Friday, November 21, 2008

Sucking on the MassResistance Donor's Teet

I've been blogging for awhile now about how most of the money collected by MassResistance goes into Brian Camenker's pockets. This was confirmed this week by Ethan Jacobs of BayWindows:
Camenker’s anti-LGBT non-profit group Parents Education Foundation (the public education branch of MassResistance) paid Camenker $49,200 in 2007 for his role as president of the organization. What’s even more surprising is that over that same year the group only took in $56,226 in donations and other sources of revenue. About 88 percent of all the money coming into Parents Education Foundation went right into Camenker’s wallet.

Surprisingly, Ethan notes that MFI's leader, Kris Mineau, who works a 40 hour week only makes about $41,000 for his anti-gay work yet Brian only clocks in 25 hours a week. Who do you think OK's his salary because on the Mass. Secretary of State's website Brian is not only the President but the treasurer too.

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ryan charisma said...

Wow, hate doesn't seem to pay as much as I thought it did. If I were scamming people, I would make much more money than that.