Friday, May 20, 2005

Who is Massresistance Afraid of?

For some reason, Massresistance has pulled it's recent posting. The anonymous blogger wrote a very trashy and mean spirited diatribe against many of the religious institutions in Lexington MA. You can see the original post here:

Shame on Lexington Clergy: Accusing Concerned Citizens of "Hatred"

In a guest commentary in the Lexington Minuteman today, most of the clergy in town piled on those who dared criticize the high school's "Day of Silence". We are not surprised to see the Unitarians, the United Church of Christ, and the reformed Jews, for instance, telling us that concerned Lexington parents and friends opposing their schools' homosexual curriculum
are "hateful".

Anyone who questioned the pro-homosexual propaganda exercise called the "Day of Silence" is lumped with real extremists from Kansas (who plan to demonstrate at the high school graduation). But we are distressed and disappointed to see Grace Chapel and Countryside Bible Chapel included on this list of group-think, pseudo-Biblical churches!

"Good people may and will disagree. There is divergence amongs us on a host of issues, theological and social. Yet we are united in our opposition to and deep distress over the expressions of hate and invective that we have witnessed, and some in our community have experienced, in recent weeks. [They do not give any examples of this "hate and invective".]"

One incident involved the Day of Silence at Lexington High School. Unfortunately, adult protesters [Their signs said something about homosexuality being sinful.] and some students engaged in contentious and even physical encounters. [We heard of bad behavior on the p-c side.] Though we represent a host of very different views about homosexuality and transgender [!] identity, and even disagree about the appropriateness of such an event, we are one in our
disdain for and deploration [sic; no such word!
Maybe they mean "deplorableness"?]] of those who would threaten or harm others over such disagreement." [Again, we have never heard of any particulars matching this description!]

How on earth could two pastors from Grace Chapel (Rev. Bryan Wilkerson and Rev. Richard Rhodes) and Countryside Bible Chapel (Rev. Jed Snyder) have signed on to this? Do they just want to be members of the Lexington club that badly?

This is in particular a betrayal by Grace Chapel of several of its members, who are deeply involved in the current conflict playing out in Lexington. Why would those two pastors not do everything in their power to support the brave and profoundly Christian actions of these members, who are undeniably standing up for clear Biblical teachings?

Furthermore, Grace Chapel recently turned down a group planning a pro-traditional marriage rally, meant to coincide with the anniversary of same-sex "marriage". They denied them use of the facility, saying
the event was "too political"! MassResistance thought marriage was a moral question -- only recently made political by the radical homosexual activists.

Shame on these pastors. Which side are they on???
posted by AMann @ 8:48 PM

Apparently, this blog is through attacking children and families, now it wants to attack the clergy. Of course, the anonymous blogger doesn't think some religions are as "real" as others. The question is why did the blogger pull this hateful piece from her blog? It routinely publishes telephone numbers and emails of unsuspecting people. Maybe the minion complained?


Anonymous said...

thanks for finally having someone watch these crazy people. We are married heterosexual couple with kids who think these people are CRAZY and a bit SCARY! Whoever you are keep it up!

Boston Bud said...

Thanks for your comments. Since the Massresistance does not allow comments, I wanted a place where people could express their distaste for hate speech that is published there.