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Mark Your Calendars: MassResistance Banquet This Saturday

MassResistance is having their banquet this Saturday night, January 31, 2009 in Boxborough Massachusetts (gee they haven't posted anything on their website for the public to know about it, why do you think that is?):

2. MassResistance banquet set for January 31. An outstanding evening you won't want to miss! Start 2009 by fighting back!.

On Saturday evening, January 31, 2009, MassResistance is having one of its most powerful banquets ever. We will have (a) three incredible speakers, (b) a great dinner, and (c) we'll unveil our plans for winning the culture war in the Massachusetts State House. Given the critical times we're in right now, you definitely won't want to miss this. Our speakers are:

1. FEATURED SPEAKER: Former Congressman Steve Stockman (R-Texas).

Cong. Stockman was a conservative leader in the legendary "revolutionary freshman class" of the 104th Congress that forced unprecedented reform in the US House of Representatives. (See bio below.) Cong. Stockman will speak on "Why MassResistance is the model for the future of the conservative movement." He believes so strongly in what we're doing that he is waiving his speaking fee to come and address our banquet.

Also:2. Dr. Scott Lively, author of The Pink Swastika, 7 Steps to Recruit-Proof Your Child, The Poisoned Stream, and other books. (He gave an incredible speech at our last banquet.) He will discuss a very timely topic, "Unmasking Gay-Speak".

3. David Parker, a hero around the country for his courageous (and costly) battle for parents' rights against the homosexual tsunami in the schools. David's topic is directly from his heart: "The fight will continue."

MassResistance Banquet - Don't miss it!

DATE: Saturday evening, January 31, 2009

TIME: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

PLACE: Holiday Inn, Boxborough

$35.00 per person (Same GREAT meal for $5 less than last year!)$350 for a table of 10

There are so many wrong things going on here.

First off, who ever heard of 1 term Representative Steve Stockman from Texas? Here's a sentance that stood on on Wikipedia:

In June 1996, Stockman and his campaign alleged that Houston Press reporter Tim Fleck trespassed in Stockman's campaign headquarters, which was also his home, and terrorized his wife. Fleck countered with a lawsuit alleging libel and slander. Both the charges and lawsuit were later dropped.

Wow, you can't make this stuff up! This sounded eerily familiar! Oh wait, but there's more, he also sponsored a bill in the House to eliminate background checks, waiting periods, and registration requirements for firearms. Way to go Brian, you've got a winner there!

I've also written about professional gay hater Scott Lively before, the Southern Poverty Law Center detailed about the anti-gay violence going on in Latvia because of his book the Pink Swastika (which I believe has been panned by any credible researcher). And finally we have perennial lawsuit loser Mad Dad Parker, the goto guy for MassResistance who says he isn't involved with MassResistance. As you recall, Parker tried to sue the Lexington school system with a meritless claim but consistently lost every appeal all the way to the Supreme Court.

I think it's really important for the owners and staff at the Holiday Inn in Boxborough to hear from you all. I wonder how Holiday Inn would feel if they knew they were about to host a hate group in their facilities. I'm just asking.

Contact Information:

Holiday Inn
Hotel Front Desk: 1-978-2638701
Hotel Fax: 1-978-2630518
Hotel Sales at 1-978-8891712, (for conferences/dinners)fax: 1-978-2669429,


Doing anything on Saturday night? I heard the baked chicken at the Holiday Inn in Boxborough is FABULOUS, although it does come with a huge dollop of Hate.

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