Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Showtime's Same Sex America Documentary

Did you happen to catch Showtime's documentary last night? It was good, although I wouldn't go as far as one reviewer who said it was the best documentary on same sex marriage.

My biggest problem with the movie was that many of the scenes were out of order. Having attended all of last year's events I knew when some of the rallies were out of place. However, I understand that the film was more about the 4 or so couples they were following and not on the actual chronological events. Here are a few comments I thought of while watching:

  • The real difference between the two groups showed that we have families and are fighting for justice and the other side is just trying to take away our rights.
  • Is Laurie Letourneau from Worcester (that woman who was "threatening" to move to Virginia) still living in the state? I had actually called her last year, she was organizing the church buses to come to Boston for the convention, to ask her why she was doing this and she hung up on me.
  • The discussions between the children and their parents seemed a bit contrived. I'm guessing they must have had these conversations before the cameras started rolling. In that same vein, unless the children were actors, you can't coach kids into asking questions like that on cue so I actually loved hearing what the kids had to say.
  • Arline Isaacson is one of the smartest women in Massachusetts politics.
  • The speech by the daughter of the interracial couple was so touching that it brought tears to the eyes.
  • The woman in the beginning of the film with the luggage, singing in the statehouse (in front of the stairs) reminded me of someone from the Poltergeist movies.
  • Alan Keyes and Sandy Rios were at the Article 8 rally shown briefly in the movie. These two were talking about family values and activist judges at the rally. This is funny since Alan Keyes threw his daughter out of the house when she came out and Sandy Rios is divorced (so much for family values and "traditional marriage")

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

She was like the woman from the Poltergeist movie!

42pennies said...

Just stumbled across this post today (five years later!), and would like to say that, at least for our part, the children weren't coached into asking any questions, nor did we have conversations before the cameras started rolling (they were rolling damn near the whole time). Just fyi....