Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Peacock Shines

The Advocate is listing a story about NBC's Today Show. It seems that the Today Show revised the policy in its wedding contest to include same sex couples. The contest has also changed so that the winning couple can get married in their hometown (Do you hear that Massachusetts!)
"Fairness, inclusion, and equal opportunity are core American values, and NBC's decision to open Today's wedding series to gay and lesbian couples is an important affirmation of those values," said GLAAD director of media programs and communications Glennda Testone. "By accepting eligible same-sex couples into one of its flagship programs, NBC--like the more than 500 newspapers across America that now accept gay and lesbian wedding announcements--is reflecting the reality of the world around us."

I can only imagine who is going to boycott NBC if the winning couple is a same sex couple in Massachusetts. But they better hurry, because the Massachusetts Catholic Bishops and Gov. Romney are only concerned with same sex marriages that take place AFTER 2008. They give their blessing to the 6000+ couples that have gotten married so far.

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