Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Article 8 Needs to STOP Lying

Once again Article 8 misleads and lies about the facts. In Tuesday's posting they talk about homosexual activists "terrorizing" churches. They say:
In June, homosexual activists picketed a church in Natick that allowed David Parker to speak.
The event they are talking about here is the rally which Article 8 set up. At first glance they try to make it appear that it's a church function which is far from the truth. This is no different than protesting outside a building that the Klu Klux Klan rented out to hold a rally, Article 8 was holding a rally and needed someplace to spew its hatred, this church offered its building. Come on Article 8, speak the truth. They go on:
But the ex-gay movement features a message that the homosexual activists vehemently want to stop: that people can be healed from the pain and suffering of homosexual behavior by embracing God. The fact that thousands of people have successfully done so is a testament to the healing process which gay activists do not want the public to hear.
Again no truth here. I won't go into details here, however check out Ex-Gay Watch . They cover all the goings on of the Ex-gay ministries. I will amend something Article 8 claims. Through those programs they claim to heal pain and suffering by embracing Jesus not just God. I wonder how it works if you're Jewish or a non-Christian? Ex-Gay Watch also reports that the people who have "claimed" to be "healed" of homosexuality are now working for the ministries and if there are "thousands" where are they all (the ex-gay ministries make the claim of healing hundreds of thousands!)

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