Monday, August 22, 2005

Have You Read the News?

I have never addressed Massnews on here before, but since Article 8 and Massresistance keep posting stories that happened decades ago, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane.

Mass News is an online "Conservative Voice" in Massachusetts. It has gotten tamer in the past few months and was as crazy as Article 8 at its pinnacle. Ms. Massresistance even wrote for it! However, every since J. Edward Pawlick gave up editing duties to do PR for one of his "books" it has calmed down. It was the stepping stone that Article 8 needed to push their views. This trip down memory lane looks at predictions Mass News made for 2004. Can you spot how many came true?
  • Senate President Robert Travaglini will be rejected by the voters in 2004 when his position on gay marriage and civil unions becomes clear. He will not bother to run for re-election and will return to the political dustbin as Sen. Tom Birmingham and Shannon O'Brien did in 2002. So far, he has not learned from their mistakes.
  • Many of the other 137 legislators who voted to violate the state's Constitution on July 17, 2002, will choose not to run for reelection, as Cheryl Jacques has already done. If they do choose to run again, they will stand an excellent chance of being defeated, not by an organization but by angry voters.
  • Pinch Sulzberger will be fired as Chairman by the New York Times before May 2004.
  • Chief Justice Margaret Marshall will resign before May 2004, which is the month she has ordered that everyone must report back to her. She has proven she is no longer fit to be a judge in her adopted country.

Did you spot which one came true? If you guessed O you are correct. I'll end with a quote by Pawlick in April 2004:

In other words, Marshall rushed this through so that the full implications of her ruling would not be understood until it was too late. If she is not removed from her perch of power before May 17, the state will be thrust into chaos from which it will be impossible to recover.

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