Sunday, June 26, 2005

Mass "Family" Leader Lies?

Or does Agapepress misquote and misrepresent once again? In Friday's installment of Agape press' current attack on families, they quote Kris Mineau, the leader of the anti-gay anti-family Mass Family Institute:

Mineau says he is glad Governor Romney has pledged to support the citizens' effort. "He's definitely taking a stronger stand," the head of the MFI contends, "and I would suspect that it has something to do with him trying to get more 'conservative credentialed' in a national prominence
The article goes further:

According to Mineau, the key to the measure the citizens group is promoting is that it prohibits both homosexual marriage and same-sex civil unions. He notes, "The governor has always stood with us in being against civil unions and for marriage being between a man and a woman."
Not so fast Mr. Mineau. During the last constitutional convention in Massachusetts, Gov. Romney advocated all the Republican legislators to vote for the amendment which establishes civil unions. See this article published on March 30, 2004 entitled "In crucial shift, governor sways 15 in GOP to support measure" It states:

Through all the twists and shifts during the gay-marriage debate this year, there was one constant: 22 Republicans in the House of Representatives opposed every measure that would grant gay couples civil unions in the constitution.

That all changed yesterday, however, when 15 of that 22-member bloc broke away at the urging of Governor Mitt Romney and voted in favor of a proposed amendment that would ban gay marriage but create Vermont-style civil unions.

Additionally, anti-gay groups in Massachusetts and around the country were upset that Gov. Romney didn't stop the marriages from going into effect.

Poor Gov. Romney, he wants it both ways. First he was for it and now he's against it! Kinda sounds like a flip flopper to me.

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