Monday, August 22, 2005


Article 8 is scaring up a few more tidbits to try and frighten people about same sex couples getting married. If you live in Massachusetts, have you seen the CHAOS? Well, besides one man holding up in an elementary school, who is HETEROSEXUAL and men dressing in drag as the Mass Supreme Court Justice and burning the Mass. Constitution.

Article 1: CA Supreme Courtsays country clubs must treat "domestic partners" as married couple, despite successful referendum by people.

In this article, horror of horrors, California requires same sex couples (who can't get married no matter how many years they have been together) to be treated GASP! like opposite sex couples, say it isn't so!

Article 2: British court orders that confessed pedophile must be allowed to work with children

This article, which goes back to 2003, addresses the issue of a man who confessed to a peer to having thoughts of "loving" children even though he had never been convicted of an actual crime. However, what does this have to do with same sex couples getting married? Intelligent people know that most pedophiles are heterosexual. Article 8 again uses threat tactics that they accuse the "homosexual activists" of using:
As we've often feared, when does pedophilia become just another "sexual orientation" that becomes normalized and demands legal protection. The City of Boston has already passed a law giving cross-dressers the same civil rights status as blacks. It's only a matter of time before the courts go down this road, too.
I wonder if they were against giving civil rights to blacks too?

Article 3: Man fired from Allstate Insurance Co. for privately writing article critical of homosexual behavior

This is a story that Article 8 headlined last week and apparently wanted to resurrect it. Read the story, last time I looked, a company can fire anyone for any reason as long it is not protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights act. The guy in the story is suing Allstate because he claims he was fired for his religious opinions. The problem is, the guy who wrote the story denouncing same-sex marriage and the "destructive nature ... of the homosexual lifestyle." never mentioned the Bible in his critique. Legal scholars say the man doesn't have a leg to stand on, however, that doesn't stop him from taking legal action.

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Anonymous said...

You can't take Article 8's posting of articles very seriously. I could drum up a bunch of freaky things that Heterosexuals have done just today, nevermind digging up stories from 2 years ago. There are freaky and crazy people in every segment of the population. But, you want to focus on some crazy stuff happening right now. How about the 4000 gays that have been executed in Iran since 1979.