Monday, June 13, 2005

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, its a duck

David Parker, the man who wouldn't leave a Lexington School unless police arrested him, is now on a "tour" of Maine along with Article 8's Brian Camenker (this is the group and the man that David Parker says he has nothing to do with!).

Parker said he has no affiliation with any of the many groups which have taken on his cause. He said he shares a certain "unity of purpose" with the Article 8 Alliance and Lexington Parents for Respect, but is not a member.

"There's a degree of association, but they do not speak for me," said Parker.

According to, David Parker is going to "tour" the state of Maine with the group Coalition for Marriage to gather signatures to "veto" homosexual rights in Maine. The group says:

David Parker is only one of many who have been arrested for questioning the hidden agenda of the homosexual rights movement - and this is only the calm before the storm. The jailing of David Parker and Michael Macarvage and many others are just the first drops of rain in a gathering storm. When homosexuals succeed in their effort to gain absolute power, they will vent their fury on men of God with all the rage of the crowd gathered outside Abraham's door in Sodom and Gomorrah.
Now this is the same man (Parker) who said at the hearing that he does not object to the mention of same-sex families or any similar content but wants to have notification of when such topics will come up in the classroom on a formal basis.
He also said: "I feel for them because they think I'm trying to move between them and their children," he said, adding respect is taught in his house with his children explicitly instructed not to denigrate children from families different from their own. "It hurts me that they're hurt."

and yet he is touring Maine to make sure that those same families have no rights and are stripped of what little rights they may already have. David, it sure sounds like you are hurting because of all the damage you are causing to other families.


Anonymous said...

I followed your link to the coalitionformarriage website because I couldn't believe that the rhetoric was true, but it is! They actually are trying to scare people into thinking that gay people want absolute power to wreak vengeance against the "men of God with all the rage of the crowd gathered outside Abraham's door in Sodom and Gomorrah." Okay, first of, it was Lot's door not Abraham's door. Second, the crowd was in Sodom only --- Gomorrah is another city. And Third, this proves my point, if these people actually read the Bible --- if they did, not only would they get their quotes right, but they also might stop hating God's children.

Anonymous said...

Should we be surprised? This is about their hatred of gay and lesbians. That quote by David Parker is a joke, "he hurts". I believe that.