Friday, August 26, 2005

And I Thought Chaos Was a Group Out to Get Maxwell Smart

The Mass legislature met and they scheduled the Consitutional Convention for September 14 @ 1:00. This will be the first time the real pro-family forces (those people who want protection for ALL families, gay or straight) and the anti-gay family people meet up since last year. The strange question is who will be there to support this current amendment?

Last year, the Mass Anti-Family Institute bused in their supporters wearing their yellow stickers. The Pro Family groups had their supporters with their red stickers (I agree with the SJC).

As soon as we were allowed to enter the State House in the morning we made our way to the hall in front of the chamber. We were quickly surrounded by people chanting at us. I imagined what it was like in Salem in the 1600's except luckily these people didn't have stones. A woman in front of me held her bible in the air and started praying over me. She said I was going to hell. Another person next to me appeared to be speaking in tongues or what they thought speaking in tongues was, it wasn't pretty.

Inside the State house, we were singing patriotic songs, they were chanting words of hate and discrimination (many of them didn't even understand what they were saying.) A group I was standing next to were there for a set number of hours and were starting to complain to their "leader" that they were promised food, they weren't even from Massachusetts. The leader eventually brought in some McDonalds for them.

Like preachers on the 700 Club, they promised chaos on May 17th. Doom and gloom for Massachusetts after gay couples start getting married.

Hilary and Julie got married. The earth revolved on its axis around the sun. The Red Sox won the World series. A Tsunami devastated part of the world that didn't have same sex marriage. The Patriots won the Superbowl (again!). More young people died in Iraq.

So now we have to wait a couple of weeks more. Who will show up? Who will be bused in? Will Fred Phelps and his kin show up? Will Article 8 conjure up another "incident" and blame it on same sex couples getting married which Massresistance will then contradict by saying gay couples marrying is still illegal? We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Nit-picking comment:

Actually, Agent 86's archenemies were called "KAOS," not "Chaos."

[Insert your own "Massresistance is just as much of a doofus as Max Smart" joke here.]

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the leader of KAOS named "Kamenker" (sorry)

Anonymous said...
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Boston Bud said...

I deleted the third comment because it had nothing to do with the subject in this post and frankly was disgusting. If you wish to post, feel free, however, please stick to the subject at hand and DO NOT talk about sex with animals. I'm sure there are some Sen. Santorum sites out there that would love to hear that stuff, but not here.

Anonymous said...

If Fred and family do show up they will show the legislators just exactly what kind of chaos the state will have if they vote to forward either this proposal or the 2008 one to voters.

Spell it any way you like, pushing this forward will mean more craziness all over the state.

Vote it down and they have little choice but to go away and leave us all to live our lives, while they focus on the increasingly diminishing places they can win.