Thursday, June 9, 2005

Gay Pride = Orgies?

Ok, Massresistance is obsessed with gay sex AGAIN! (and she was just complaining about Margery Eagan!) In today's hate column, Ms. Massresistance gives us the "true" meaning of Gay Pride Week via one article in Bay Windows (I think we can all be represented by just one article in one newspaper. Hey I just read an article about a Grandfather who took sexually explicit pictures of his granddaughter, are we to assume all grandfathers act like this?) Not to mention that the "article" she is quoting is an opinion piece. Since when are Op/eds the norm for everyone in that category? She goes on further to say:

Is this really a "lifestyle" we want promoted to our boys, and our neighbors' boys, in our public schools? And by our state government?Homosexuality, especially the male variety, often means this sort of thing (going on all over in Boston this week)
Ok, I live in Boston, been here for over 12 years, and I have YET to be invited to a Crystal Meth party (not that I would want to go since my husband and I do not do drugs). Do gay people do drugs? Some probably do, some probably do not, just like heterosexuals.

Apparently, Ms. Massresistance didn't look at the other people/groups who take part in Gay Pride Week and the parade (this is only a handful):

LGBT Aging Project
Beantown Softball League
Bentley College
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Emmanuel Church of Boston
SpeakEasy Stage Company

You can check out more parade participates here.

The Massresistance "blogger" talks out both sides of her mouth, first she's condemning Margery for obsession then she obsesses. She talks about all these "orgies" then she's against same sex marriage which would let gay people settle into stable relationships. Obviously she would just like us to go away however I don't see that happening.

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