Monday, August 8, 2005

Advocate, Out, Details: Hard Core Magazines?

Never one to jump on a bandwagon early, Article 8 is now attacking rent-a-company Avis for advertising to the gay community. Their ads are in Out, Details, and the Advocate magazine. In Article 8's alert it states (clue the ominous music):
The Avis rent-a-car ad they DON'T want you to see. . .
An ad campaign a company DOESN'T want people to see? Have you ever heard such a thing? Are you surprised when you see African-American people in the ads in Ebony? Or how about women in a magazine aimed at Brides? What rock has Article 8 crawled out from now? The ad itself it states:
For over a decade, Avis has automatically included domestic partners as additional drivers in the U.S. No extra fees charged, no questions asked.
Did you read that, FOR OVER A DECADE and I believe they have been advertising this for that long too. I've seen the ads in mainstream publications for what seems like forever. This is not a secret people, well, apparently to Article 8 it is. They go on further:
Lurid advertising in gay magazines. Sponsoring & donating money to homosexual causes & events. Here's what Avis think of traditional morality, and where your money goes when you rent a car from Avis.
If you see the ad you would laugh! Two men with their shirts on (I guess two men shirtless is porn to Article 8 but with shirts on they become lurid) on a hammock together smiling, sooooooo lurid! I guess Article 8, in addition to thinking we're not getting married, think we don't rent cars. I'm waiting for them to start a boycott of Tylenol (American Family Association already has) or Ford (ditto) or Kraft Foods (ditto). All you have to do is buy the magazine to see the ad, in fact, you probably could just pick up a Bay Windows, Ms. Massresistance's favorite Thursday Read and find an ad.

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