Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Nazi Anti-Jewish Speech vs Religious Right Anti-Gay Speech

I just found this great website which compares what the Nazi's said about the Jews to what the religious Right says about the gays. It's very enlightening and confirms a lot of the propaganda that Ms. Massresistance uses.

"When you say...You [gay Americans] are not a group of people who need special protection. You do well economically. You are an elite. That is precisely the argument that has been made in behalf of the worst kind of discrimination against Jewish people." - United States Senator Paul Wellstone, July 29, 1994 -Responding to a religious right spokesman's anti-gay testimony

Here are some examples from their website (with my links to Massresistance's propaganda):

This was then:
Jews consider Christians 'heathens', want destroy them

This is now:
Gays wants to Destroy the Catholic Church

Jews have better jobs, more money

"Married" Gays Whining over Their Taxes

Insidious Jews spread disease like rats

Foreign STD Appears in Boston Gay/Bisexual Community
The Health Risks of Gay Sex

Jews 1% of population: control politics, world opinion, NYC, & have lots of money

How Homosexual Extremists Have Controlled the Debate
"Rights" Talk: Where does it lead?

Check out the site for yourself since there were too many similarities to list.

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