Thursday, November 13, 2008

She's Ba-ck! Again.

Ms. MassResistance, like a vampire resurrected from the dead, is back again after almost 6 months in hiding. She first appeared yesterday with some nonsense about fascists then another post today about "Satanic Trannies". She also hasn't stopped the fear mongering:
Their banner in Wikipedia says, "These faggots kill fascists." The group is gearing up all over the country, no doubt soon joining the fray in Massachusetts.

"They'll be here soon in Massachusetts". Hmm...Ms. MassResistance, if Marriage Equality is the root of all evil, why didn't these "rogue" groups start here? I mean, according to your logic, anything you deem evil should all start in Massachusetts since same sex couples can marry here (and now Connecticut). Brian Camenker even confirmed this in his interview on the Daily Show where he claimed to be able to link gay marriage to everything.

I had never heard of these "Satanic Trannies", so a big thank you goes out to MassResistance for telling us all about them. I find it strange though, MassResistance is equating these people, and I don't know much about them, with GLBT people in Mass, yet when MassResistance is equated with their counter parts, groups like Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church and Neo-Nazi's, groups that target and protest all things gay, they go berserk. Maybe they're afraid these "Satanic Trannies" will be going after them?


KeepRight said...

You gotta wonder what her MAJOR PROJECT was though! Surely, she didn't spend 5 months "researching" the book she ripped her recent "post" off of, and the Satanic Trannie thing was ripped off the equally feculent "Americans For Truth" website. Afterall, we all know that Porno Pete and Brian C share a close and intimate relationship.

So what have you been working on for months Contrada? Where is this MAJOR PROJECT you threatened us with? And on the same subject, Brian had threatened to update the MassResistance main website EVERY DAY, MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY, WITH A BACKLOG OF REALLY GREAT STUFF, yet he's not updated it since last Saturday. (which by the way, he finally figured out was November 8, guess someone bought him a calendar, LOL! OMG! :) :) :) )

allyson rose said...
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