Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Postman Rings Twice

There are a whole bunch of "Letters to the Editor" in this weeks Lexington Minuteman all responding to either David Parker's hearing last week on trespassing charges or letters that were in the Minuteman last week. I wanted to highlight a couple that I thought were outstanding.

Robert Schineider actually went to the Concord Court house last week to witness the hearing. He wrote:
On Aug. 2, my wife and I went to the Concord District Court House to follow the trespassing hearing of David Parker. When we arrived we were greeted by more than 20 Parker supporters holding professionally printed signs that said things like, "No Trespassing on Parental Rights!" Some also held signs that read, "David Parker jailed for being Christian" and "Sue the Lexington Public Schools, Chapter 71, Section 32A." The only David Parker supporters from Lexington that I recognized were: Lorraine Fournier, Jed Snyder, Jesse Segovia and Iang Jeon. Certainly there may have been a few more. I do know that at least one of his supporters was from Carlisle, another from as far away as Western Mass., and of course Brian Camenker of Newton representing his Article 8 Alliance.
Hmm...Article 8 was touting all the people who were there to support Parker and now we find out that only a few, 4 in fact were actually from Lexington. Schineider makes a very good point:
Therefore such a discussion must be the same as "human sexual education or human sexuality issues." By this logic, any picture of a mom and a dad, or discussion of a mom and dad must also fall into this same category, since, in most cases, sex is involved when a heterosexual couple have children.
Another writer, Vicky Parker (who I believe is no relation to David Parker), writes:
I am sure that Mr. Parker is not the only parent who has been frustrated in obtaining what they believed would be right and healthy for their children from the Lexington Public Schools. If each of those other parents refused to leave meetings with school officials unless physically removed from the building, our police force would be very busy. Some parents have pursued their grievances with the schools through legal channels. Other parents have made the decision, at great cost, to enroll their children in private schools that more fully meet their needs.
You know, it's amazing when cool minded people actually think about the situation they can act rationally and without causing a disturbance. David Parker on the other hand is getting everything he wanted, except for the Town of Lexington to cave into his demands.

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