Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Where do they Stand Now?

No new news (is there ever?) from Article 8 in today's update, they just rehash something they had on last week, although they do highlight a very homophobic letter Camenker wrote to the Boston Herald.

Tomorrow is another meeting of the Constitutional Convention, although they are not expected to vote on anything. They are expected to schedule the dates for the future sessions. This got me thinking. Article 8 is surely not for same sex couples getting married AND they are not for civil unions (which is the gist of the current amendment up for vote). However, they do not support the latest homophobic amendment that Mass "Family" Institute is trying to put forth, so where do they stand?

Granted they are still advocating for the removal of the Mass. Supreme Court Justices, which is never going to happen, so which side are they on?

Will they show up at the State house for the next constitutional Convention with their ludicrous signs?

Will the Mass "Family" people show up to make sure the current amendment is voted down?

Who will take Ron Crews spot in the limelight?

Who will hire all the foreigners to chant in a language that they don't know: "Let the People Vote"?

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