Thursday, August 11, 2005

Article 8: Speak No Truth, Hear No Truth, See No Truth

Article 8 is on a roll with old news. In today's hate-o-rama they attack safe zones in high schools. Safe zones (indicated by a safe place/zone sticker) are intended to provide a visible sign to both gay and straight people that the person displaying it is approachable about GLBT issues. Displaying a sticker lets others know that you support full participation and equitable treatment of GLBT people. Article 8 opens their tirade with:
The latest -- and most psychologically devious -- push by homosexual activists to get into the minds of vulnerable schoolchildren is the use of "safe zones" in public schools.
First of all, safe zones have been around for awhile and are all around the country (so Article 8, you can't blame this on same sex couples marrying). I recall learning about them in the 90's sometime so for them to claim it's the "latest", well, like I said before, someone needs to bring them into the 21st century. As for "getting into the minds of vulnerable schoolchildren" I think Article 8 and David Parker are doing that. Besides, we're not trying to "recruit", we're trying to repair the damage people like Article 8, Massresistance, Focus on the Family, etc.... have done to children AND adults. They go on:
The counselors suggest the kids that maybe the reason they're "different" is that they're actually gay, and are repressing their true selves by not "coming out." The process of coming out, they tell kids, is very important to their overall well-being. And in addition, these counseling sessions must be done in secret, they say, for the protection of the kids.
This is an outright lie. No counselor is going to suggest to a child that he/she maybe gay, no way, no how. Who knows where they get their information, maybe it's from the same people who tell them what the Gay Agenda is. I think they make up it as they go along.

Schools aren't the only ones who do safe zones/safe places, companies do it also. The Kimberly Clark Corporation also has a Safe Place Program.

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