about it.

Ari doesn't know what gender neutral means and has problems deciding whether he could use the bathroom or not. Because they record their program they have no comment on Emerson College's move to make their bathrooms gender neutral.

Brian's misrepresenting the nominee for the Mass SJC by saying that she donated money to Gov. Patrick.

Mad Dad Parker is Next!

Brian recounting Mad Dad Parker's arrest because "he was there", doesn't mention that he was snapping pictures of the event. Mad Dad Parker is present in the studio himself (must be taking a break between PR and Chicago). Brian can't believe that a "human being let alone a judge" would write what the judge wrote when he dismissed Parker's federal case. Brian doesn't like that GLSEN and PFlag filed briefs against Parker's appeal.

David Parker is now an expert on transgender issues. "It's all a lie"

Brian thinks the next step for the "homosexual movement" is for to dress like women because they already act like women.

Brian is upset that GLAD is "pushing the envelop" for GLBT people. Parker wants to know what a GLBT family is. I guess he hasn't seen Rosie O'Donnell's family. Brian says that we want to change the definition of family. Brian says this is really "frightening stuff" (he has already used "chilling" at least once.)

Halfway mark: Everyone is "God blessing everyone else" There are no commercials on this show because they are buying the airtime.

C.J. Doyle is on!!!

C.J. is talking about the marriage vote in June and bringing up some story about the Knights of Columbus (this is very old news) upset at the those "Knights" in the Mass. Legislature voting to uphold the MA SJC's decision. C.J. is calling House Leader DeMasi a "defector" from the Catholic Church. Interesting in listening to C.J. talk in that he uses the terms "same sex or same gender" marriage and not "homosexual" marriage (which Brian uses).

CJ wants the Knights of Columbus to rise up and get rid of the Mass Legislators. He wants people who know Knights to call them and tell them to get rid of them. (CJ talks VERY fast likes he's had 5 grandes from StarBucks with extra shots of espresso.)

Brian uses the term "Oh Boy" that's a change from the "Oh Man" which he has made so popular.

Breaktime: Again no sponsors so just some electronic music. BTW, they are not using the widely poplar music at the beginning of their show. I'm guessing it was WTTT's music and they couldn't take it with them.

Their last segment they are talking about the ADL and the "No Place for Hate" Campaign. Brian thinks ADL is inventing things because there is no overt discrimination anymore (he gave examples of Jews being discriminated against when he was younger) Brian thinks that kids put swastika's on things to get attention from higher ups likes Mayors. Brian said he would have done it too to get attention (wow! that's scary)

Ah, now we get to the heart of the hate for ADL, it's because of their collaboration with MassEquality and other "liberal mindsets" Ari just called Rush Limbaugh "The GREAT Rush Limbaugh" I wonder what Ari thinks of doctor shopping for prescription drugs.

Ari talking about the "homosexuals" manufacturing issues like bullying.

The show's over. Some announcer is telling people where to send money to listen.

Another announcement that the view of the following program do not represent the station, the station's staff or the company who owns the station, pretty explicit that they want nothing to do with Massresistance's anti-gay views.