Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gays Responsible for New Orleans Damage

The devastation in the South is terrible. Our prayers go out to all those affected by this hurricane. Typically people come together when something like this happens, however the times are achanging and I was wondering how long it would take. Repent America, an evangelical Christian group that regularly demonstrates at LGBT events is blaming gays for hurricane Katrina. reports that Repent America is saying that New Orleans was destroyed by God because of Southern Decadence (SD), the gay festival that was to have taken place in the city over the Labor Day weekend. By the way, Southern Decadence has been going on for over 30 years, don't you think God would have stopped it after year 1?

The head of Repent America is Michael Marcavage:

"Let us pray for those ravaged by this disaster. However, we must not forget that the citizens of New Orleans tolerated and welcomed the wickedness in their city for so long," Marcavage said.

"May this act of God cause us all to think about what we tolerate in our city limits, and bring us trembling before the throne of Almighty God," Marcavage concluded.

This is the same Michael Marcavage who was at the Philadelphia Outfest yelling Bible passages to drown out the events on stage. After being arrested, Marcavage was used as a tool by the American Family Association to raise money for their anti-gay causes.

I guess the fact that the French Quarter, where the SD events take place and were the least damaged areas of New Orleans doesn't matter. These "Christians" use any incident to bash gays and lesbians. First we're responsible for terrorist attacks and now, natural disasters. How truly sad.

Heterosexual Parents Make Sex Noises For the Kids?

Well, this post just disgusts me. I was reading today's Massresistance Post and I've got to say I am floored. I have written in the past that she is obsessed with sex but now she has crossed the line to talking about children and sex (Oh, and for the record, she's identifying as a man now!!?!) Here are some examples:
The attempted normalization of homosexual, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, questioning, or polyamorous "marital" arrangements has changed everything. Where once we would have said that a pre-school picture book with scenes of families (with a mommy and a daddy) going about their daily activities was NOT about sex, once a two-daddy family is included, it IS about sex -- even for the traditional families portrayed.
Do you follow her logic? Who is talking about polyamorous martial arrangements, are we in Utah now? Does it make sense when she says showing two daddies in a cartoon book is talking about sex but a mommy and a daddy is not? What kind of sick & perverted mind would think this way? (of course she's trying to make us think that children think this way) She goes on:
From the time a child comes into the world, he observes his parents (one male, one female) interact. Sometimes they hug or kiss. And yes, he registers the fact that they sleep in the same bed. And sometimes the bedroom door is locked and he hears noises. This is a child's normal introduction to sex. It is simply put before him in the context of normal, healthy family activities. Pictures of a normal two-parent family in a picture book do convey a message to the child: This is a family.
YIKES! Is that why I'm gay because I didn't hear my parents have sex? This is sick stuff, NOISES!! This is a normal introduction to sex? My parents are heterosexual, how come I'm gay? Is it because I didn't hear there noises? But wait, there's more:
If a young child is presented with a novel, unusual image of a family, with two mommies or two daddies (or three daddies?), the child will naturally next wonder if they kiss and hug and share a bed. How do they make babies? It's the perversion of normal relations that brings in SEX on a level beyond that a kindergartner should be dealing with. Then, it becomes a lesson on SEX at a level covered by state law protecting parental rights.
Three daddies? She must have meant a mommy & daddy and Msgr. Eugene Clark, now that's a family. She then assumes a child's mind will go from seeing two mommies to imagining two mommies getting it on in the same bed, is she for real? I remember my childhood, it was about playing games and bothering my sister, there were no thoughts of sex although I used to dream about Robin, of Batman & Robin, and I wanted to be friends with him. The kicker is the last paragraph:
The Parker case is about "coercive indoctrination" of vulnerable, very young children. The homosexual activists know how powerful images are in their brainwashing campaign. That's why they're putting this book into little children's hands without parental knowledge.
If you haven't followed the Parker drama, the book in question was part of a diversity book bag which was OPTIONAL. Additionally, it was talked about at a school meeting in which at least one of the Parker's attended when the parents were told the diversity book bag was OPTIONAL and they could OPT OUT of it. But they didn't. I really recommend you read her entire entry, it is quite shocking and give a lot of insight to the individual who wrote it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Well, it IS One Man & One Woman

This is a story that would resonate with Article 8, Massresistance and the folks over at the Mass "Family" Institute. It's certainly not a same sex marriage so it's good that the people of Kansas uphold traditional marriage beliefs.
Rape Charge Follows Marriage to a 14-Year-Old
He is 22, she is 14 AND the mother of his child. They had to go from Nebraska to Kansas to get married with the consent of her parents. Kansas is one of the few states in the US that allows people as young as 12 to get married, well, as long as they are not marrying a same sex partner.

Mr. Koso faces up to 50 years in prison, and Mr. Bruning said he was considering additional charges based on complaints that Mr. Koso had sex with other young girls in the past. Mr. Koso's lawyer would not allow him to discuss that, but his mother said he told her that he had dated only one other girl under 16 and that they did not have sex.

For now, Mr. Koso, out on $5,000 bond, sits in the basement of his parents' home, where the walls are papered with the pink-and-purple, heart-filled love notes that his wife, a ninth-grader, scribbled on notebook paper in class. A crib crammed next to the bed has Winnie the Pooh sheets to match the keychain dangling from her schoolgirl purse.

The couple named their 7-pound, 1-ounce baby girl, born Thursday morning, Samara Ann Koso, after a character in the horror movie "The Ring."

In Kansas, five girls under 15 were married in 2003, three in 2002 and six in 2001. To her credit, Governor Kathleen Sebelius [of Kansas], embarrassed by her state's status as one of the few allowing children as young as 12 to marry, has said she will propose a raise in the minimum age when the Legislature reconvenes in January. However, this past year, Kansas voted to ban same sex marriages by a 70% vote. They do have their priorities straight don't they.

The attorney general in Nebraska, Jon Bruning, is still prosecuting Mr. Koso, although:
Mr. Bruning said he was shocked that more than 80 percent of the 250 people - most from outside Nebraska - who had contacted his office opposed the prosecution. Similar sentiment abounds here in Falls City...
And people are surprised when groups like believe that an amendment banning same sex marriage should NEVER be up for a vote.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Erasing on the Web is Useless

I wrote a few days ago about David Parker, that "alleged trespasser" from Lexington who put up a website begging for money and posting a blog. Well, apparently, from what he posted on the blog, "his wife was away for the weekend and scolded him for commenting on the blog"
I want to forewarn everyone that I have been directed to shut down the blog comments. Wife not happy. It stresses her to see people criticize her beloved husband. She was away for the weekend and I couldn't resist.

So, in response, he removed all the comments that were made to the blog and all the comments HE made on the blog. However, I received a copy of all the comments with responses.

I'll try and list all the responses here. If you'd like a copy, email me.

Parker Supporters Picket U.S. GI Funerals

Supporters of David Parker are now picketing soldiers funerals:
The Rev. Fred Phelps, founder of Westboro Baptist in Kansas, contends that American soldiers are being killed in Iraq as vengeance from God for protecting a country that harbors gays. The church, which is not affiliated with a larger denomination, is made up mostly of Phelps' children, grandchildren and in-laws.
These are the same people that were here earlier this year to lend David Parker support in his fight to dictate school teachings. Parker tried to distance himself from these supporters but hey, they both want the same thing, elimination of gay and lesbian rights.

Friday, August 26, 2005

And I Thought Chaos Was a Group Out to Get Maxwell Smart

The Mass legislature met and they scheduled the Consitutional Convention for September 14 @ 1:00. This will be the first time the real pro-family forces (those people who want protection for ALL families, gay or straight) and the anti-gay family people meet up since last year. The strange question is who will be there to support this current amendment?

Last year, the Mass Anti-Family Institute bused in their supporters wearing their yellow stickers. The Pro Family groups had their supporters with their red stickers (I agree with the SJC).

As soon as we were allowed to enter the State House in the morning we made our way to the hall in front of the chamber. We were quickly surrounded by people chanting at us. I imagined what it was like in Salem in the 1600's except luckily these people didn't have stones. A woman in front of me held her bible in the air and started praying over me. She said I was going to hell. Another person next to me appeared to be speaking in tongues or what they thought speaking in tongues was, it wasn't pretty.

Inside the State house, we were singing patriotic songs, they were chanting words of hate and discrimination (many of them didn't even understand what they were saying.) A group I was standing next to were there for a set number of hours and were starting to complain to their "leader" that they were promised food, they weren't even from Massachusetts. The leader eventually brought in some McDonalds for them.

Like preachers on the 700 Club, they promised chaos on May 17th. Doom and gloom for Massachusetts after gay couples start getting married.

Hilary and Julie got married. The earth revolved on its axis around the sun. The Red Sox won the World series. A Tsunami devastated part of the world that didn't have same sex marriage. The Patriots won the Superbowl (again!). More young people died in Iraq.

So now we have to wait a couple of weeks more. Who will show up? Who will be bused in? Will Fred Phelps and his kin show up? Will Article 8 conjure up another "incident" and blame it on same sex couples getting married which Massresistance will then contradict by saying gay couples marrying is still illegal? We shall see.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

We'll Always Have Paris

Ms. Massresistance must be back from vacation since she's back full force attacking others. In today's post she's back to attack BAGLY. She accuses BAGLY of "recruiting" teens for sex changes because they are offering a pre-screening of a documentary about 4 college students who are going through gender transition.

You know, I have seen MANY straight romantic movies going up and it never enticed me to kiss, let alone date a woman. I guess I give more credit to the youth who are involved with BAGLY. Possibly Ms. Massresistance is easily swayed by movies and the media so she is more likely to run out and have a sex change after watching such a show. I doubt the teens will.

Love Won Out

I just loved this story so much that I wanted to post a picture of two beautiful birds.

Everyday People

The following is a lovely Globe Editorial in today's (August 24, 2005) paper:

LISTING SAME-SEX marriages and commitment ceremonies in the traditional ''Weddings" pages of newspapers was controversial when it began a few years ago. But anyone reading about the gay couples in the newspaper cannot help but see how utterly ordinary they are -- or should be.

Wedding announcements often include smiling pictures and mini-biographies: where the couple grew up, their professions and college degrees, sometimes a bit about their parents or where they plan to take their honeymoon. In the past few weeks, The Boston Globe and The New York Times wedding pages have included a handful of gay couples who have had their weddings performed in Massachusetts or Canada, two places where gay marriage is legal. Other than tending to be slightly older than the other couples featured, there is little to distinguish the same-sex announcements from the heterosexual ones. Here is a selection:

A senior lecturer at Harvard Business School weds a manager of a clothing store chain. One is the son of a postal worker from Salem, Mass. The other's mother is the retired organist at a Savannah, Ga., Episcopal church.

A manager of human resources who works at Travelers Insurance Co. marries an assistant professor of human development at the State University of New York. One has a master's degree in public administration, the other has a PhD in psychology. Their parents are from Alabama and Texas.

A Boston charter school administrator weds a recruitment specialist for Teach for America seven years after the two met at a training institute in Houston. One has a master's degree in special education. The other is the daughter of a special education teacher in Oregon.

These six brides and grooms are of different races, geographic regions, and economic classes. They are as representative of the population as any other group. When they are not making history by getting married, they are no doubt working, paying taxes, eating breakfast, and grumbling about the weather like everyone else. Fifteen months after the first gay marriages were performed in Massachusetts, opponents still insist that they somehow undermine society. Not content with a proposed compromise constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage but approve civil unions -- which this page opposes as discriminatory -- they continue to roil emotions by pressing for government decrees that sharing a lifetime is something reserved for heterosexuals.

The stories of the gay marriages already happening are simply tales of commitment, hope, and love. They are not even a reason to stop the presses.

Another One Bites the Dust

This is old news for those of you who read Bay Windows, however, the Globe Covers it today:
State Representative Anthony Petruccelli, an ally of Senate President Robert E. Travaglini, has told a local newspaper he will not vote for a proposed amendment to ban gay marriage and create civil unions that Travaglini sponsored last year. Petruccelli's decision is the latest signal that the amendment -- which he backed last year -- could be headed for defeat in the second and crucial vote by the Legislature expected later this year. Petrucelli, an East Boston Democrat, told Bay Windows that legalized gay marriage has ''made stronger unions among people who have not had the opportunity up until that time to get married."

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Money Makes the World Go Around

A reader wrote to alert me about a new website created by David Parker which asks for money (what else?) In addition, there is a blog on the site, which we are to assume is written by him (does his lawyer know?) One of the funny comments has Parker saying that this whole issue isn't about a book:
To a fellow parent for respect: I don't know how many times I have to repeat that this is not about a cartoon picture book.
to which an astute commenter responds:

You continue to duck and dodge the real issue behind the "cartoon picture book." What do pictures, stories, anecdotes, or any other representation of the makeup of an individual child's family have to do with sex and sexuality? And if two moms and their daughter washing the family dog IS about sex, then why isn't two heterosexual parents and their child sitting down to a meatloaf dinner about sex?

And while we're hanging around the schoolhouse, let's try to play straight on another issue: no one challenges your right to engage in an act of civil disobedience. But it is disingenuous at the least and patently dishonest at the worst to claim that such an act was, in fact, thrust upon you by the malevolent forces of overzealous political correctness. You are not a martyr for "parents rights," political Christianity, or virile, red-blooded, American heterosexuality. You engaged in a meeting that went up to and beyond the school's closing time. When informed that everyone was leaving and the school was to be locked for night, you said, according to the Lexington Police Department, "If I'm not under arrest, I'm not leaving." Then, somehow, you and/or your allies managed to turn out the local Boston media to witness your arrest for trespassing. Then, somehow, your entire e-mail correspondence with the Lexington schools appears on the Article 8 website. Then, given the opportunity to post bail and go home to your family you CHOOSE to spend the night in jail, "to make a point." Then, somehow, almost every right-wing political Christian website and weblog is parroting your obfuscatory version of events (including the history, distribution process, and usage guidelines of the "diversity book bag") and championing you as some kind of hero of heterosexual righteousness.

Again, as someone who lived through the 60s and 70s in this country, I will always defend someone's right to engage in civil disobedience. But to then pretend that in fact you were persecuted for your views, beliefs, or as some of your supporters claim, your religious faith, is the height of hypocrisy and dishonesty.

And don't forget to catch the rally to support David Parker which will be held in Lexington on September 5th. Mass Anti-Family Institute has all the information here. I wonder if Parker's lawyer told him to distance himself from Article 8 because it's not listed on their website? Mass Anti-Family says:
They oppose Lexington school administrators having a father arrested and taking out a restraining order against him, just for disagreeing with the way they run our schools.
Again, and I'll speak s l o w l y. He wasn't arrested because he disagreed with the way the school was run, he was arrested because he refused to leave the school after the school administrators and police told him to leave.

You Write the Caption!

Newton North High School parents Kim Cariani Perakis, and Brian Camenker were forced to leave ToBGLAD Day. (Boston Herald Photo)
This gruesome twosome were video taping students in Newton in December before being asked to leave by the principal. You gotten give it to them Article 8'ers, they bring their camera EVERYWHERE, and they LOVE tape recording kids. Article 8 has a track record of holding up somewhere until the police are called. In this case they left (unlike David Parker). They were ejected for the safety and security of the students. Look at those faces, would you want to subject YOUR kids to that?

Where do they Stand Now?

No new news (is there ever?) from Article 8 in today's update, they just rehash something they had on last week, although they do highlight a very homophobic letter Camenker wrote to the Boston Herald.

Tomorrow is another meeting of the Constitutional Convention, although they are not expected to vote on anything. They are expected to schedule the dates for the future sessions. This got me thinking. Article 8 is surely not for same sex couples getting married AND they are not for civil unions (which is the gist of the current amendment up for vote). However, they do not support the latest homophobic amendment that Mass "Family" Institute is trying to put forth, so where do they stand?

Granted they are still advocating for the removal of the Mass. Supreme Court Justices, which is never going to happen, so which side are they on?

Will they show up at the State house for the next constitutional Convention with their ludicrous signs?

Will the Mass "Family" people show up to make sure the current amendment is voted down?

Who will take Ron Crews spot in the limelight?

Who will hire all the foreigners to chant in a language that they don't know: "Let the People Vote"?

Monday, August 22, 2005


Article 8 is scaring up a few more tidbits to try and frighten people about same sex couples getting married. If you live in Massachusetts, have you seen the CHAOS? Well, besides one man holding up in an elementary school, who is HETEROSEXUAL and men dressing in drag as the Mass Supreme Court Justice and burning the Mass. Constitution.

Article 1: CA Supreme Courtsays country clubs must treat "domestic partners" as married couple, despite successful referendum by people.

In this article, horror of horrors, California requires same sex couples (who can't get married no matter how many years they have been together) to be treated GASP! like opposite sex couples, say it isn't so!

Article 2: British court orders that confessed pedophile must be allowed to work with children

This article, which goes back to 2003, addresses the issue of a man who confessed to a peer to having thoughts of "loving" children even though he had never been convicted of an actual crime. However, what does this have to do with same sex couples getting married? Intelligent people know that most pedophiles are heterosexual. Article 8 again uses threat tactics that they accuse the "homosexual activists" of using:
As we've often feared, when does pedophilia become just another "sexual orientation" that becomes normalized and demands legal protection. The City of Boston has already passed a law giving cross-dressers the same civil rights status as blacks. It's only a matter of time before the courts go down this road, too.
I wonder if they were against giving civil rights to blacks too?

Article 3: Man fired from Allstate Insurance Co. for privately writing article critical of homosexual behavior

This is a story that Article 8 headlined last week and apparently wanted to resurrect it. Read the story, last time I looked, a company can fire anyone for any reason as long it is not protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights act. The guy in the story is suing Allstate because he claims he was fired for his religious opinions. The problem is, the guy who wrote the story denouncing same-sex marriage and the "destructive nature ... of the homosexual lifestyle." never mentioned the Bible in his critique. Legal scholars say the man doesn't have a leg to stand on, however, that doesn't stop him from taking legal action.

Have You Read the News?

I have never addressed Massnews on here before, but since Article 8 and Massresistance keep posting stories that happened decades ago, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane.

Mass News is an online "Conservative Voice" in Massachusetts. It has gotten tamer in the past few months and was as crazy as Article 8 at its pinnacle. Ms. Massresistance even wrote for it! However, every since J. Edward Pawlick gave up editing duties to do PR for one of his "books" it has calmed down. It was the stepping stone that Article 8 needed to push their views. This trip down memory lane looks at predictions Mass News made for 2004. Can you spot how many came true?
  • Senate President Robert Travaglini will be rejected by the voters in 2004 when his position on gay marriage and civil unions becomes clear. He will not bother to run for re-election and will return to the political dustbin as Sen. Tom Birmingham and Shannon O'Brien did in 2002. So far, he has not learned from their mistakes.
  • Many of the other 137 legislators who voted to violate the state's Constitution on July 17, 2002, will choose not to run for reelection, as Cheryl Jacques has already done. If they do choose to run again, they will stand an excellent chance of being defeated, not by an organization but by angry voters.
  • Pinch Sulzberger will be fired as Chairman by the New York Times before May 2004.
  • Chief Justice Margaret Marshall will resign before May 2004, which is the month she has ordered that everyone must report back to her. She has proven she is no longer fit to be a judge in her adopted country.

Did you spot which one came true? If you guessed O you are correct. I'll end with a quote by Pawlick in April 2004:

In other words, Marshall rushed this through so that the full implications of her ruling would not be understood until it was too late. If she is not removed from her perch of power before May 17, the state will be thrust into chaos from which it will be impossible to recover.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Dressing Up in a Costume is NOT Just for the Children

Is this what you want for your father?
Photo credit: Article 8
Unknown man from Article 8 dressed up in drag "burning" a copy of the Massachusetts Constitution at an Article 8 rally.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hero's & Villains

Hey there everyone, just wanted to give you an update from Gay Ole Provincetown, Massachusetts. It has been a glorious week so far and the Carnival celebrations are just getting underway. The town is packed with homos AND heteros.

Carnival week was originally started by the Provincetown Business Community to get more tourists into town and has really taken off. Tomorrow's parade is usually seen by thousands. This year's carnival Theme is "Hero's and villains" and guess who I'm going as: Ms. Massresistance herself! Just kidding, I don't want scare the children!

If you do get to Provincetown you have to check out Varla Jean Merman's latest show, "I'm Not Paying for This" it's a hoot. She clearly is one of the best performers on the Cape (if not the best!) You can check her out at Varla Online. Come down, you'll have a Gay Ole Time!

Article 8 Needs to STOP Lying

Once again Article 8 misleads and lies about the facts. In Tuesday's posting they talk about homosexual activists "terrorizing" churches. They say:
In June, homosexual activists picketed a church in Natick that allowed David Parker to speak.
The event they are talking about here is the rally which Article 8 set up. At first glance they try to make it appear that it's a church function which is far from the truth. This is no different than protesting outside a building that the Klu Klux Klan rented out to hold a rally, Article 8 was holding a rally and needed someplace to spew its hatred, this church offered its building. Come on Article 8, speak the truth. They go on:
But the ex-gay movement features a message that the homosexual activists vehemently want to stop: that people can be healed from the pain and suffering of homosexual behavior by embracing God. The fact that thousands of people have successfully done so is a testament to the healing process which gay activists do not want the public to hear.
Again no truth here. I won't go into details here, however check out Ex-Gay Watch . They cover all the goings on of the Ex-gay ministries. I will amend something Article 8 claims. Through those programs they claim to heal pain and suffering by embracing Jesus not just God. I wonder how it works if you're Jewish or a non-Christian? Ex-Gay Watch also reports that the people who have "claimed" to be "healed" of homosexuality are now working for the ministries and if there are "thousands" where are they all (the ex-gay ministries make the claim of healing hundreds of thousands!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Stories NOT on Article 8 or Massresistance

Article 8 and Massresistance are always saying how "depraved" and "morally corrupt" the homosexual community is. They try to back their illogic with examples of events that happened months even decades ago. So today I bring you current examples of articles and links that Article 8 refuses to acknowledge exists (if they did acknowledge them would be work to ban heterosexuality?):

And they say that homosexuals are bad! With all the stuff that heterosexuals do, you'd think that someone would be trying to take away their rights.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Nature Calls

There is an interesting article in the Boston Globe Magazine entitled "What Makes People Gay? "

The author introduces us to a family with identical twin boys, however, one boy is clearly more feminine than the other. He leads us from this family to studies on other gay families and the studies that have been completed about being born gay. In the course of his research he says that one study seems to debunk other studies and that essentially the research is unfunded. (Do you really think the Republicans want to fund research that might prove that homosexuality is actually genetic?). He does make a bold conclusion however:
Still, no matter how imperfect these studies are, when you put them all together and examine them closely, the message is clear: While post-birth development may well play a supporting role, the roots of homosexuality, at least in men, appear to be in place by the time a child is born. After spending years sifting through all the available data, British researchers Glenn Wilson and Qazi Rahman come to an even bolder conclusion in their forthcoming book Born Gay: The psychobiology of Sex Orientation, in which they write: "Sexual orientation is something we are born with and not `acquired' from our social environment."

And the mother of the twins.
Meanwhile, the mother of twins Patrick and Thomas has done her own sifting and come to her own conclusions. She says her son's feminine behavior suggests he will grow up to be gay, and she has no problem with that. She just worries about what happens to him between now and then.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Casting Stones

I wrote a few weeks ago about the Catholic Church in Canada who is denying baptism to children of gay and lesbian couples. Well, this past week the United States Catholics were in the news. It seems Msgr. Eugene Clark, a rector at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, was involved in, what should be call it, a sex scandal where he was caught by his secretary's husband's private eye obtaining and entering a motel with her. The New York Daily News reports:

Clark has been rector of St. Patrick's in midtown Manhattan since 2001 and has often celebrated Mass there when the cardinal was away. In 2002, he blamed the church's sex-abuse scandal on "the campaign of liberal America against celibacy." "Homosexuality became in the American exchange of views a protected area," he said.

Archdiocesan spokesman Joseph Zwilling had said Wednesday that Clark was not asked to step down as rector because unlike priests who were accused of molesting boys, he was not accused of anything illegal and was denying the allegations.

Ironically, homosexuality is legal (between adults) and same sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts however that never stopped the church from denouncing either. This "Man of the Church", who later recanted comments he made about gays and lesbians, launched a new salvo within months of recanting, accusing gays of destroying Catholic family life.

I guess he knows all about destroying family's lives.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Article 8's Big Lie

Article 8's Friday posting is called: "The Big Lie and the propaganda war" In this post they say that homosexuals adopted the Big Lie Technique from the Nazi's.

The Big Lie technique (like other remnants of Nazism and the Nazi movement) has been a focus of the homosexual movement since it coalesced in the late 1980s and began to use the media on a large scale.
They go on:

At that time Jews in fact made up about 1% of the population of Germany and did not have any serious power in government. But the Nazi propaganda machine began to tell people constantly, over and over, in every possible way, that the Jews were taking over the government, destroying the economy, literally and figuratively poisoning the population, and were responsible for every imaginable evil. They said that the only way the people could be saved was if society was completely "cleaned" of all Jews. Looking back, it was an absurd idea that went against all common sense. But it eventually became the standard, accepted belief in Germany and neighboring countries.
While they try to equate this to what the "homosexual movement" is doing, this is exactly what Article 8, Massresistance and the Christian right has been trying to do these past few years. I wrote about this a few months ago , parallels to the movement against Gays and Lesbians and the Nazi's.

They want people to believe that gays and lesbians ARE abnormal and are outraged when people question their tactics of calling homosexuals mentally disturbed. However, most of the time their actions just highlight their own inadequancies.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Birds Do It

In today's Globe, there is an article about the two swans in the public garden:

Boston's beloved pair of swans -- feted by city leaders, residents, and tourists alike as one of the Hub's most celebrated summer attractions - are a same-sex couple. Yes, scientific tests have shown that the pair, named Romeo and Juliet, are really Juliet and Juliet.

Once again, nature calls. Luckily the swans are in Massachusetts, because if they were in some other state I'm sure James Dobson of the Focus on the Family would be calling in the Ex-Gays to provide a conversion. A bit more disturbing is the comment by the Parks spokesperson:
''Each year when the swans go in, the kids immediately come to us and say, 'Which one's Romeo, and which one's Juliet?' " parks spokeswoman Mary Hines said yesterday in response to a Globe inquiry. ''It's just like one of those fairy tales; why spoil it?"
Spoil what? Oh, that's right, I forgot we also live in the state where transplanted and accused trespasser David Parker lives. We're not supposed to tell children the truth that the swans are actually, gasp, a same-sex couple! We're supposed to lie to them. Question: Do you think David Parker will think twice before he takes his child on the swan boats or anywhere near the public garden now?'
'I think this proves that there's something in the environment in Massachusetts," Brian Camenker, director of the Article 8 Alliance, a Waltham-based organization fighting same-sex marriage, joked in a telephone interview. ''Maybe it's the water that's causing all this lunacy."
Of course Brian Camenker has to get in on the story, I guess he's the only lunatic the Globe can turn to for outrageous statements. For the record Brian, it's called nature and its natural. Although I'm sure he's trying to link the swans to some GLSEN or same-sex marriage event. He's probably thinking "Those homos MADE the swans gay, seeing all those same-sex couples in the park"

The best line (and last) in the piece goes to Marty Rouse, campaign director of MassEquality:
''We should still cherish and love our swans, no matter whom they choose to swim with."

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Article 8: Speak No Truth, Hear No Truth, See No Truth

Article 8 is on a roll with old news. In today's hate-o-rama they attack safe zones in high schools. Safe zones (indicated by a safe place/zone sticker) are intended to provide a visible sign to both gay and straight people that the person displaying it is approachable about GLBT issues. Displaying a sticker lets others know that you support full participation and equitable treatment of GLBT people. Article 8 opens their tirade with:
The latest -- and most psychologically devious -- push by homosexual activists to get into the minds of vulnerable schoolchildren is the use of "safe zones" in public schools.
First of all, safe zones have been around for awhile and are all around the country (so Article 8, you can't blame this on same sex couples marrying). I recall learning about them in the 90's sometime so for them to claim it's the "latest", well, like I said before, someone needs to bring them into the 21st century. As for "getting into the minds of vulnerable schoolchildren" I think Article 8 and David Parker are doing that. Besides, we're not trying to "recruit", we're trying to repair the damage people like Article 8, Massresistance, Focus on the Family, etc.... have done to children AND adults. They go on:
The counselors suggest the kids that maybe the reason they're "different" is that they're actually gay, and are repressing their true selves by not "coming out." The process of coming out, they tell kids, is very important to their overall well-being. And in addition, these counseling sessions must be done in secret, they say, for the protection of the kids.
This is an outright lie. No counselor is going to suggest to a child that he/she maybe gay, no way, no how. Who knows where they get their information, maybe it's from the same people who tell them what the Gay Agenda is. I think they make up it as they go along.

Schools aren't the only ones who do safe zones/safe places, companies do it also. The Kimberly Clark Corporation also has a Safe Place Program.

The Postman Rings Twice

There are a whole bunch of "Letters to the Editor" in this weeks Lexington Minuteman all responding to either David Parker's hearing last week on trespassing charges or letters that were in the Minuteman last week. I wanted to highlight a couple that I thought were outstanding.

Robert Schineider actually went to the Concord Court house last week to witness the hearing. He wrote:
On Aug. 2, my wife and I went to the Concord District Court House to follow the trespassing hearing of David Parker. When we arrived we were greeted by more than 20 Parker supporters holding professionally printed signs that said things like, "No Trespassing on Parental Rights!" Some also held signs that read, "David Parker jailed for being Christian" and "Sue the Lexington Public Schools, Chapter 71, Section 32A." The only David Parker supporters from Lexington that I recognized were: Lorraine Fournier, Jed Snyder, Jesse Segovia and Iang Jeon. Certainly there may have been a few more. I do know that at least one of his supporters was from Carlisle, another from as far away as Western Mass., and of course Brian Camenker of Newton representing his Article 8 Alliance.
Hmm...Article 8 was touting all the people who were there to support Parker and now we find out that only a few, 4 in fact were actually from Lexington. Schineider makes a very good point:
Therefore such a discussion must be the same as "human sexual education or human sexuality issues." By this logic, any picture of a mom and a dad, or discussion of a mom and dad must also fall into this same category, since, in most cases, sex is involved when a heterosexual couple have children.
Another writer, Vicky Parker (who I believe is no relation to David Parker), writes:
I am sure that Mr. Parker is not the only parent who has been frustrated in obtaining what they believed would be right and healthy for their children from the Lexington Public Schools. If each of those other parents refused to leave meetings with school officials unless physically removed from the building, our police force would be very busy. Some parents have pursued their grievances with the schools through legal channels. Other parents have made the decision, at great cost, to enroll their children in private schools that more fully meet their needs.
You know, it's amazing when cool minded people actually think about the situation they can act rationally and without causing a disturbance. David Parker on the other hand is getting everything he wanted, except for the Town of Lexington to cave into his demands.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Fun For the Whole Family!

Well, Ms. Massresistance is taking a vacation. Where is she going? LaSalette Shrine? Jerusalem? Mississippi? Heritage USA (Oh that's right they went bankrupt after Jimmy Bakker had an affair)? No:
Even the Resistance has to take a breather once in a while. So postings will be sporadic and unpredictable over the next few weeks. We plan to reacquaint ourselves with Henry James, practice our skills so wonderfully protected by the Second Amendment, and maybe take a few day trips to Provincetown. In the meantime, watch for good stuff being posted DAILY on Article 8 Alliance. We will return!
Like Daniel going into the Lion's Den (at least I bet that's how she looks at it). Well, guess what? I'm going to be in Ptown for the next couple of weeks too. I will have to keep my camera handy and see if I can spot as anonymous homophobic "blogger" taking pictures of the residents. My guess is that she will be taking pictures of the Carnivale parade and tout that this is what goes on all the time in Ptown. (Next week is Carnivale week) Unfortunately, even though Ms. Massresistance is taking a vacation, there are a lot of other homophobic posters out there talking trash and trying to take away our rights.

Love & Marriage

In Ms. Massresistance's last post before her vacation she links to an article in Canada that writes about two straight men who are now going to get married because they can. She complains:
Here's one of the problems with crazy, irrational legislation: "Sexual orientation" (or "preference" or "identity" or "expression") remains undefined in the law. As clear-thinking critics have warned all along, chaos will result.
I wonder if the "chaos" she speaks of is the the same chaos that Article 8 predicted would ensue after May 17, 2004. Listen...hear the crickets, see the sun rise, see families finally being protected (as least on the State level). Now that I think of it, that's one thing I can thank Gov. Romney for, I got married on his watch. Because of him, I am legally married to the man I love. I can't wait to shout it nationally when he runs for President, the country should know how happy we are! However, I'm getting off point.

Back to the two men in Canada, sounds kind of stupid to me, but as long as they are adults and love each. Then again, how many people in the US get married for love? Do you think these men are taking marriage seriously? Probably not since they both have been married before. They still don't realize what comes with marriage. There are not only tax benefits but serious responsibilities.

Do they realize:
  • They have a commitment to remain married. (They failed at a heterosexual marriage)
  • Disqualification from Government benefits available to single people.
  • They are responsible for the necessary debts of their spouses including medical bills.
  • Courts can require people who break up to still support their spouses.

While they think it's a "hoot" to be able to get married, marriage is serious business and not something to take lightly. I think heterosexuals forget that.

Back To The Future?

After talking to my husband about Article 8's recent posts he had a great suggestion. Since they are always talking about the 1972 Gay Platform or some 1987 posting about overhauling Straight America:
Why don't we take up a collection and buy them a subscription to a daily newspaper?
That could possibly bring them more up-to-date. Apparently, they and Ms. Massresistance are still living in the 70's when gay couples couldn't get legally married, pet rocks were all the rage and Richard Nixon was still President. Although I must acknowlege that even though Ms. Massresistance reads Bay Windows every Thursday, there IS other news out there.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Another Gay Agenda?

Article 8 is pulling out all stops with their "STRATEGIES OF THE HOMOSEXUAL MOVEMENT: "The Overhauling of Straight America", another obsession with the Gay Agenda. I started reading through it and found something oddly familiar:


Article 8 seems to be doing a great job at this, however, is anyone really listening?


I seem to recall a poor daddy who has been victimized by the Lexington school system. He didn't want to hurt anyone, he's the victim.


See Step 2 above.


Have you ever seen the people that appear at the Article 8 rallies? (here, here, here) Enuf said.


See Step 4, Article 8 does the job for us.


DONATE Your financial support makes this happen. Help us keep up the pressure!


New England Cable News WCVB-Boston Ch. 5

"The O'Reilly Factor" featured David Parker and Article 8 Director Brian Camenker!If you missed it, here are links to watch it! Cable or DSL version Dial-up version

There are a few more steps I think you, the reader is smart enough to see the truth. I don't want to beat a dead horse.

Really Desperate Housewives

The people that brought you Agapepress and the 9 year Disney Boycott now bring you and Yes, the American Family Association brings online activism to Moms and Dads who are too busy to actually get up off their behinds and do some honest to goodness door to door activism. These two sites are incredibly similar (except substitute a man and boy for a woman and girl) and they both have a litany of sponsors to email or call about anti-Christian "entertainment"

One of the interesting aspects of these groups is that the head of One Million Moms (not to be confused with the millionmommarch,) is a MAN should we be surprised? Afterall, feminism is the downfall of society and the 50's TV wife is the ideal woman.

Their biggest target is "Desperate Housewives (DH)" It also happens to be #1 in the TV ratings and is a HUGE hit with people in the bible belt. They preach about morals and secretly watch Desperate Housewives yet they want to ban it. Although DH isn't the only thing on their radar:
  • Outback Steakhouse (they advertised on Desperate Housewives)
  • Kraft Foods (They are sponsors of the Gay Games)
  • Johnson & Johnson (They advertised Tylenol PM in The Advocate)
  • Nike (They claim that Nike supports Civil Unions)
  • Carl Jr.'s & Hardee's (They are giving out Sports Illustrated cups with swimsuit models on them.)

Massresistance's Worst Nightmare

New poll results show an increasing number of Americans support marriage rights for same sex couples. Apparently, this number is the highest it's been since July 2003.
According to the new Pew Research Center for People & the Press/Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life poll, 35 percent of Americans polled were in favor of allowing gay couples to get legally married. 53 percent still opposed marriage for gay couples, but that same number of people polled, 53 percent, said they wanted gay couples to have some kind of legal arrangement, such as civil unions.
I think people are really starting to see that gay couples marrying is not affecting their marriages, no matter what Article 8 claims. The numbers are even higher in Massachusetts. As the anti-gay anti-family forces: Mass "Family" Institute, Article 8 & Massresistance verbally bash gay families and push for a 2008 amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution, they will see their support base dwindle. People do want same sex couples to have legal arrangements.
"The long-term trend in America's civil rights discussion, including this recent rebound of public support for marriage equality, which follows the ferment and barrage of the past several months, demonstrates the power of engaging the public and showing them the reality of marriage equality, rather than right-wing rhetoric and scare tactics."

Monday, August 8, 2005

Advocate, Out, Details: Hard Core Magazines?

Never one to jump on a bandwagon early, Article 8 is now attacking rent-a-company Avis for advertising to the gay community. Their ads are in Out, Details, and the Advocate magazine. In Article 8's alert it states (clue the ominous music):
The Avis rent-a-car ad they DON'T want you to see. . .
An ad campaign a company DOESN'T want people to see? Have you ever heard such a thing? Are you surprised when you see African-American people in the ads in Ebony? Or how about women in a magazine aimed at Brides? What rock has Article 8 crawled out from now? The ad itself it states:
For over a decade, Avis has automatically included domestic partners as additional drivers in the U.S. No extra fees charged, no questions asked.
Did you read that, FOR OVER A DECADE and I believe they have been advertising this for that long too. I've seen the ads in mainstream publications for what seems like forever. This is not a secret people, well, apparently to Article 8 it is. They go on further:
Lurid advertising in gay magazines. Sponsoring & donating money to homosexual causes & events. Here's what Avis think of traditional morality, and where your money goes when you rent a car from Avis.
If you see the ad you would laugh! Two men with their shirts on (I guess two men shirtless is porn to Article 8 but with shirts on they become lurid) on a hammock together smiling, sooooooo lurid! I guess Article 8, in addition to thinking we're not getting married, think we don't rent cars. I'm waiting for them to start a boycott of Tylenol (American Family Association already has) or Ford (ditto) or Kraft Foods (ditto). All you have to do is buy the magazine to see the ad, in fact, you probably could just pick up a Bay Windows, Ms. Massresistance's favorite Thursday Read and find an ad.

Sorry, Working on the Gay Agenda

Hi all, sorry I haven't posted in a bit but I was in Ptown for the weekend working on the gay agenda. You know when gay & lesbians get together all we do is plot and scheme about how to take over the world. How to infiltrate the schools & the churches, that kind of stuff. In between we manage to go to the gym, eat meals, go to the beach and see old friends, but there really isn't much time when there is SO much planning to do. (BTW, I've never seen as many strollers and carriages in Ptown as I did this past weekend. There were children everywhere playing, singing and having fun.) The non-gay crowd has also increased in Lands End, it has made our job of recruiting them into the homosexual lifestyle both harder and easier, if possible. Easier, because they are now coming to us in droves. Harder, because there are so many of them how can we keep up?

Seriously folks, keep those emails coming, it's great to hear from all of you and keep sending me those stories. I will be down in Ptown next week, however I'll be bringing the laptop. Even though I've been away from the computer, I've been up on all the news and spotting some interesting tidbits on the Cape. I hope to post more later this evening, I'm eagerly waiting to see how much more stuff Article 8 can pull out of its April 30th handbag.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

What Happened on April 30th?

Does Article 8 have a folder with "April 30, 2005" stamped on the front? You would think so since they pull out a new "scandalous" issue attributed to the GLSEN conference held on that date everyday. Such as:
  • The latest depravity: Homosexual movement pushing forced normalization of "transgenderism / transsexualism" into government, schools, businesses.
  • Brookline Superintendent sends letter to town residents supporting "positive experience" of GLSEN homosexual conference at high school, while "apologizing" for Little Black Book.

Today's "explosive" exclusive is a letter from the superintendent of Brookline School apologizing for the distribution of the "Little Black Book" that was inappropriately distributed. (My inside sources say that only about 10 copies of the book were even on the table and I'm guessing that the Article 8 people took all of them.)

If Article 8 truly cared about the children of the Commonwealth which they are always touting, wouldn't they have "released" all this terrible terrible stuff immediately after the conference and all at once? No, they release pseudo "reports" of that terrible, terrible day. I often wonder if they get off on it (see below)? Do their readers...everyday awaiting that new tidbit of scandal which Article 8 is supposedly known for.

They actually call the superintendent an "Out of touch, arrogant, pro-gay school official" and:

It's frightening how out of touch -- and militant -- many of these school
officials are.

The guy was apologizing and still they bash him. Someone needs to get a clue AND a life.

Note: Apparently Ms. Massresistance is trying to get me to respond to one of her pathetic posts here. She gives out MY email address which is readily available to ANYONE who reads this blog yet she still fails to provide an email address so anyone can respond to the hate that she calls posts. She is trying to drag me down into the mud with her (EWW! wipe that nightmare out of your head) by asking sex questions (I told you she was obsessed with gay sex!).

Drip, Drip, Drip

Stories are starting to trickle in from David Parker's hearing on Tuesday. One viewer notes something that is on Article 8's website (which I already talked about since John Adams was a UU):
It's really funny that they [Article 8] say that "[the guy dressed up as John Adams] was articulately upset that the court proceedings were done in whispers, so the spectators couldn't hear what they were saying. We agree." Pretty ironic, given that it is Parker's representation that keeps requesting the sidebars.
Article 8 also posts: "People came from all over to support Parker". I ask: were they paid? Were they even from Massachusetts? In addition to their costume fetish (here, here), Article 8 has a habit of using outside organizations and out-of-state people to appear at their "venues" and support their cause. There are more out of state organizations supporting their stance on the Amendment to Massachusetts Constitution Proposed by than there are in-state organizations.

They are so hurting for "bad" press about homosexuals that they have to keep talking about a GLSEN conference that was held in April. Additionally, Article 8 and Massresistance are so hard up they are still talking about a 1972 gay rights platform which is only available on THEIR website and other Christian conservative sites. It must be the super secret Gay Agenda that they are always talking about. I heard tales of a past director of the Bureau of Investigation being into cross-dressing, I surprised they're not posting it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Silly Silly Woman

A reader, Rieux, was disappointed that I didn't comment on Ms. Massresistance's Tuesday post

But I'm disappointed--no comment on Ms. Massresistance's silly Tuesday post complaining about, among other things, how "the radical homosexuals ... demand repeal of all state laws prohibiting transvestism [sic] and cross-dressing"? Damn those radicals for wanting to get rid of anti-cross-dressing laws! Can you just imagine the damage to society done by men wearing dresses? Women wearing pants?
So I started searching:

  • Deuteronomy 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.
  • In Medieval Europe, women were known to cross dress to overcome gender discrimination of the time. Abandoned wives, for example, often donned male attire, in order to live independent lives.
  • In 1652 a New Hampshire Man is fined for "Putting on women's Apparel"
  • In 1968, in Houston, TX, several lesbians were arrested on charges of cross-dressing because they were wearing fly-front pants.
  • In 1982, John Lithgow portrayed Roberta Muldoon, a transexual ex-football jock and was nominated for an academy award.
  • "On Inauguration Day, I was wearing a pantsuit," Dee Dee Myers, Clinton's former press secretary, told Chris Bury on "Nightline" two days after George W. Bush's inauguration. "It was a very cold day in Washington and when I came into the West Wing, I actually broke what had been a Reagan and Bush protocol rule, which was: Women weren't allowed to wear slacks.

So there you have it, Ms. Massresistance would like men to wear pants and women to wear skirts although how she makes the link from cross-dressing to prostitution is beyond me. You know, I bet there is a picture out there of Ms. Massresistance picketing something and wearing pants. If so, she's a cross-dresser because cross-dressing doesn't only mean men wearing women's clothing.

He Calls Them as He Sees Them

Sponsors of an initiative to amend the California state Constitution to ban both same-sex marriage and rights for domestic partners filed a lawsuit Tuesday to force changes in the ballot's official title and summary. Apparently, the groups didn't like that the Attorney General of CA (His name is Lockyer) called the initiative: Marriage. Elimination of Domestic Partnership Rights. Which is exactly what the initiative will do, eliminate domestic partnership rights currently available in the state.

Sponsors of the initiative want to call it the Voters' Right to Protect Marriage Initiative and make no mention of the removal of existing rights. Of course, Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel (This is the man and the group that tried to elevate the Mass SJC's decision on marriage equality to the Supreme court but was denied) is representing the anti-gay groups.

Lockyer spokesman Tom Dresslar said the summary accurately describes the measure's repeal of laws.

"The attorney general is charged with writing ballot titles and summaries that accurately tell voters what measures would do,'' Dresslar said. "We're not here to further the campaigns of either side.''

I'm sort of surprised that the Liberty Counsel is not representing David Parker. Both of them LOVE publicity. I guess David Parker's case doesn't affect enough homosexuals.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Will Parker Plead Insanity Next?

David Parker and his attorneys were in the Concord Courthouse for all of ten minutes today. He will get a jury trial starting on September 21st. Parker still refuses to admit to what he did and insists he has done nothing wrong. (I guess holding up in a school and telling school officials and police that he wasn't leaving until he was arrested is nothing wrong)

Article 8 has their version of today's events on their site. Their opening paragraph:
People still cannot believe that this can happen in America. A father of a six-year-old on trial for criminal charges, having spent the night in jail over homosexuality in his son's kindergarten class.
David Parker DID NOT go to jail because of homosexuality or a book or a fax. He went to jail because he refused to leave the school after being asked to leave by school administrators and finally the police. HE chose to stay, HE could have been released on his own recognizance but HE chose to stay over night in jail. These people are always talking about choice but they refuse to acknowledge the choice David Parker made. If the judge keeps to the facts of the case then the case is about David Parker trespassing in the school and nothing else.
As Parker's son prepares to enter first grade this fall, the town of Lexington refuses to relent on their ban of Parker from all school property.
They continuously use Parker's son as a pawn in this whole affair. They talk a lot about "the children" when in fact they could care less about children. If he's cares so much about his son's welfare then he should send him to a private school.

Look at how serious they are taking this whole thing, some of them are dressing up in costume (half way down on their site). Did they conveniently forget that John Adams was a Unitarian? At the 1996 General Assembly of the UU, delegates voted overwhelmingly to call for the legalization of same-sex marriage. The Unitarian Universalist Association has a long-standing and deeply held commitment to support full equality for bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender people, going back 33 years to 1970. (No one said that Article 8 was bright)

Monday, August 1, 2005

Want Some Cheese with that Whine?

This Tuesday, August 2, 2005, David Parker will again be in a Concord courthouse to refute the trespassing charges against him. In an interesting piece of propaganda, Parker's attorney, Neil S. Tassel, wrote a guest commentary for the Lexington Minuteman. While on one hand he says that he wants to "clarify numerous inaccuracies" he instead creates new ones:
First of all, Mr. Parker does not hate homosexuals or their families. In fact he is an exceptionally kind hearted man, who is anguished that his arrest has caused any pain to this community.
I guess we are supposed to forget that he planned his arrest and refused to leave the school until the police arrested him. Additionally, because of his arrest, he has been using his "martyr" status around the country by going onto Fox News and appearing at several road shows in Maine to get the state to remove protections for gays and lesbians.
...Many might be interested to learn that Mr. Parker's view of homosexuality resulted in-part from the illness contacted by his best friend who was gay. When Parker observed signs of his friend's illness, he urged him to obtain medical care and personally underwent a preventative series of gamma-globulin shots, so that he too, would not be overcome by hepatitis. The illness of his friend had a profound effect on Mr. Parker's beliefs.
We are supposed to excuse his behavior because of this? This is a new tactic, his views of homosexuality were based on his friend's illness. Sounds to me like the "gay panic" defense. What was Mr. Parker doing with his roommate that made himself concerned that he was also going to contract hepatitis? My guess is NOTHING so if he is so smart (the attorney says he has a Ph.D) then he would have known that he was really at no risk for contracting Hepatitis. From the National Center for infectious Diseases:

Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) Hepatitis A virus is spread from person to person by putting something in the mouth that has been contaminated with the stool of a person with hepatitis A. This type of transmission is called "fecal-oral." Most infections result from contact with a household member or sex partner who is infected with HAV. Casual contact, as in the usual office, factory, or school setting, does not spread the virus.

Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) HBV is spread when blood or body fluids from an infected person enters the body of a person who is not infected. For example, HBV is spread through having sex with an infected person without using a condom (the efficacy of latex condoms in preventing infection with HBV is unknown, but their proper use might reduce transmission), by sharing
drugs, needles, or "works" when "shooting" drugs, through needlesticks or sharps exposures on the job, or from an infected mother to her baby during birth.

Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)HCV is spread when blood or body fluids from an infected person enters the body of a person who is not infected. This could happen through sharing needles or "works" when "shooting" drugs, through needlesticks or sharps exposures on the job, or from an infected mother to her baby during birth.

He goes on:
Second, Mr. Parker is not against a book. This commonly heard misconception is both rampant and untrue. The book sent home with their son simply spurred the Parkers into action. To label the Parkers as "book haters" is to try to portray them as book burning extremists which is being done for apparent political gain.
It's funny that Article 8, who does most of the talking for Parker and who's leader, Brian Camenker, appeared with Parker on Fox News takes issue with this point. See their website. I have also read a lot about this issue and I never read or heard anyone call the Parkers book burners. It sounds like the attorney is trying to draw sympathy for David Parker.
The Parkers' proposal was simple: notify them in advance if there is a planned discussion about same-sex issues, and, if an adult becomes involved in a discussion spontaneously begun by a child, then remove their child from the discussion. Their concern is that impressionable children will hear for the first time from a respected adult that a homosexual headed family is a normal family structure, and an equally "good" one at that. Regardless of whether one agrees with that premise, it is a matter of one's values and beliefs. It is not borne in hate, but in a concern for his children and a desire to see them equipped to make decisions in a healthy manner.
I guess the Parkers would not want a "respected adult" who is gay to teach their child either? Will they want their own background checks to make sure that the teachers are heterosexual? Wouldn't this rationale which they are advocating also allow people who didn't want they children to learn about African-American or Jewish families to be removed from the classroom discussion? How about those people that believe that the holocaust didn't exist, should those families be able to remove their children from all discussions of the hate caused by Hitler?

All in all, it's a feeble attempt of Parker's attorney to try and generate sympathy for a man that has used his arrest to fuel hatred around the country. If Parker cared so much about the pain he had caused he never would have allowed Article 8 to parade his picture around and go on the road shows in Maine touting his "civil disobedience". Clearly he is a man of principles, misguided ones.