Thursday, June 2, 2005

Great Letter Day

A letter to the editor in the Lexington Minuteman Newspaper wonderfully describes the linkages between Article 8, Massresistance "Blog" and David Parker (the father who wouldn't leave the elementary school until the police came and took him away, yet they all still cry that they are not "associated with each other".

Massresistance tries to defend the hate speech it puts up on their website and blames the "radical homosexuals" for making them use analogies to Hitler and Nazism. (Can you say personal responsibility?) The "blogger" claims that the "activist homosexuals" have no sense of humor and little imagination.

This is the same person that accused the clergy of Grace Chapel and Countryside Bible Church, religious institutions in Lexington, of betraying its members and tries to give the Churches a lesson in religion.

Talk about irony!

Addition: Check out all the letters to the Editor in the Lexington Minuteman. It is so wonderful see a whole town stand up against the hate speech that is trying to be preached in Lexington.

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