Sunday, June 26, 2005

Mass Republicans Seeing the Light

An article in yesterday's GLOBE highlighted the action of one (and soon not the only) Republican legislator in Massachusetts to finally see the truth about the anti-gay anti-family constitutional amendment on same sex marriage:

''I have been very clear from the start that I wanted to pay attention to both sides of the issue [same sex marriage], and that"s why I voted for it, so we could go forward and have that discussion," Hill said in an interview yesterday.
That discussion has taken place, he said, and now he believes that the state should not alter the Massachusetts Constitution.

Representative Bradford Hill made this announcement at a meeting in solidly Republican town of Manchester-by-the-Sea.

Hill went on to say:

''Same-sex couples should be afforded equal rights, and that's what I have always believed," Hill said
The truth always wins out in the end and bigots do not prevail.

Mass Marrier also covered this story earlier and has more thoughts on the subject here.


Anonymous said...

I'm very disappointed in Mr Hill and will have to let him know my thoughts. Another RINO in Massachusetts...what a surprise...

Anonymous said...

YOu should definitely do that. I'm sure Rep. Hill would love to hear from his close-minded constitutents. I'm sure Rep. Hill would not want to be remember like George Wallace was.