Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Candlelight Ceremony at the New England Holocaust Memorial

Tonight I went to the annual candlelight ceremony at the New England Holocaust Memorial in memory of gays and lesbians who have been persecuted and oppressed throughout time. It was a beautiful ceremony which ended when everyone present placed a stone on the monument.

Prior to the ceremony, volunteers read the names of GLBT victims of persecution. The handout says:

This gesture is inspired by the tradition of the worldwide Holocaust memorial project, "Unto Every Person There is a Name," By personalizing the tragedy of these men and women, we seek to strengthen the conviction of our community to battle all forms of hate and intolerance.

I guess I'm not surprised when I read the hateful things Massresistance puts up on its web page. The anonymous blogger, who publishes this hate speech, hides behind her computer. Telling a mother that her children died because of their "gay lifestyle". These are just hateful and cruel, and no different than Fred Phelps who says the same things.

We will not forget and we stand witness to the hate speech that Massresitance and Article 8 spout.

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