Friday, November 30, 2007

Do Ya Think They Read This Blog?

Well, as expected, after Tuesday's post about MassResistance not posting anything for 2 weeks they finally updated their website yesterday on Thursday (regardless of what the date on their website says).

Their new headline reads like a 1950's Communist horror film:
David Parker's appeal of federal Civil Rights case to take place next Wednesday, Dec. 5, in Boston. Oral arguments before 3-judge panel.

Major national homosexual groups and others file amicus briefs in opposition!

Unprecedented effort by state and national organizations to stop parents' rights in schools. . .

And inside you can read their "press release" with their obligatory 2 years or so old picture of David Parker in handcuffs (which they themselves took to use for this very reason). They are setting themselves up for a BIG fall. Take a gander at their love of wild hyperbole:
  • This is unprecedented in any case involving parents challenging the homosexual agenda in public schools.
  • Over the last two and a half years this case has received national and even international notoriety.
  • It is unquestionably not an ordinary civil rights case; it clearly has national implications. And the homosexual movement understands the danger this represents to their cause.

And then they post this:

This case clearly brings to the light of day (1) how obsessed the homosexual movement is with reaching your children, and what lengths they're willing to go to do it; and (2) how strongly school systems believe that they supercede the family when it comes to defining values to children -- even if the families object.

They still totally miss the boat on why this case was dismissed in the first place. THERE ARE GAY FAMILIES THAT GO TO THESE SCHOOLS TOO. Why should those tax paying families be deprived of being represented in the daily discussions? Is the school system supposed to pretend that they don't exist (in so much that Brian Camenker wishes they didn't?)

Why is it that all these Right Wingers, who were decrying about activist judges, are now all excited about bringing their cases to the Supreme Court? MassResistance, always with the fear mongering, makes references to the Nazi's:

And furthermore, Wolf asserts that the state has no obligation to let parents exclude their kids from this, or even inform parents when it's happening. (Does that remind you of Europe in the 1930s, by any chance?)

And as usual, they rewrite history:

David Parker was arrested in April 2005 and jailed overnight over school staff discussing homosexuality and transgenderism with his son in kindergarten without parents' knowledge or consent.

NO, David Parker was arrested because he refused to leave a Lexington elementary school after he was told by police that if he didn't leave he would be arrested.

They end their tirade with this:

We recently met with a mother who was preparing to take her local school system to court over a particular homosexual-related activity that she felt was going to affect her child in a destructive way. But when she discussed it with her lawyer (who specializes in dealing with public schools) the lawyer told her that the recent ruling by Federal Judge Mark Wolf in the David Parker case would make it difficult for her to win!

Hmm...who could this have been? Can you imagine what the "homosexual-related activity" was? Was it designing an outfit for "Project Runway"? Maybe it was doing a re-creation of the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel? Or could it have been showing the kids how to win back-to-back Olympic titles in both the 3m and 10m diving events? Quite possibly it was just putting on the Laramie Project.


massmarrier said...

There could be two good outcomes from this foolishness:
--Wingers wasting big bucks in some quixotic tilt trying to get the Supremes to consider their absurd demands.
--Even more solid reinforcement that they can't call foisting their personal religious fantasies on a school system and claim these are rights.

They are already well on on their way to the second one as even their own site entry points out. Their stupidity will only help the good side.

Mary said...

I was hoping that I could get some new information-if any exists- on Claudia Contrada. I've emailed a few people. But I haven't heard anything. I was hoping you may have heard something in your blog readings. What happened to her??

CrackerLilo said...

I can tell you one thing for sure: Next time anyone tries to argue with me that gay people shouldn't adopt, I will bring up what poor Claudia's adoptive mother did.

I was hoping you had information, too. Just got additional confirmation that these people are slime.

bostonph said...

I know this is juvenile, but I love that the page title for the David Parker report is "Title Here"

What sort of computer work does Brian Camenker do?