Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Jeff Jacoby Gets It Wrong (Again)

Jeff Jacoby, the conservative op-ed writer for the Boston Globe, trashed public schools in an article in the Globe. Luckily, we still have people who know the truth and called this "writer" to task for practically all the statements he made about the David Parker and the Lexington Schools.

In a letter to the editor, Soheil Zendeh points out the many untruths which Jacoby (who's rantings are picked up by a number of anti-gay sites) stated in his OpEd. Soheil correctly points out what we have know all along:
David Parker, the Lexington father, did not find ''himself in a war with his local school board." He and his clique of fundamentalists staged an action, complete with videotaping of the events.

That David Parker, Article 8 and Massresistance, the unholy trinity, orchestrated the whole disgusting event which lead to the media circus that the Westboro Baptist Church eventually participated in.

Where are we heading? Well, in December 2003, a child In Louisiana was scolded by the assistant principal because he had two mommies and told another classmate about them:
"I was concerned when the assistant principal called and told me my son had said a word so bad that he didn't want to repeat it over the phone," said Sharon Huff, the second-grader's mother.
"But that was nothing compared to the shock I felt when my little boy came home and told me that his teacher had told him his family is a dirty word. No child should ever hear that, especially not from a teacher he trusted and respected."
This is what Jacoby, Parker, Article 8 and Massresistance wants to happen in Massachusetts.


massmarrier said...

What is the victim thing? Have these folk watched Mel Gibson's latest too many times?

The flamer sites, like Maine's Christian Civic League, run on about how poor Parker didn't get his free speech, was arrested arbitrarily and forced to spend the night in jail. The reality is that he orchestrated it all:
--He held forth to teachers, principal, school officials and police for four hours.
--He forced his trespassing arrest by refusing to leave for hours after the meeting.
--He refused legal help and rejected bail, choosing to spend the night in jail.

Now, if he was making his point and would pay the $50 or whatever, he'd be in the mold of civil disobeyers. Instead, he whines like a kindergartener. He broke the law on purpose and won't take his lumps.

How can he and his hate-monger chums cry, "Victim!" with a straight face?

Boston Bud said...

Well, Article 8 was looking for a "martyr" for its cause and they had believed that they found it in David Parker. How anyone could believe that Parker and Article 8 are not speaking for each other is unbelievable!

What else is interesting is that another parent who works for Article 8 was also featured in the GLOBE archives in 2000 and said she had pulled her children out of the Lexington School System because of where they were heading. Article 8 has been planning this for a long time.