Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm Still Waiting for Their Post about Their Stripper Employee too.

Well, I wrote too soon. Yesterday I blogged about MassResistance failure at even getting one half of the signatures needed to repeal the racist anti-gay 1913 law. I even mentioned how they pulled all the information about the drive from their website, then lo and behold they put up a BS story about how they are now stronger than ever:

Referendum petition drive comes up short. Would have forced state-wide vote on
Legislature's repeal of "1913" law.

This was a fight about principle -against overwhelming opposition and suppression from all sides. One result: MassResistance now stronger.

If you read between the lines it means that Brian needs more money to run the HUGE organization that MassResistance has become so you better contribute because his bills won't be paid by wishing.

Of course, the do a lot of blaming and they blame the gays, again:
Homosexual activists terrorized our petition gatherers across the state. They would come up to them and scream horrible things, and then call the police (or store managers) with phony complaints and charges. It happened constantly. Homosexual websites sometimes tracked our signature-gathering activities. And they even tried to intimidate the MassResistance office by sending us a stream of obscene emails.
They make all these claims but have no facts to back them up. I would love to know which homosexual websites tracked them. With the exception of one article in BayWindows about the anti-gays collecting signatures at the Burlington mall, they got no publicity good or bad.

Yes, they point a lot of fingers except to recognize the three fingers that are pointing back at them.

Massachusetts is finally becoming aware of the hate group that dwells within its borders and proudly taking its place in history. Fortunately, Brian Camenker is also taking his place in history. Unfortunately for Brian, history will not be complimentary to him.

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