Wednesday, June 8, 2005

We're Ba-ack!

Hey there, thanks for the good wishes on our recent marriage. My new husband and I just got back from a brief honeymoon in NYC. It was good to get away, see a show and dine in some nice restaurants.

We couldn't have been treated better either. When our hotel staff found out we were married this weekend they upgraded our room and the Hotel manager even sent us a box of Godiva chocolates to welcome us. One of the restaurants we dined at brought us two luscious desserts with "Congratulations" written in chocolate.

Ah, to enjoy the special rights once held only by heterosexuals couples.

Like most vacations, it could have been longer, however, we are always happen to come home (and be back in Massachusetts!)

It seems the homophobic Massresistance Blogger has been busy too! More on her later!

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