Saturday, March 29, 2008

Someone's a Bit Irritated...

Check out this new post over at MassResistance:

Southern Poverty Law Center Identified as "HATE GROUP"

MassResistance blog has identified the communist Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC) as a "HATE GROUP" (along with Bay Windows, QueerToday, MassEquality, BAGLY, the Mass. Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, GLSEN, PFLAG, Human Rights Campaign, etc. -- the list is endless...), following SPLC's libel of MassResistance and other pro-family groups, including the Traditional Values Coalition.

Recently, the SPLC listed MassResistance as a "hate group" -- though we fail to meet their own definition of an organization "that [goes] beyond mere disagreement with homosexuality by subjecting gays and lesbians to campaigns of personal vilification.”

And how come MassResitance Watch didn't make their list? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you! I guess we're just not a hate group in their eyes, lucky me. Oh, and what's with all this finger pointing in the other direction,
"I'm not the hate group, you are!"
And what with them saying that the SPLC is LIBELING them! Oh God, please let MassResistance sue the SPLC in court for libel, please, please!

If you're not familiar with the SPLC, they are the people that broke up the KKK. Yeah, the people who put the Klan out of business are being called communists by MassResistance, CAN YOU JUST DIE LAUGHING!

And then there's this:
The claims by SPLC are absurd on their face. MassResistance is led by an Orthodox Jew, yet the HUGE majority of “hate crimes” they report in Massachusetts between 2003-2007 are against Jews! Second are crimes based on race, then ethnic group, then religion, then “sexual orientation”.

Hey Mary, we don't get it either, how can a member of a historically oppressed group vilify another minority group? I don't get it either but there it is. Oh, and if you look at the Hate map on the SPLC's website you'll see that MassResistance is one of NINE hate groups in Massachusetts along with White Nationalists, black separatists, neo-Nazis and skin heads. Come to think of it, the one thing they all have in common with MassResistance is their hatred for gay people and Amy doesn't think she belongs.


Fiddler said...

Mmhmm...he's so Orthodox that he's out taking photos of Pride events on Shabbat.

Now, I'm not sure that operating a camera falls under the prohibition against work per se, but I am fairly certain that if he were as observant as all that, he'd be in shul and/or spending Shabbat with his family rather than stalking the gays.

(N.B. I am not saying here that he's not Jewish enough or anything like that; I am saying that if he's going to play the Jew card, he might want to walk the walk as well. Oddly enough, I didn't see a whole lot of rabbis on the anti-equality side of the street during the ConCons...I did see a bunch of them, from various denominations, on the pro-equality side.

Unknown said...

The news from the SPLC office in Alabamma was enough for Ami to crawl out from her rock and resume blogging.

I was surprised that MRW wasn't on her list it seems like she named everyone except The Gay Mens Chorus and Gays for Patsy.

I think we need to come up with a top 10 list of the most hateful activities MR has engaged in to dispel her fantasy that she is just a humble "reporter",as she likes to refer to herself as, who just copies news stories out of the Boston Herald.

BTW, I have been a SPLC member for years.My renewal notice arrived in the mail today, needless to say, I didn't hesitate sending it in along with a note of thanks for tracking Brian, Ami and there small mob of radical haters.

Alex said...

(I would have posted this question on the MassResistance website, but I guess they're into censorship and whatnot because they don't allow comments.)

Did the SPLC really only add MassResistance to their list of hate groups recently? I happened to come across the SPLC page that listed MassResistance as a hate group and I referenced it in the MassResistance article I created on Wikipedia. If it was recent, it's an odd coincidence, but I was thinking that maybe the people at MassResistance only said that because they didn't know about it until they read the article and began vandalizing it back on March 23.

bostonph said...


yes, MassResistance was only added this year:

And yes, they last thing they want in the world is discussion.

BTW, as BostonBud points out, the discussion of "FistGate" in the Wikipedia article is substantially incorrect:


bostonph said...

Ooops - the"FistGate" discussion is in:

Never mind.