Tuesday, June 14, 2005

No News is Old News

Well, the news is out. The website Republican Voices has information on the "rally" that was held in Wayland by the anti-gay bigots and it appears to be a big *yawn*. It seems they could attribute nothing new to the "radical homosexual agenda" and only filled the empty minds present with out dated information.

In the "Why Not Go With the Sure Thing Department" Article 8 is still focusing on the GLSEN conference that Brian Camenker illegally recorded in 2000. At that conference a session was held where teens could ask questions with out being judged or harassed (all the while Camenker was taping the teens without their knowledge)

The same information Camenker claims is "outrageous" could have been obtained from one of Article 8's own presenters, Dr. John Diggs. In his article entitled "The Health Risks of Gay Sex" (which is easily obtainable by any child with an internet connection) he describes various sex acts including fisting and sadism (Article 8 seems to be obsessed with fisting for some reason. I, myself, have never read more about it than from the links they and Massresistance provide).

On a side note, it doesn't appear that the "Little Black Book" can be found anywhere on the web except for Article 8's website (again freely available with an internet connection from their website).

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