Monday, June 13, 2005

Birds do it, bees do it...

I'm talking of course about homosexual relationships. Massresistance, in its ongoing obsession with homosexual sex, is sure that homosexuality is not a biological issue. She quotes "Dr. John Diggs" (he's the guy who is affiliated with the Family Research Council (FRC), the FRC is the group headed by Tony Perkins who gave money to former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke for his mailing list) who is supposed to be an expert on homosexuality (like a Nun being an expert on marriage).

Dr. John Diggs points out that we are all born either male or female, period. He employs the analogy of a hockey player who is not born a hockey player, but becomes one through inclination, which in turn leads him to learn and practice hockey-playing behaviors. Note that this analogy does not deny the inclination some may possess to engage in homosexual behavior.

"Homosexuals" are not a separate class of human beings, but are just men and women who choose to engage in homosexual behaviors. They claim their identity is homosexual, but what they are really talking about is a chosen behavior.

With this logic, one can only conclude that they choose their heterosexual behavior. I can also assume that Ms. Massresistance could, if she wanted, fall in love with a woman and choose to co-habitate with her. All of this is of course laughable and foolish since intelligent people know that you cannot choose your sexual orientation.

I did a bit of researching on the web and found numerous articles on how natural homosexuality activity in the animal kingdom. (These are from unbiased sources too!)

National Geographic
Science News
Taipe Times

I even found this great quote in the Village Voice:

Homophobes used to argue that homosexuality was unnatural because no other
animals engaged in it. When scientists finally admitted that, yes, animals do
engage in homosexual acts, he bigots turned around and insisted that
homosexuality is disgusting because animals engage in it.

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