Monday, June 20, 2005

Romney, Catholic Bishops & Mass "Family" Institute: Intellectually Dishonest

I read this post to this blog and felt it needed to be on the main page. The anonymous poster has some wonderful points:

It pains me to say this, but Article 8 is right. Article 8 objects to the proposed 2008 amendment on the grounds that, among other things, it grandfathers pre-amendment marriages; and that's a valid objection.

If Gov. Romney, the Catholic Bishops (note, not the people), and the Evangelical Christians oppose same-sex unions on moral grounds, then what is the moral/intellectual argument for allowing some marriages to stand? And if the answer is political expediency, i.e., it's a more palatable amendment to the voters nervous about voiding marriages, then are we to understand that these churches [and Gov. Romney] teach that we should always act in accord with the Bible, except when it's politically expedient to do otherwise?

This new admendment started by the Mass "Family" Institute is a sham for discrimination against gay and lesbian people. Here are a couple of articles in today's Globe that MA "Family" should be addressing instead of trying to tear families apart:

I thought the whole idea was to help people and families, not tear them apart?

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