Thursday, August 4, 2005

What Happened on April 30th?

Does Article 8 have a folder with "April 30, 2005" stamped on the front? You would think so since they pull out a new "scandalous" issue attributed to the GLSEN conference held on that date everyday. Such as:
  • The latest depravity: Homosexual movement pushing forced normalization of "transgenderism / transsexualism" into government, schools, businesses.
  • Brookline Superintendent sends letter to town residents supporting "positive experience" of GLSEN homosexual conference at high school, while "apologizing" for Little Black Book.

Today's "explosive" exclusive is a letter from the superintendent of Brookline School apologizing for the distribution of the "Little Black Book" that was inappropriately distributed. (My inside sources say that only about 10 copies of the book were even on the table and I'm guessing that the Article 8 people took all of them.)

If Article 8 truly cared about the children of the Commonwealth which they are always touting, wouldn't they have "released" all this terrible terrible stuff immediately after the conference and all at once? No, they release pseudo "reports" of that terrible, terrible day. I often wonder if they get off on it (see below)? Do their readers...everyday awaiting that new tidbit of scandal which Article 8 is supposedly known for.

They actually call the superintendent an "Out of touch, arrogant, pro-gay school official" and:

It's frightening how out of touch -- and militant -- many of these school
officials are.

The guy was apologizing and still they bash him. Someone needs to get a clue AND a life.

Note: Apparently Ms. Massresistance is trying to get me to respond to one of her pathetic posts here. She gives out MY email address which is readily available to ANYONE who reads this blog yet she still fails to provide an email address so anyone can respond to the hate that she calls posts. She is trying to drag me down into the mud with her (EWW! wipe that nightmare out of your head) by asking sex questions (I told you she was obsessed with gay sex!).

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