Thursday, August 4, 2005

Drip, Drip, Drip

Stories are starting to trickle in from David Parker's hearing on Tuesday. One viewer notes something that is on Article 8's website (which I already talked about since John Adams was a UU):
It's really funny that they [Article 8] say that "[the guy dressed up as John Adams] was articulately upset that the court proceedings were done in whispers, so the spectators couldn't hear what they were saying. We agree." Pretty ironic, given that it is Parker's representation that keeps requesting the sidebars.
Article 8 also posts: "People came from all over to support Parker". I ask: were they paid? Were they even from Massachusetts? In addition to their costume fetish (here, here), Article 8 has a habit of using outside organizations and out-of-state people to appear at their "venues" and support their cause. There are more out of state organizations supporting their stance on the Amendment to Massachusetts Constitution Proposed by than there are in-state organizations.

They are so hurting for "bad" press about homosexuals that they have to keep talking about a GLSEN conference that was held in April. Additionally, Article 8 and Massresistance are so hard up they are still talking about a 1972 gay rights platform which is only available on THEIR website and other Christian conservative sites. It must be the super secret Gay Agenda that they are always talking about. I heard tales of a past director of the Bureau of Investigation being into cross-dressing, I surprised they're not posting it.


Anonymous said...

I did a little poll of my own. 82 people in the Dracut area. Only 2 had ever heard of Article 8 and the two that did had seen Camenker give a speach. Both thought he was "warped". I think the press know what this group is and for the most part ignors them. They have a history of lies and half truths that is working to their disadvantage.

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Anonymous said...

There is an hilarious posting on the MassResistance Blog today asking why she hasn't gotten an answer on a "question" about the billboard. How does she expect anyone to answer her, smoke signals. She must really think the Massachusetts voters are stupid. She hids behind her blog like a slug under a rock.