Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Road Hately Traveled

Just a few reasons why the anti-gay MassResistance is a Hate Group:

  • Transgender janitor in Mass. elementary school! They post the telephone number for the school so readers of their hate can harass the school administrators.
  • They continuously put the term marriage in quotes "marriage" because they chose to believe that all marriages in Massachusetts are not legal. So maybe stealing is not really "stealing" and just borrowing or recording underage students without their knowledge is not "wiretapping" but listening.
  • Praise the Catholic Pope when they believe he's saying gay people are bad but are curiously silent when the same Pope raises up a Holocaust denier (hmm...was he friends with Scott Lively?)
  • Call gay people fascists when they stick up for their rights but call themselves "pro-family" when they intimidate, harass and petition legislators and the public to take away or deny rights to GLBT Americans.
  • Show up at Gay Pride Parades and photograph and videotape young children against their will and post it on the web mocking them and their parents.
  • Violate the privacy of a young woman by photographing pictures on the wall of her bedroom and posting for all the world to see that she is a special needs student.
  • Lie about their organization's name so they can book at room at hotel to hold a fundraiser (that only benefits the man's who started and runs the organization under the guise of "protecting families")
  • Brag that they have thousands, maybe millions of supporters and will turn back the laws that the Mass Legislature passes to protect GLBT people

OK, so the last bullet doesn't make them hate group, just a bunch of lying pathetic losers who will say and do anything to get any publicity possible.

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