Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Heterosexual Parents Make Sex Noises For the Kids?

Well, this post just disgusts me. I was reading today's Massresistance Post and I've got to say I am floored. I have written in the past that she is obsessed with sex but now she has crossed the line to talking about children and sex (Oh, and for the record, she's identifying as a man now!!?!) Here are some examples:
The attempted normalization of homosexual, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, questioning, or polyamorous "marital" arrangements has changed everything. Where once we would have said that a pre-school picture book with scenes of families (with a mommy and a daddy) going about their daily activities was NOT about sex, once a two-daddy family is included, it IS about sex -- even for the traditional families portrayed.
Do you follow her logic? Who is talking about polyamorous martial arrangements, are we in Utah now? Does it make sense when she says showing two daddies in a cartoon book is talking about sex but a mommy and a daddy is not? What kind of sick & perverted mind would think this way? (of course she's trying to make us think that children think this way) She goes on:
From the time a child comes into the world, he observes his parents (one male, one female) interact. Sometimes they hug or kiss. And yes, he registers the fact that they sleep in the same bed. And sometimes the bedroom door is locked and he hears noises. This is a child's normal introduction to sex. It is simply put before him in the context of normal, healthy family activities. Pictures of a normal two-parent family in a picture book do convey a message to the child: This is a family.
YIKES! Is that why I'm gay because I didn't hear my parents have sex? This is sick stuff, NOISES!! This is a normal introduction to sex? My parents are heterosexual, how come I'm gay? Is it because I didn't hear there noises? But wait, there's more:
If a young child is presented with a novel, unusual image of a family, with two mommies or two daddies (or three daddies?), the child will naturally next wonder if they kiss and hug and share a bed. How do they make babies? It's the perversion of normal relations that brings in SEX on a level beyond that a kindergartner should be dealing with. Then, it becomes a lesson on SEX at a level covered by state law protecting parental rights.
Three daddies? She must have meant a mommy & daddy and Msgr. Eugene Clark, now that's a family. She then assumes a child's mind will go from seeing two mommies to imagining two mommies getting it on in the same bed, is she for real? I remember my childhood, it was about playing games and bothering my sister, there were no thoughts of sex although I used to dream about Robin, of Batman & Robin, and I wanted to be friends with him. The kicker is the last paragraph:
The Parker case is about "coercive indoctrination" of vulnerable, very young children. The homosexual activists know how powerful images are in their brainwashing campaign. That's why they're putting this book into little children's hands without parental knowledge.
If you haven't followed the Parker drama, the book in question was part of a diversity book bag which was OPTIONAL. Additionally, it was talked about at a school meeting in which at least one of the Parker's attended when the parents were told the diversity book bag was OPTIONAL and they could OPT OUT of it. But they didn't. I really recommend you read her entire entry, it is quite shocking and give a lot of insight to the individual who wrote it.


massmarrier said...

It is to laugh. Two guys in the kitchen, one cleaning up and one doing homework duty with the kid. This is about sex to her? Cut me a very thin slice of that baloney, please.

Not only could she see sex in a Popsicle, her outright lies about rights and what was forced on whom destroy any credibility.

The chant that a hubby and wife are the only want to reproduce, everything else is a perversion, attacks a lot more than our 6,000 married same-sex couples. My friends, gay and straight, who adopt, who need artificial insemination or surrogate parents, need to explain to the kids too. The millions who chose or struggled to get their children surely do not consider their families perverted.

Kids in general are not dumb, unless you work to keep them ignorant. They can understand all those differences. They can understand why straight parents choose to stop at one child or become infertile. You should be concerned if you kids don't notice and ask about your family and others.

Anonymous said...

MassResistance is crazy crazy crazy. I haven't been as weirded out since the whole "standing doggie style" post-capade. As usual, she makes NO SENSE AT ALL, but tries to use really big words to mask her obviously inferior intellect.

WHAT A TOOL!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love how AMann tries to claim that kids just organically know that same-sex parents are "unnatural." When I was the same age as David Parker's kids, I thought the Muppets were real and that the Easter Bunny left eggs all around my home. Apparently, though, I must have been far more sophisticated in my knowledge of sex...

PS: Why does MassResistance always CAPITALIZE WEIRD WORDS?