Monday, August 15, 2005

Nature Calls

There is an interesting article in the Boston Globe Magazine entitled "What Makes People Gay? "

The author introduces us to a family with identical twin boys, however, one boy is clearly more feminine than the other. He leads us from this family to studies on other gay families and the studies that have been completed about being born gay. In the course of his research he says that one study seems to debunk other studies and that essentially the research is unfunded. (Do you really think the Republicans want to fund research that might prove that homosexuality is actually genetic?). He does make a bold conclusion however:
Still, no matter how imperfect these studies are, when you put them all together and examine them closely, the message is clear: While post-birth development may well play a supporting role, the roots of homosexuality, at least in men, appear to be in place by the time a child is born. After spending years sifting through all the available data, British researchers Glenn Wilson and Qazi Rahman come to an even bolder conclusion in their forthcoming book Born Gay: The psychobiology of Sex Orientation, in which they write: "Sexual orientation is something we are born with and not `acquired' from our social environment."

And the mother of the twins.
Meanwhile, the mother of twins Patrick and Thomas has done her own sifting and come to her own conclusions. She says her son's feminine behavior suggests he will grow up to be gay, and she has no problem with that. She just worries about what happens to him between now and then.

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massmarrier said...

I finally got to that when I returned from a trip. Logically, the haters should begin to dwindle and mute themselves as evidence for the innateness of homosexuality piles up. Certainly right now, many say you cannot offer legal protections, as with racial groups, because this is a choice.

Yet the homophobes do not tend to reason. Will they then reinforce their twisted Biblical exegesis to support their hate?

On the other hand, more undecided voters and plain old mainstreamers are likely to be swayed to fairness when this gay-lifestyle choice argument is shown false. I guess that's trimming the fringe anyway.