Thursday, June 30, 2005

Romney: Sex Offenders = Good, Gay and Lesbian Youth = Bad

The Governor of Massachusetts signed the budget that the legislature sent him. However, he only signed it after he stripped 110 million from it which he deemed ineffective or wasteful.

But he cut funding that he said wasn't necessary or went around typical funding avenues. Among his vetoes was $43 million in state Medicaid funding for nursing homes, $4 million for a new Office of Travel and Tourism, and a $100,000 funding increase for the Gov.'s Commission on gay and Lesbian Youth.

I guess he wants to be known as a budget cutter. With the cutting, it appears that he also cut some revenue coming into the state:

Romney also got rid of a $75 fee that sexual offenders would have been required to pay when they registered with the state. Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey said the provision could discourage offenders from registering, and said the state should instead beef up penalties for offenders who don't register.

So the Governor doesn't want to fund suicide prevention and violence programs that protect gay and lesbian youth, nursing homes or tourism but he doesn't want to make sexual offenders pay a fee for signing up (which they are required to do by law) Nice precedent this guy is setting, he cares more about sex offenders than he does children and the elderly and apparently so does his Lt. Gov. Whatsherename.

I wonder how much he is going to spend on the new faith based initiatives commission that he just appointed his wife to?

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Anonymous said...

He did fund the gay youth thingy, he just didn't increase it!!!