Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lexington Superintendent Gets Threatened With Violence Over Diversity Program

WBZ, WHDH, and BayWindows are reporting that Lexington School Superintendent Paul Ash has been threatened with violence over a diversity program put together by the Lexington School committee and parents:

An Internet radio talk show host based out of New Jersey has threatened the superintendent of schools in Lexington over the new diversity curriculum in town.

He is urging listeners and readers of his Web site to use force and violence against Paul Ash.

The curriculum was designed because of the lawsuit that David Parker and the Wirthins brought against the town.

And it should be no surprise that David Parker has not condemned the threats against Ash (after all, he held up in an elementary school until police arrested him) and justified the anger:

Should there be a show of force against this, yes. But violence at this time is not the answer," Parker said.

Hmm..."violence at this time is not the answer", er, David, violence is NEVER the answer. And talking about same sex families is no more talking about sex than talking about opposite sex families.

Of course, MassResistance, a recognized hate group, has gotten into the act and instead of condemning the threats just whines about the media not taking supposed threats against the Parkers seriously (did they ever contact the police?), again, no talk about all threats being bad. Tsk, tsk.

Luckily, Superintendent Paul Ash will not give in to the threats of violence and intimidation by the right wing anti-gay bigots on this.


schag said...

Paul Ash should be nominated for Secretary of Education ... or something of that nature ...

Has anyone actually gone onto the website that posted that garbage/threat? Not surprising that MassResistance is proud to associate with the wing-nut!


bostonph said...

Check out the massresistance "ads" in the comments section of metrowest's coverage of this:


Homosexuals need drugs, notice Barney Frank wants to leagalize pot. I don't have homosexual habits thanks but no thanks. Parents visit www.massresistance.org. Also google Boston Children's Hospital Sex Change Clinic. Our children are in big trouble.

Truly tragic.

Timothy Kincaid said...

Worth noting that Hal Turner is a White Supremist, something that MR seems to have no problem with.


likwidshoe said...

The SPLC is a hate group.